Mitch McConnell Sets Up Failure Theater Vote On $2,000 Stimulus Checks

You can forget about getting a $2,000 stimulus check.

You can also forget about the Republican Party becoming the party of economic populism and the working class. “National Populism” has always been a con to dupe swing voters.

If that wasn’t the case, McConnell would hold a vote on a stand alone bill. 5 Republican senators have said they are willing to vote for it. Instead, McConnell has attached it to repealing Section 230 and Trump’s voter fraud commission in order to kill any chance that the bill will pass. How much is the support of working class populist voters worth to the Republican Party? Exactly $600.

Note: The fight over the stimulus bill was such a slap in the face that I took the extraordinary step of endorsing Ossoff and Warnock. Going forward, it is clear that the Democrats will be the party of economic populism and the GOP will shrink into the party of performance art “deficit hawks.” There is no room for White identity or economic populism in the GOP.

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  1. Why do people think that Republicans are better than Democrats again? Hmmm can’t figure it out. I think people should stick with the issues and leave partisan politics out of it. It’s pretty obvious the majority including Trump himself support 2,000 Stimulus Checks. It’s only the Fiscal Conservative / Right Wing Libertarian nuts that still live in denial about Covid-19 and are making it well known Muh Jew Money comes first even in a World Health Pandemic. Deo Vindice !

  2. “McConnell has attached it to repealing Section 230 and Trump’s voter fraud commission in order to kill any chance that the bill will pass. ”

    McConnell is doing exactly what Trump wants. Tie the $2000 to Section 230. Trump wants Section 230 removed, so his rich Jewish friends can sue the social media companies for anti-semitism.

    My question is why are the Democrats helping the Republican by playing their game? Trump will be gone very soon and the Republicans will lose the Senate. Then the Democrats can pass all the $2000 stimulus checks they like. Vote out the Republicans and get $2000 would be their message if they wanted to win.

    • They are hoping to have Loeffler and Perdue vote for the $2,000 but also arrange it so that the money is defeated in the Senate anyway. Absolute scum.

      • @Captain John…

        Yes, but how does that work when all Democrats will vote for it, and, as well, Rubio, Hawley, and the two Georgian senators?

        Does that not make a majority?

  3. Going forward the demonrats will openly hunt white people while the idiot reps do nothing! Good luck to you Hunter! You are already half there if you become a full demonrat they might put you to work for them.

  4. Enter Ivan Turgenev in 3……..2……..1 to defend McConnell, Trump and the Republican establishment. A very smart man whose loyalty to these people never fails to surprise

    • The election’s gonna get overturned! Just you wait and see!

      Can’t believe they are still pushing that BS on conservatard radio.

  5. A couple weeks ago I met a Chinese guy that is worth about 400 million dollars. Huge property owner in Las Vegas. Extreme wealth. Nicest guy face to face. He is currently negotiating with a client of mine, screwing him over in a big way. The Chinks here in Nevada are rapidly buying up the place. They probably think it’s too easy.

    • @Ron
      The perception of Muslims is bombs, stonings and Sharia law.
      Our perception of Negros is street crime, welfare and carjackings(perhaps deservedly).
      But the Chinese? Oh but they’re such smiley, hardworking, innocuous people who wouldn’t hurt a fly!
      We have that impression of them…… they gradually take our country.
      Research ‘Belt and Road’ where they’re building infrastructure for tiny third world nations, and when these nations can’t pay for these projects, the Chinese pretty much just assume control.
      When their women enter the West and suddenly have some choice, do they marry other Chinese? Nup. Two thirds marry those blond, muscular, hairy Y boys, leading to our gradual breeding out.
      They want Australia, and will probably get it, given how useless and treacherous its leaders are. The Ching dings think long term. Our leaders don’t seem to.
      The high IQ industrious non whites are the most dangerous of all. Don’t let their smile or charm fool you.

  6. Sado-McConnellism. The pointless torturing of a population brought down by government overreaction to crisis and a blithe dismissal of their culpability for the consequences.

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