The Bitcoin Fairy

Last night on Radio Free Indiana, we discussed the news that the Bitcoin Fairy had reappeared and visited the American Nationalist movement and distributed $200,000 in Bitcoin to Nick Fuentes and over $500,000 in total to various pro-Trump online influencers associated with him.

The Bitcoin Fairy has appeared before like in the aftermath of Charlottesville when it visited Andrew Anglin and donated 14.88 Bitcoin ($60,000) from a $25 million dollar fortune. Shortly afterwards, the “American Nationalist” and “wignats” and “optics” shit was started by Ricky Vaughn which poisoned the Alt-Right. Overnight, Andrew Anglin went from the biggest self proclaimed “Nazi” on the internet to tarring other people as “Neo-Nazis.” Over the past two months, the “American Nationalist” movement has been paraded around the country by longtime GOP operative Ali Alexander who runs the “Stop the Steal” grift. It is clear that they are all working for him. Alex Jones and Infowars and the Gays for Trump crowd are part of the same pro-Trump influence operation and often appear at the same events.

Who is funding this conservative astroturf?

We know for a fact that Ali Alexander is a key figure in this ring. Someone very wealthy is funding this shit too. After asking around on Twitter, some more information has come to light. At the time these amounts were distributed, the average price of 1 Bitcoin was $18,000.

$60,000 in Bitcoin to Anglin raised eyebrows.

$556,000 in Bitcoin though? That’s like robbing an armored truck and distributing the loot. It is safe to say that whoever is backing these people isn’t a Zoomer eating tendies.

Somehow, these people are connected to one of the richest accounts on Bitcoin. It is depressing to think that this is how conservatives manage, control and manipulate the “Dissident Right.” They just toss a few bags of money into the movement and some people are willing to sing their tune. It is no different really from a bum who sings a song for you when you give him a dollar.

Who do you think is the Bitcoin Fairy?

We doubt it is Peter Thiel because he didn’t back Trump in 2020. It seems more likely that this is somehow related to the quarter of a billion dollars that Trump has raised since he lost the 2020 election. The only thing that unites all these people is that they are “pro-Trump” influencers.

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  1. I think there is a simple rule of thumb here. If someone in a position to be heard by more than a few thousand people either pushes the plan or refuses to address a certain group with a disproportionate amount of power you know they are compromised. This does not mean they cant point out someone in power doing something good or that they need to say every member of said group is in on some world overtaking secret meeting session and is bad person. Just basic guidelines.

    I still like Anglin and believe he has the potential to be a decent person but you cant say he hasnt totally changed over the past few years removing whole categories from his site that were there for years. Fuentes has always been a fame seeking little weasel and his redonning of the little red MAGA cap and sudden embracing of optics really just proves that. The little midget would sell his soul for fame and a few bucks. Always would

    • Misses Winter Solstice, keep trusting Anglin. He lives in the 3rd world while demanding his followers go onto the streets while knowingly working with the Jew Weev. Anglin certainly is funny, and it’s gay we in the Anglo world are so obsessed with personality/ego rather than what we are ostensibly attempting to create/accomplish.

      The DS was one of the earlier platforms by which I found out the depth of the Jewish problem & there were a lot of higher quality serious seeming bro’s there back when I still frequented it; but Anglin has done catastrophic damage to the cause of the 14 words. I don’t know how any Aryan racialist can see him as anything other than a dangerous enemy within. A snake in the grass.

      Ever wonder if the DS was set up to pave the way for Zio Don?

      Idk if it was, but either way the guy has no principles, no core (other than support Zio Don no matter what). Anglin was insisting pre-2016/17 that Zio Don was a last ditch effort to “buy more time” for Aryans in America – a gamble – and if Zio Trump failed or betrayed his “implicit” (shame on me for buying that,they had good lulz sellin’ this to us) promises then racialists must withdraw support for Trump.

      Of course, as it actually went down, despite overwhelming proof of Zio Don’s betrayal having been right in front of us by the Zio Trump admin’s cabinet choices at latest (w/hindsight) in 2017, Anglin went nuclear and quadrupled down shilling for Zio Don. That is what really pozzed the racialist movement. Talk about an unnecessary reason for infighting, and demoralization! Down the rabbit hole many of us went.

      By April 2017 ( ), Anglin is still acting like saving Aryan’s is more important than sucking off his supposed homosexual lust Gwowius Weellleeeeeeeeedurrrr Zio Don Boomerstein, implying that he has some sort or standards wherein he will withdraw his support after the brutal a** f*****g’s become brutal enough. But it is to no avail.

      Anglin continued going back & forth baiting his followers by tactically implying he is finally battered enough that he wishes to have some semblance of dignity/integrity/self-respect by withdrawing support for Zio Don, only to then do the carpet pull from underneath your feet over again to return to sucking off Zio Don while gaslighting & abusing anyone who was/is critical of Zio Don wherein Anglin projects his traits unto them by smearing them as “traitors” or “cowards.”

      Remember the emotional rollercoaster? Anglin literally wrote a headline “Trump starts WW3” during the 2nd Zio Don nuclear brinkmanship Syrian missile strikes in 2018 (for Israel, for Jewry). Yet he kept insisting Zio Don is going to save all of us, and that you are a brave hero if you just close your eyes & believe that narrative harder (despite all the evidence to the contrary). Do you really think Anglin believes his own bullshit? Do you think he even cares about saving the Aryan race?

      Anglin once wrote that he sees himself as the white house press chief or something.

      We are in a merciless war of annihilation, and we ought to act accordingly.

  2. I don’t know anything about that bitcoin business. Is it traceable? At any rate the Lil’ Colonel Andre Anglin, Coke-Snortin’ Fat Boy Alex Jones and the Castizo Princess Nick Fuentes should be avoided at ALL costs.

  3. You sweet summer children.

    Weird how Anglin defended Harvey Weinstein so strongly right exactly at the time Jacob Wohl was passing out money

    Jacob Wohl, Charles “Chuck” Johnson, and just look at everything – and everyone – they were involved in in the last five years. We told you five years ago, but were met with cries of “conspiracy theory!”

    Also – Spoiler Alert – professional wrestling is staged – they aren’t really hurting each other.

    • @BannedHipster I dont think the Weinstein situation is cut and dry. No one is saying that he and his ethnic media kingpins and donors arent vile people but setting the precedent that a woman who willingly dated and slept with a man for three years can come back a decade later and claim rape is dangerous. The whole thing is not easily dismissed either way. On one hand you can say these people built a disgusting system and whatever they get they deserve for their porn and social media modeling scams but women who get caught up social climbing and screwing powerful men for trips money and fame cant be declared totally innocent either. I always found this split in camps to be dumb and the way people fought back and forth is idiotic. There are shades of gray.

      Anglins hatred of women is his most frightening angle. He genuinely hates white women and it comes across

      • @Captain Shill already Misses Christmas

        “but setting the precedent”

        Yes, we must not set the precedent that people can just vote themselves a check from the Treasury. We might face inflation in the long run!

        Oh wait you were defending Anglin’s collaboration with BlackRock, a Mossad cut-out, because you blah-blah-blah legal precedent the bitch set me up.

        Whatever you do, when a Jew is in trouble think of Our Principles first! Anglin’s a good guy, despite him hiring Joshua Ryne Goldberg, a Jew, and his boss Andrew “Weev” Aurenheimer, a felon let out of prison early to become a Neo-Nazi who now lives a James Bond life in Eastern Europe off of Bitcoins he earns for his Leet Hax0r Skills, and runs DailyStormer from the apartment of a Jew in Manhattan.

        Nah, Anglin really means well he’s a nice guy you could have a beer with him.

        I don’t know now that I read it, it’s funnier when you say it.

        • @Banned Hipster I didnt understand one thing you wrote. Forget Anglin I was speaking about the Weinstein situation and the idiotic rift it caused between so many people. It isnt a cut and dry situation. Weinstein is scum but women who sell their bodies for fame and cash are not innocent either. That was my only point. People like Weinstein built the system but that doesnt excuse the women who sell themselves to get ahead. The rest of what you wrote I dont even know these people. I dont go in for all the drama but it can be amusing. I am addressing the battle lines of women vs Weinstein and why both sides are losers

          • What legal precedent does it set, Mr.Lawyer? Do you honestly think similar cases haven’t happened before? It’s pretty cut and dry. Glad he’s in jail on trumped up charges or not. I hope more high-profile Jews are locked up by fickle women.

  4. Dear Bitcoin Fairy,

    Feel free to send me as many bitcoins as you see fit.

    Your humble servant, Michael Weaver

  5. This is the true meaning of republican trickle down economics. Money trickles down from Republican donors to Republican politicians, establishment grifters, and controlled opposition influencers.

  6. Do you think the aims of these funders are to truly change America to our direction, or to gatekeep and redirect energy back into the GOP?

    What exactly is their game plan?

      • Not surprising at all as both support Zion Don. The only difference is one refuses to name the Jew and the other is the perfect Hollywood caricature of a neo Nazi. Both serve the Jewish agenda by either leading people away from the truth or presenting the truth in such a clownish way as to discredit it.

        Vdare and Amren’s brand kosher racialism has achieved absolutely nothing in past 20 years. They are exactly what the Jews want their opposition to be: cowardly, weak and ineffectual.

  7. Although “Banned Hipster” is a degenerate, he might be on to something about taking back the Democrat Party. Seems the Republican Party is all about redistribution at this point. Not much future in dealing with the thieves running the show.

  8. Bitcoin is Israeli-Russian dark money.

    The plug will be pulled on Bitcoin soon and most holders will get slaughtered.

    • I never understood why the banking establishment tolerated bitcoin. If it is Russian-ISRAELI dark money, that would explain it. As would being a trial balloon for a digital Dollar.

  9. Now that I put my swami hat on, I predict that Milo with divorce his black husband, and be engaged to Nicholas Gay Fuentes by 2024.

    Not too be outdone in the homosexual romance department, AmNats Vincent James and Patrick Casey will elope and marry in Tell Aviv a day before the Milo-Fuentes engagement announcement in the Daily Stormer.

  10. I wouldn’t be surprised, if Stefan Molyneux, Ryan Dawson, Red Elephants (Vincent James), and Red Ice BTC wallets were visited by the Bitcoin Fairy too.

    Does anyone care to speculate how much Bitcoin “Gryphon Ferocity,” Ivan Turgenev, and “Ron from OR” received from the Bitcoin Fairy?

      • @Christina,


        I also left a few names off that list that should have been added originally (i.e., David Duke, Styx Hexenhammer, and Ram Z Paul).

        • November,

          While we are at it I remember from this website—The Ghosts of Richard Nixon and Wally George person who was active on here for a couple of months. He disappeared or was kicked off this site about the time of the election. A very smug and irritating character.

          It appears that most of the pro-white websites except this one overwhelmingly support Donald Trump.

          • Christina,

            They’re lemmings, but even my dear Uncle Adolf was a fool for admiring the British Empire which was as Jewish as matzo ball soup.

  11. I noticed that there’s only one (zero) degree of separation between DeAnna and McConnell though. It’s all very clubby.

  12. Where is all this money coming from
    Who is the Treasury Secretary? Are they the longest-serving member of Trump’s cabinet?
    Are these things related?

  13. “Who’s your Bitcoin Daddy?”

    No matter what any America Firstard says, respond with that line. Relentlessly. Eternally. Grind these fakes down.

  14. I found two more of the recipients:
    33LiA3y772JQg98a7ND47ngz6Vz8KvUXGm 0.5 BTC
    (a guy’s email system that’s popular with more obscure basket weaving forums)
    3MSD4Mo58BUSe3i9ZZKnvPKrzH2kAxZx1G 1.5 BTC Vicent Reynouard
    (What looks to be a random French Nah-zee)

    I think these choices, especially considering former, make me think it is /our guy/ aka a random aust who donated the money. Futhermore Ethan Ralph is very suspect to give money too, unless one feels bad because of his shit show of a bankruptcy

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