Mitch McConnell Slams $2,000 Checks As “Socialism For Rich People”

Also Mitch McConnell:

After shooting down $2,000 stimulus checks for American families four times in the 48 hours, we need to immediately override Trump’s veto of the 2021 NDAA to pass the biggest military budget in history which gives $3.3 billion of military welfare to Israel every year from now until 2028.

Note: Imagine your brand sucking so bad that you lose to these people in eastern Kentucky.

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  1. Senator mcconnell is from the louisville area , they have a certain disdain for eastern kentucky thru out the rest of the state, thee white poverty there is extreme as you will find anywhere in the country , our people there mean nothing to the powers that be, except for coal revenues, soldiers for the war machine , states like kentucky, west virginia, arkansas , their high offices are for sale, how else would these gangsters get into office.

    • That’s unfortunate. These people in government only give a fuck when they need those men to fight their wars. And they will fight, and get nothing in return.

      Mitch is a complete asshole and needs to get his ass kicked. Might smarten him up. I have a kid on active duty right now. A job I guess. Should be mandatory for anyone in government to be required to have one of theirs in the military. Perhaps that would slow their roll and take things a bit more seriously.

      Good news is 2020 ends in a few hours. Hell of a year.

      I’m getting my liver warmed up for later. Definitely some drinking tonight.

  2. This isn’t about “stimulating the economy”. It’s about people being able to survive and feed themselves.


  3. “our people there mean nothing to the powers that be, except for coal revenues, soldiers for the war machine”:

    Yes, the voluntary/economic draft system of the war machine relies on such demographics, “human resources” who must be kept stupid and poor, hungry enough to sign up and “serve” in the empire’s military. Which makes me think of something else: Off topic, I noticed today that the only NATO member (NATO junior partner) in Latin America, the Colombian narco state, has carried out at least NINETY massacres of political dissidents in 2020:

    • Also off-topic, but momentous I think: In three days, it is almost 100% certain that U.K. will announce its decision to extradite the tortured remains of Julian Assange to the U.S., to be further tortured and die in prison under the Espionage Act that does not apply to non-citizens. The capitalist regime that rules Australia revels in seeing the Australian citizen die.

    • War of Jenkins Ear. The siege of Cartagena. North America might have been much more Latin if the American and British landing parties had taken the Columbian city.

      • Captain Jenkins’ severed ear (cut off by the Catholics) was presented to Parliament. The Colombian port city would have fallen to the British, but before it did, over 10,000 British troops were stricken and died of the Yellow Fever Virus imported from Aftrica. The British secured full control of the northern half of the Spanish province of Florida, including what is now Georgia and South Carolina. Yes, if the Catholics had won, Dixie would have become Latin three centuries sooner.

      • I agree with Arthur Schopenhauer’s assessment of the British. No other Aryan European people are as close to becoming a jew as the Brits.

  4. I do agree that multi billionaires shouldn’t get a thing, nor should common criminals or those who’ve never worked a day in their lives, but as for the rest, most certainly. I think they’re just making excuses not to pay, and instead directing the money to more worthless causes. I’ll stand corrected if you receive your checks next week, but we’ll see. They won’t do it willingly.
    There’s working people out there who deserve the money, and they know it, but are pretending they’re concerned about ‘wealthy people getting it’ . I’m calling BS on that.
    Face up to it:- these wankers serve Israel and the third world, not you!

  5. I hate that lipless race traitor cunt’s greasy guts. He is the epitome of the kike/corporate globalist whore GOP: 100% bought & paid for with the “legal” corruption of campaign checks & do-nothing Golden Parachute sinecures when they finally leave public “service’.

    • It’s not like this guy fought to stop governors from closing down the country or tried to stop the mayor’s from inciting black riots either.

  6. Never forget, Kentucky is poor because that’s where the “real Americans” live. The people who identify their ancestry as American. They are extremely provincial, so they regard their backward section of America AS America. Which is fine, I support Southern Independence and regional autonomy in general. Let’s not imagine we can appeal to white Americans by mindlessly repeating the 400 year old bigotry of half-educated “Scots-Irish.”

    • @ jps, if i may sir, thee affection and favors of mr.mcconnell and company , can obviously be bought, but i assure you sir, thee bigotry of us half educated , american ” highlanders, is not for sale, or public consumption, we reserve that right, “1776” privledge and all, i am sure you understand, our 100 proof liberty, cant be handled by just anybody, founding stock custom and culture . best wishes for the new year sir.

    • It’s not like MCCONNELL represents any of his constituents in a broader sense. He could not even be bothered to try to stop Cuomo or Whitmer from devastating their respective states and abuse his wider ethnic (Scottish Irish Anglo) kinsmen in those states. McConnell is a sack of shit.

  7. Even if we are “fortunate” enough to get $2000 ,that isn’t nearly enough considering the millions and billions going to foreign countries and special interest groups. Is $2000 enough to shut you up for a while while the jews rape the fed and give it to their friends while you get peanuts? We need to look at the bigger picture and that’s not buying us off for a while.

  8. If Kentucky Fried Moron Bitch McConnell wants to see real socialism for the rich, perhaps, he should see how much the banks and Wall Street have been bailed out by the American taxpayers since 2008. The $2000 covid stimulus is peanuts compared to that price tag.

  9. Senator McConnell is but one of many in our economic and political elite.

    Therein lies the real problem.

    In and of himself he is not much of a problem, but, the fact that he is the face for a great many who control this country and see no reason why their control should not grow even further.

    That’s the problem.

        • @ mr.powell, no sir, my name is terry smith, i consider mr.turgenev a very intelligent and experienced gentleman of the southland, i enjoy reading his remarks, as i do others on this site, i am not shy about offering my compliments to thee well deserving. Thank you for your responce sir.

  10. Turtlefaced Bitch McConnell should know all about socialism for rich people its called crony capitalism and its twin combo ideology is neo liberalism and globalist

    He is and every scumbag politician like him whether dem. or rep. absolutely loves socialism for rich people “his people” especially for the gods chosen tribe of tricksters scammers and thieves.

    Bitch McConnell is such a unlikeable shit if I ever saw him burning in flames on the side of the road and no water around tho the thought alone to piss on him would be tempting I would simply not do it due to my moral principles an because that would be pissism for shit people You can’t polish a turd and that is very true when talking about turtleface Mcconnell

  11. There’s a picture of all the dead Doctors who work for the NHS and have Covid19 on the death certificate. Of the 33 dead only 2 have British ancestry. This disease whatever it is, in the context of a rainy low light geographical location, only appears to kill the people who have skin colour not adapted to northern climates. Race is very very real. Very. Because they are all doctors, income, education and lifestyle are automatically non factors. This thing kills darkies. Much of what we are seeing is a reaction to cover up the impact that this disease has on POC in the Northern Hemesphere.

  12. @ jps, not all of kentucky is impoverished sir, thee appalachian sector is lacking in economic growth and opportunity , unless your in thee explotation business, the metropolitan areas are like the rest of the country, the small towns and farms are prospering as well as could be expected in these times, thee wealthy and powerful, have enriched themselves nicely, courtesy of the resourses of the southern highlands, it would not hurt you and your crowd too offer up some assistance to thee american people, mr.mcconnell.

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