Why 2K?

Hunter Wallace and Richard Spencer discuss the battle over the $2,000 “stimulus” package, the future of Trump in the GOP, and why we must always Trust The Plan, even if we have no idea what it is.

Note: The polling on this issue keeps getting more toxic for the GOP.

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      • I’m yet to see anyone having COVID convulsions in the street like the Chinese media claimed.

        I’m not saying COVID isn’t a serious virus. But, if you quickly get an anti-biotic in you like azithromycin, drink plenty of fluids and go to bed and rest, chances are you will not need hospitalization. Remember, it’s the secondary bacterial infection that kills you!

  1. The Democratic Party along with the GOP didn’t pay for the lockdown like European states did.

    I think China did a head fake on the lockdown. It seeded mayor’s and governors minds with a punishing regime of destruction. The mega hospital they built in Wuhan was a psychological op.

  2. There was no national unity. I think the BLM people are too gleefully looking forward to toppling whitey. Did blacks observe quarantine measures?

  3. Dollar collapse here we come…heading into Zimbabwe territory and most Americans too economically illiterate to see it. Open up the economy & protect the vulnerable! Is it that hard?

    • It’s not like MCCONNELL tried to get Whitmer or Cuomo or Newsome arrested though. He’s clearly the most powerful man in DC and failed to legally fuck up the governors and mayor’s who generated this economic mess.

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