Mitch McConnell’s Home In Louisville Has Been Vandalized

What a damn shame.

Seriously though, something like this was bound to happen. It couldn’t have happened to a more heartless SOB too. Mitch McConnell is deaf to the views and distress of his Republicans voters and the American people. All he hears is the voice of the Republican donor class and CEOs in his ear.

Note: A new poll is out that shows Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans are being blamed for the defeat of the $2,000 stimulus checks.

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  1. No he can say he’s being intimidated and keep a straight face.

    Sado-McConnellism has met a match.

      • I had the same thought. As if Mitch has no security or surveillance on his property. Is this a ploy to blame some evil “White supremacists” for it?

  2. The only real question in my mind, is whether or not this was done by Niggers, because they confused “were” with “where.” Otherwise, I couldn’t care less about Mitch McConnell. He’s a worthless, pandering scalawag, like all of the others. He won’t take up for Kentucky, or Dixie.

    • Remember when Patricia Krenwinkle mis-spelled Helter Skelter on the Labiancas’ refrigerator door? She is generally considered to be an intelligent person, even though she committed inexplicable crimes.

      • It’s misspelled because she probably didn’t murder anybody – that Manson stuff has always come across as a huge psy-op to me(come on – Manson gets a swastika tattoo?)

      • Ironically enough, it’s “Krenwinkel,” with “el,” not “le,” at the end.

        With your blog-name, you glorify those curs—whose names have been printed and reprinted countless times in books, news stories, and so on—but you still can’t get the spelling right, in a comment you post about misspelling itself.

        Oh, yes, it’s you—SpahnRanch1970—with your “college degree and passport.” Put a bullet through your head, churl. You’re a waste of protoplasm.

    • This might be done by every last nonwestern. I also prefer to screw communists instead of wasting my time to learn proper English.

      This is why western nationalism fails. You care, how it looks, we care how it works.

      Nobody is afraid about proper western language speaker. But everybody is afraid about bad western language speakers.

      When US gun owners speak, nobody cares. Because they gun owners only speak and never do. But when Ukrainian truck driver, Iraqi refugee or Yugoslavian viola player speaks, then people will listen.

      Because after Debaltseve, Fallujah or Sarajevo, there might be a chance that the threat is very real.

      This is the difference between gun owner and real warrior.

      Stalin never owned a gun and he never bothered to learn proper German. Winning the WW II was just fine for him. Education is not bout learning Clausewitz in the best Military Academy . Education is winning the war and hanging the best Military Academy graduates.

      Or shooting like comrade Vasily Blokhin did. He did not wasted his time to learn proper Polish or Russian or German or graduating Whatever Academy. He just slaughtered those high IQ gun owning smartasses like pigs.

        • I don’t really know the argument you are making here Juri of warrior and gunowner I understand the gist of what you are saying but Blokhin was a evil sadistic heartless monster why you consider him a “comrade” is baffling to me.

          Stalin and him carried out the biggest systematic torture killing of Poles at Katyn massacre and Stalin,Beria trying to frame the nazi’s for it was very long nose tribe like. Pick better heros to idolize not this wretched godless scum like Blokhin He committed suicide after years of drunkness and depression. I very much hope he’s roasting in hell

          • My own sense, Thom, is that Juri, who seems staunchly anticommunist, was using “comrade” pointedly, i.e. referring to Blokhin as the communists themselves would have referred to him. Blokhin, Juri was saying, was concerned solely with his task, destroying the enemy, not with his personal culture; hence his effectiveness.

        • “”…Iosif Vissarionovich’s father was an Ossetian, yes?…”””

          Well, honest answer is, nobody knows. Entire Stalin life was one big lie and cover up. Even his birth cert is fake. Stalin made some home work and discovered that Jews like very much such thing like astrology. So he got the birth cert with the birth date that his horoscope pointed on low ambitions, low intellect, submission and every other servant stuff. Jews believed and promoted him.

          This mistake costed Jews very much. Real leaders like Stalin or Trump think decades ahead before go into battle. To get promoted, you must considered dumb fuck and when anybody understand that you are not orange buffoon but very dangerous enemy, then it is already too late. Knight on the white horse will be shot in the first battle and he will never ever in charge.

          “””….I don’t really know the argument you are making here…”””

          Well. In the real war you shall destroy the real enemy with really working methods. Yes, Stalin and Blokhin were bad people but they won.

          This is the biggest problem with western nationalism .In the real war against the real enemy, you must win, not be the proper English speaker with good optics.

          “”….I very much hope he’s roasting in hell….””

          Not yet. Thanks to removing Jews and liberals, I enjoy the life in the 100% white town in the 99% white country because of all our Jews and liberals and cucks are gone.

          • Well said. People in America don’t understand. Which is why they keep losing, and losing to losers at that.

  3. Why don’t I have any sympathy for either Turkey neck or Pelosi. You reap what you sow. Commies always destroy each other and it’s good to see what they sowed, including the weak and coward republicans. Antifa and BLM is only an ideology.

    • November,

      I am back and I can not resist giving you this song. I have no idea what it says in Spanish or English but I like it.

  4. Hard to believe either Pelosi or McConnell actually live in these jalopies of a home. Likely just their mailing addresses. One would guess they’d have as much security as the President, with full time guards and also security cameras.

    • These were done by themselves as a pr stunt to gain empathy and yes I doubt they live at these locations much either. Most politicians have a number of estates they rent or own or but they mostly rest at hotels afterall they need somewhere to sleep after a long hard day of screwing the goyim appeasing big corporations and sucking joo cock.

      The pelsoi vandalizer used painters tape to protect the bricks from being damaged what a nice guy…

      • Yes, they own several homes. I think John McCain had six homes. I wouldn’t put it past them either, to have done this. Just like they all hire activists now, or use the media for propaganda.

  5. The Nashville Bomber was a Lizard People true believer. Wonder if Anthony Q Warner realized that over half the people who indulge in that idea are speaking metaphorically about Jews? He doesnt quite fit the rightwing racist profile as predicted.

  6. The paint on the driveway is going to be harder to get rid of, than the paint on the bricks. That said, city politicians are liable to do anything, particularly the Catholics (like Pelosi) and the Jews.

  7. The Republicans have been blocking it since August. Had no interest in passing any Covid-19 Relief or Stimulus Checks. Think about that when you Vote Republican….all they care about is the Super Rich and Jews that look down on White People. Deo Vindice !

    • @Brian…

      “when you Vote Republican….all they care about is the Super Rich and Jews that look down on White People”

      Yes, Sir, and that’s pretty much what you get with Democrats, too – plus you get demon spawn who hate God, heterosexuality, marriage, men, and every history they did not make, including just about everything with The West.

      There is no party so anti-White as The Modern Democrats.

      The Republicans, oligarch supporting bandits that they are, cannot even come close.

      Many ‘Democrats’, if they had the chance, would lynch both you and me, and not think twice..

      Think, Dear Klansman : think past your comfort zone and take in 360 degrees of the circle.

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