Donald Trump Demands Georgia Secretary of State Find Votes To Overturn 2020 Election

The “fascist” dictator is going out with a whimper.

After getting rolled by Mitch McConnell and the GOP on the Porkulus and COVID relief bill, he is whining to the Georgia Secretary of State about losing the election.

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  1. You have no idea how deep the Fox News Trump “me must stop the Demonrats” runs in these old people. I just had my parents call me their ultimate disappointment and an anti-american POS when I responded “does it really matter” to their rambling about Pelosi winning again as well as the results of stopping the dreaded steal. There is no reaching these people they would chose Greg Gutfeld and Jessie Waters over their own family

    • @Captain Shill wishes You a Happy New Year, how much do you know about Cluster B Personality Disorders?

      That sh*t (guessing Boomer’s,but either way it’s probly more prevalent than presently believed) they said is not cool at all.

      Reminds me a lot of my highly “successful…pillars of the community” parents and I used to tell myself they were “helping” me & just “toughening me up.” Partly because i’ve despised this culture of glorifying victimhood & believing i was being “too sensitive,” (as they told me from day 1 of my life), I kept in close contact with them, and it led me down a very dark path of misery.

      Ever hear of Mirror Neurons or of the concept of “emotional contagion”? Or of Behavior Altering Parasites (like Toxoplasmosis, Grasshopper Worm, or Jews)?

      The Jews have basically projected & disseminated a gay version of their own psychology (Pathological Narcissism/Psychopathy/Machiavellianism) unto us.

      If they’ve said sh*t like that repeatedly, you shouldn’t take it, everyone always seems to forget the “honor thy children” part (not that children can’t/shouldn’t ever be disciplined & so on like libtards preach).

      Ask yourself, do they get enraged – & i mean rage, seething angry viper style – if you defend yourself even if they went out of their way to “guide/advise” you in ways that also exhaust/trigger/hurt you? Do they allow you to have basic self respect & dignity or not? Do they keep moving the goalpost and repeatedly put you in damned if you/damned if you don’t situations? Do they talk shit about everyone including their supposed friends behind their backs? Were/are they impossible to please? Inflict more suffering than kindness?

      If yes, then i’d urge you to research the models of Cluster B P.D.’s

      I’d define “abuse” as intentionally inflicting suffering for the sake of doing so so as to derive pleasure/a sense of power (the really cunning type inflict cruelty in the name of “concern/love/etc”) at another’s expense. I hate how libtards (imo) conflate “abuse” as meaning “not getting my way every single time” and i understand the Jews want us to be at each other’s throats. And yet, there are a lot of very sick people & contrary to popular wisdom other people can/do ruin people’s lives. People with whom you lower your guard can/do change the way you think/feel. Emotions seem to exist to help us where rational thought falls short.

      Do your thing & trust your gut, including if you think this is “new age bullshit” or whatever, good luck.

      • @PsychelonB Happy New Year and thank you so much for the kind words. There is so much there to take in within your words but on the surface it really did make me feel alot better as this had me shook. It was the most vicious outburst they have ever delivered upon me over my entire life all stemming from a comment of “does it really matter Pelosi won or who wins Georgia let alone what happens with Trump”. For every calm fact I delivered about policy based in fact I was met by pure venom. The real hypocrisy is that they know what is going on and just the other day nonchalantly said to me “have you noticed that almost every commercial has interracial couples” as well as “I wonder what great Granddad would think now that all the original neighbors are gone” implying that almost everyone is Pakistani or Indian now crammed 12 to a house.

        Like a fool I try and expand upon it only for them to immediately shut it down. I think you are right about the Baby Boom descriptor because so many people of their generation have zero fight left in them and can only say “that is just how it is now” no matter what the topic. Some of the men at least make an attempt to engage but the women are all just done. Consume products, order online and watch either Fox news or reality tv 24 to the 7. I am a decent person who is respectful and kind to anyone who may be in need and acts the same to me and they know that which is why it really shook me up so much and am taking a few days off from them. Thank you again for the response it really did a lot for my spirit and I need to reread your comment again to digest some of the finer points

    • “There is no reaching these people they would chose Greg Gutfeld and Jessie Waters over their own family”

      If you want to know your parents’ opinions, no need to ask them, just turn on the TV. There is no reaching people who can’t give up their television addiction. Just when you think you are waking them up, they reset each night. TV watcher = mediocrity.

  2. HW’s basic thesis is correct: the right-wing conservatives are what lost it for Trump. Trump spent all his time trying to cater to the “libertarian” and Chamber of Commerce Republicans.

    He won their vote but lost everyone else’s. Republican economic policies are unpopular. No one is going to vote for them.

    So, the GOP will dog-whistle to white people every election pretending they will stop the Mass Immigration – but the Republicans are lying. They won’t stop the Mass Immigration – they will increase the Mass Immigration like they always day.

    They just want everyone in America the be poor so they will work for less and compete with slave labor in the third world. The Republican party is the party of free-loaders and rent-seekers. GOP = the Parasite Party.

      • @12AX7…

        The problem is, The Democrats are far worse – they want to burn down every tradition and every sensibility.

        And I say that as a born and bred Dixiecrat.

        • Hello Ivan and Merry Christmas on both the Gregorian and Julian calendars;

          You are correct of course, the Democrats are always worse in the sense of being incompetent yet they continue to win because they stand for something, something evil, but it is something. The Republicans stand for nothing except more for the plutocracy, but they really believe in nothing, fundamentally. You can’t beat something with nothing and once the Republicans show their true colors they are defeated.

          The Democrats lose after they get into power because fundamentally, most people just want more ‘gibs me dat’, especially the chocolate colored hordes comprising the “Coalition of the Fringes” (H/T Steve Sailer). The Democrats are however, grossly incompetent and end up causing chaos and ultimately, over the last sixty years at least, destroying the functioning of the country and the ability to provide more gibs. We are now at the point of national failure.

          Unfortunately, that is when der Volk turn to the slimy Republicans for salvation and the Republicans squander their opportunity to Do the Right Thing. Instead it’s gibs for the billionaires and “Our Greatest Ally” again. There is a greater moral burden on the Republican scumbags because they pose as the “conservative” party that is conserving the moral, cultural and ethical order yet they sell out to the highest bidder. The Democrats aren’t hypocrites, they directly appeal to the worst elements of society on their terms.

          Yes, the Democrats are worse in the sense of being incompetent but they are immoral i.e. they choose evil whereas the Republicans are amoral, they are indifferent to good or evil as long as they get to rule from time to time. Being amoral is worse than being immoral and that is the Republicans at their core. If it’s good for ‘bidness’ then the Republicans are ready to sell their grandmothers for a nickel.

          • Thank you, Dear 12, for your kind and thoughtful response.

            I appreciate what you say. It’s a reasonable argument.

            In the end, it probably does not matter, as we have reached the point where votes and words are no longer effective proxies for rifles.

            When I was a kid, there was a popular ad on TV, and it went like this, ‘It’s Miller Time.’

            50 years later, I’d make a little tweak : ‘It’s 2nd Amendment time.’

            All the best to you and your kind up in the beautiful Green Mountain State!

  3. Trump’s last breath to appease the voters. It’s all an act. The voters want to believe he is “doing something”. His legal team wasn’t the same Impeachment legal team, either.
    If you buy into the whole thing, then Republicans had a LONG time to prepare. First there was Russia-gate, then the Impeachment. So it shouldn’t have been a surprise that the Democrats would play with the election. Meanwhile, the Republicans have to play nice and act all righteous.
    I don’t buy into any of it. I think it’s all an act. I doubt if any of our elections have been real. I don’t believe there is really any demographics anymore. If you travel the nation, you can see that almost everywhere looks alike, beyond the geography. There are very few real “Midwesterners” or “Southerners” or other demographic differences. Atlanta, for example, is just like most big cities…full of transplants and nonwhites. Don’t get me wrong, I would have liked the US to remain with cultured sections, but the whole agenda is to make everything the same.

  4. Come on, Brad, fess up. Don’t let your ego get in the way. You know there was an incredible amount of Dem fraud on 11/3. Part of me thinks Trump isn’t going anywhere. We’ll see.

    As for the Governor and Attorney General of Georgia….. I wonder how much they pocketed?

    • Trump will whine about the election for a few weeks and then go away and whine some more on OANN, Newsmax or Trump TV. Nothing that I have seen from him in five years leads me to believe it will turn out otherwise. Of course, I could be wrong, but every time I have given him the benefit of the doubt he has proven me wrong like the “deal” he struck with Mitch McConnell on the COVID bill.

    • I agree. No doubt the election was stolen. But as usual Trump and the Republicans were doing nothing when in full power for two years. Zippo on voter fraud. Zippo on the wall and Zippo on heavily Jewish run big tech. They remind me of wrestling referees turning their backs when the bad guys are up to no good. And like wrestling, the Republicans are filled with fakers.

      But it goes back to blacks….as usual. All these cities robbing votes are loaded with black people. Once the racism hammer drops whitey heads for the hills.

      It’s pretty obvious from video evidence, from counting suddenly stopping when Trump was up big; from Trump winning all the key states and virtually all the bellwether counties yet still losing due to a flood of late Biden mass votes something is up.

      Biden with the most votes ever? The old guy with the limp and brain fog? Seriously now? I would love to know how many other elections were stolen? Obama no doubt benefited from tons of blacks stealing votes. Zero votes for Romney in various voting precincts? Zero?? Ohio had similar or like 1% for Mushy Mitt. How about House and Senate races. I would say we have had and have many illegal politicians in office. Virtually all Democrats.

      So I like Trump doing all this along with a bunch of Republicans backing him. America needs to break up peacefully hopefully. Because at this rate we will be heading for 500 million people jammed into this country flooding certain states in particular making it too diverse, too expensive, too crowded and totally unlivable with various rights long gone.

  5. Trump just wants to GTFO of DC and go spend the hundreds of Millions in campaign and Fraud Defense Fund money he has salted away in offshore bank accounts.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if he high tails it to tel aviv or golan heights after Biden gets sworn in as Potus or should I say Trump heights part of Golan. In the rock n roll lyrics of the steve miller band “Go on take the money and run”

      • “various pre war inflections and rhetorical flourishes”:

        He also used some Irish brogue for effect. It’s an extremely “preaching” style, which is very much out of fashion, a “turn off” to most people today. I am not impressed by masterful oratory, showmanship and salesmanship. His grasp of economics in that speech, seems almost as bad as the religious superstition and the imperial cult he represents.

        • That’s hilarious. In the speech he’s like the last Roman Republican. He was describing the rise of the American Empire in critical terms.

  6. Seriously, Trump just needs to give it up already……’s getting pathetic. He’ll still have his billions, his still ok looking wife and his multiple properties. Time to sail away.
    Why wasn’t this much effort put into delivering his many promises, or taking Covid more seriously? Trump didn’t cause Covid, but should have tackled it like a leader is expected to.
    Biden will be no better, but it’s time for Trump to go, regardless. Goodbye!

    • No matter what he did, they would damn him with Covid. Covid was just part of the strategy. They didn’t want Trump in.

  7. Qtards keep on mentioning something big happening on January 6th. I dunno what it could be exactly the kraken will be finally released? lol this is all very silly nothing will happen Blumpf has just been yelling “Do something” for the past 2 months

  8. The conversation Sounded to me like a president, the chief law officer of the land, asking for a rectification of a wildly fraudulent election, all the while gently warning Georgia Secretary of State Raffensberger what he was getting himself into.

    Several times President Trump admonished Raffensberger about persisting in this electoral conspiracy, and Raffensberger willfully did not hear it.

    Since November 3 President Trump has done better presidenting than any we have had since Kennedy shone in The Missiles of October.

    He’s wily with a steel spine.

    To those who think President Trump ought gently slink away, in these circumstances, you are confusing President Trump for a Mitt Romney or a Jeb Bush.

    No slink in Trump, praise the Good Lord!

    • Very true. I’m with Wallace/Hipster on the whole Trump/Republican question but Donny is definitely a brawler and that is potentially beneficial in the larger scheme of things.

  9. Such stupidity by HW since Trump allegedly ‘lost’ the fraudulent election. Then he uses garbage from the Washington Post. It’s clear that the governor and others are owned by China.

    HW is just another loser ‘white nationalist’ though I don’t disagree with many of his point made over the years.

    But hey, fun time ahead if China Joe gets the nod.

    • @A Texan…

      Yes, it’s no longer just the United States’ Government that is now gone, but, sadly, it’s many state and local governments, as well.

  10. When he is out of office he will never have peace of mind until the end of days. Lawsuit after lawsuit will rain down on him like brimstone on Sodom. He will not be reelected in 2024 because by then many red states will be blue forever putting the White House out of reach of red state America. This is end game stuff. Make your choice between union or preservation because you cannot have both they are incompatible. Get off the USS Titanic before she drags you to the bottom with her. She is starting to list.

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