Lin Wood: Lizard Squad Has Chief Justice John Roberts Raping and Murdering Children On Video

Whether it was the QAnon plan truster decoder ring, 5G frying our brains, the COVID hoax or the Muh Fraud/Release the Kraken/Stop the Steal grift, I’m proud to say that this website refused from the beginning to go along with the Grift Right’s descent into conspiratard madness:

These people are nothing but a bunch of clowns, crackpots, lunatics and grifters. This nonsense also has nothing whatsoever to do with populism:

MAGA is going out as a farce.

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  1. How about that “Chinese army secretly assembled in Mexico ready to invade and impose communism”?

    A few days ago I overheard pathological liar Alex Jones (I don’t actively listen to him) claiming that China’s epic struggle to defeat SARS Co-V2 in Wuhan was completely staged, using actors who pretended to collapse in the streets, everything faked on camera to fool us, including welding doors shut and footage of the new hospitals that were built.

    • “actors who pretended to collapse in the streets”

      People – get a grip.

      Do people, walking down the street, suddenly fall down due to Covid-19?

      No. They do not.

      So that particular viral video, of a Chinese man walking down the street and then all of a sudden collapsing from Covid-19 … was that “real” or “fake?”

      No – don’t start with the elaborate conspiracy theories please. Let’s go for the simple explanation:

      Some guy made a prank video to get upvotes on Tik Tok. It “went viral” at the beginning of the Covid-19 scare, so it got attributed to Coronavirus, back in January, when no one knew anything about the disease.

      What about the “dead” guy on the sidewalk with people walking past him? Bodies in the street from Covid-19? Well – it’s a sight you see every day across Asia – a drunk guy passed out and people ignoring him. Hell – it happens in major US cities too. Add a title to the video “Covid-19 death!” – and you get more upvotes.

      Back in February they were posting photos on of the “mass graves of Coronavirus deaths” in New York where bodies were being “thrown out of hospitals into the street due to the mass Covid-19 deaths.”

      Um – that was not true. That was – I guess – what Hunter Wallace would call a “conspiracy theory.”

      There were no mass graves due to Covid-19. The picture on Reddit was a years-old picture of the New York City Pauper’s Grave that has existed since the 1600’s.

      You people with your “conspiracy theories” and “not conspiracy theories” are far more similar than you are different, although I guess it takes some amount of self-reflection to see it.

      • The people falling down in the street videos were mostly associated with the right wing conspiratard media to begin with. Many of the same people posting those videos later switched over to downplaying the issue. It was a transparent appeal to the kind of people who prefer internet video to reading. Even in very tedious and gullible liberal communities they weren’t dumb enough to be focusing on “some grainy out of context video” for long. Sadly, even reddit was ahead of the right on this.

        On the other hand, as far as I can tell there were some issues with disposing of bodies in New York City, which would be expected whenever there were significant excess deaths. Due to budgeting constraints a city would not usually keep large amounts of excess body disposal capacity.

        Is there some evidence that the Hart Island footage is “years old”? If so, I missed it. (Hard to keep track of everything.)

        It’s true that the city burying unclaimed bodies on Hart Island (or other potter’s fields) isn’t new, but during the early stage of the pandemic burials there increased. It is technically a mass grave and the footage was legitimately striking and newsworthy.

      • Making fun of those Dale Gribble conspiracy kooks with their foil-lined MAGA ball caps and shortwave radios is low-hanging fruit.

    • The Quarantine in China, well whatever it was, appears to have been stage management. The hospital they built but never used. Much like the hospitals built but never used in the UK and NYC. We’ve not seen anyone collapse in the streets from this disease. Why did the Chinese allow foreign nationals to flee Wuhan if it was a true quarantine?

      It’s reasonable to look at Chinese measures surrounding Wuhan as bizarre and contradictory. Only thing that they did that made sense was mass deportations of blacks out of the country.

      • “Never used” is hyperbole. I understand that the 1000-bed Huoshenshan emergency field hospital, built in ten days, DID hold Covid patients, along with the six or more other emergency facilities that were hastily created in re-purposed buildings in Wuhan. Thanks to the Chinese people’s excellent self-discipline in the lockdown, and distancing and masking, all those extra beds did not need to be filled. After the first SARS epidemic, China had become hyper-vigilant and some would say, hyper-reactive to any new disease. But I think its level of preparation and reaction was just right!

        • The Chinese government did the equivalent of a martial law quarantine of Wuhan (excluding outgoing international flights) nothing like that was attempted in NYC for example.

      • Re: “Never used”: I’m revisiting that because I remembered a second new hospital that was finished about a week later. with even more capacity, about 1,500 beds. Nearly all the beds in the two new hospitals WERE in use at the peak of the epidemic. And there were not six, but actually at least sixteen, makeshift facilities created in re-purposed buildings, for a total of about 40 Covid care facilities in the city of Wuhan including the original permanent hospitals. The “makeshift” facilities were used mostly for isolating non-critical cases.

        • Several temporary plague hospitals have been built all over the world and were unused. What you saw in China went unused.

  2. Boomers went from “everything on TV is true” to “nothing on TV is true, so I will make up my own truth” within the span of two or three years.

    • Listen to the Trump phone call with the Georgia election officials.

      He went from “everything on TV is true” to “everything on 4chan is true”.

      It was kind of a blast from the past, he was repeating old allegations that you might remember from the early days after the election.

      What is difficult to understand is why they believe this specific set of nonsensical claims, instead of some other set.

    • The UK judge had learned about how crooked US courts really are …

      “Hidden UK Court Filing Won Assange Extradition Case

      Against public expectations, the US case for extraditing Julian Assange, was collapsed by a hidden court filing served last September to UK Judge Vanessa Baraitser

      This filing – by a former US Justice Department employee in Europe, who is now a key voice to EU and world governments on US judicial corruption – exposed how the UK courts and Judge Baraitser herself, were targeted by court fraud and attempted humiliation by a criminal gang involving the US intel agencies, who had even succeeded in corrupting Julian Assange’s own legal team.

      UK Judge Baraitser learned she was being set up as the “bad witch” in staged theatre involving both the CIA and US DOJ, with likely long-term damage to the international status of UK courts if she foolishly indulged the Assange case frauds.

      A key element as well, was Judge Baraitser receiving the file on international crimes against UK and European citizens enabled by US Virginia federal judge bribery, the same judges who would put Julian Assange on trial. This dossier on US Virginia federal judge bribery, had also been the key element in shutting down the Trump impeachment forays of former FBI director Mueller, who received huge payoffs from law firm crime gangs Mueller indulged, gangs who were bribing those US federal judges during Mueller’s FBI tenure.”

      Full original of the court filing key in winning the order blocking Julian Assange’s extradition:

  3. So Jeffrey Epstein traffics little girls for 20 years, hob-nobs with the highest levels including multiple Presidents, is written about for 20 years in the media, gets “house arrest” for a year, then goes right back into high society, meeting with Prince Andrew in the middle of Central Park to be photographed, is covered in the New York tabloids, then gets arrested, commits suicide in jail, then his partner Ghislaine Maxwell is arrests and sits in jail awaiting charges to this day.

    The Prime Minister of Israel is photographed visiting his mansion in Manhattan …

    Also, Dennis Hastert, the most powerful Republican politician of the 90’s and 2000’s, eventually goes to jail for being, according to the judge, “a serial child molestor” …

    but the idea that there is any blackmail going on is a “conspiracy theory.”

    Maybe back in the days of JFK and J Edgar Hoover, but certainly not in the era of Clinton, Trump, Barr, Mueller, and Comey.

    What is interesting is there are ways to discuss these things, but Lin Wood is clearly going for the “crazy Alex Jones” style, essentially discrediting the entire subject.

    Is Lin Wood stupid or is he doing it on purpose? Look at the others Trump has doing the #StopTheSteal thing, like Thomas McInerney and his lurid stories of the Russians hiding Saddam’s WMDs from Bush by sneaking them into Syria, which we must attack next, to protect Israel.

    Who exactly are the “conspiracy theorists” here? Random nutjobs on the Internet, or the entire American establishment?

    • I think it’s suggesting Pence is a child rapist that poisons the rest of Wood’s thing. Along with the lack of pointing to Mossad.

  4. Wow. This Lin Wood dude appears to be insane. I think the QAnon tier of conspiracy primarily appeals to the Boomer generation. I was trying to talk reason with an older Q leaning relative, and bring in a bit of well documented negative aspects of Jewish influence on our country. They proceeded to literally laugh, and to proclaim that the English had done great evil, as much or more than the Jews. One needs to be historically illiterate to be caught up in QAnon stuff.
    Also, QAnon types, at least the ones I have had irl contact with, typically reverence Jews and the state of Israel. It is as if they ignore the *one* well documented conspiracy against our people and country, and embrace all others. QAnon is reality turned on its head.

    • Q takes the germ of truth, that Mossad blackmail gentiles, preys on gentile young women and boys then turns it into a ludicrously elaborate cabal and then highlights the non Jewish people who associate with the Weinsteins and the Epstein’s. JewAnon most likely.

  5. Hunter, what do you think Epstein and Gislaine were up to if they weren’t using sexual blackmail to control politicians?

    I admit this lizard squad stuff sounds wild, but the Epstein island operation was clearly about sexual blackmail with under-aged girls to entrap people for Israel’s agenda.

    • Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

      Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were both busted and arrested. Lin Wood has been having an ongoing meltdown on Twitter. This is just the latest example. I didn’t write about him tweeting about having Pence shot by a firing squad.

      • Jewish ritual murder is a fact of history. Comet Ping Pong is a pedophile hangout. James Alefantis made a list of the top 50 in DC. Lin Wood does sound crazy, but that doesn’t mean he’s making “extraordinary” claims.

      • “Extraordinary claims”

        What is so “extraordinary” about sexual trafficking and blackmail? It is the exact OPPOSITE of “extraordinary” – it’s ordinary.

        Prostitution is the “oldest profession” and sexual blackmail is detailed in the Bible story of Abraham and elsewhere. The entire history of mankind is FULL of non-stop sexual slavery, sexual trafficking, and blackmail.

        What is “extraordinary” is any incident where sexual slavery, blackmail, and prostitution are NOT happening. Show me some “extraordinary” evidence for that. Child marriage is still common place in many parts of the world – in some parts of the world they cut the clitoris off of baby girls and in America they still mutilate baby boy’s penises.

        1.4 MILLION people killed in the Vietnam War. Both World War I and World War II saw constant dropping of bombs on civilian populations by virtually all combatants.

        But we’re surprised that some political faction might kill a few people? We’re surprised a Manhattan “model” might get roughed up for not pleasing a millionaire properly? We’re surprised that maybe they fudge the birthdates of some “circuit models?”

        I’m sorry, reality is not “PG-rated.” Since when are people so unable to deal with the basic human condition, known and discussed since the dawn of civilization?

        • While there may be a significant element of truth to the allegations being put forward, Wood is framing them in an over the top way that makes it harder for people to believe them.

          Epstein’s strategy for blackmailing people actually seems very mundane and obvious and in line with human nature, that makes it easier to believe. “Jailbait”. You can explain it to people in a few seconds. Oldest trick in the book.

          Adding in over the top satanic ritual abuse elements makes the story harder to believe and more improbable. It makes it sound more like a moral panic, which a significant percentage of the population will be inclined to dismiss.

          Whether they know it or not, the Kosher / conspiratard right are working to take away the power from the Epstein story.

      • “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

        Explain holocaustianity? There is no evidence of a genocide of the jews, homosexuals, gypsies, or communist by the Third Reich, but totally sane normies believe that like it is a fact beyond discussion or debate.

        The truth doesn’t hide behind laws and perpetual propaganda. A lie does.

        So is it a conspiracy theory to proclaim that the legend of the “six million ” is complete bullshit?

    • Wood doesn’t mention Israel he also claims Pence sodomized and murdered children. Wtf? He’s deliberately making it impossible to look into a set of much more plausible leads and claims.

  6. If Lin Wood was getting paid to make the MAGA crowd look crazy he is doing a great job. Is he still Kyle Rittenhouse’s lawyer? If so that kid should find another one.

  7. The so called “Q” is a joke. Nothing but an invention of the establishment in the Republican Party. Of course those people would never ever talk about the actual Conspiracy that’s going on…by that I mean the Jewish Supremacists, New World Order, and World Government. Deo Vindice !

  8. Looks to me that he’s setting up some kind of foundation myth for post Trump era. Whatever sticks he will try to make stick. Odd he never mentions Israel and Mossad and avoids the fact that Jews have been caught hording vaccine deliveries.

    • Yep this Lin wood is a whack job grifter sees himself as destined saviour doesn’t name them doesn’t say anything about epstein and is doing the “I got secret videos” routine and of course involves trafficked children and blackmailed politicians murdering them. Post vids, evidence or stfu Lin

  9. Epstein did blackmail politicians, likely on behalf of Israel.

    Maybe they are intentionally associating the discussion of this subject with ridiculous conspiratard stuff, so that the topic will be stigmatized and associated with cranks.

    • Yes this is standard intel agency propaganda practice, called ‘poisoning the well’, a version of the ‘straw man’, you set up some extreme, implausible, or even laughable content, to discredit what is associated with it

      It is part of the reason they have several popular sites with continued stories about lizard people from outer space etc

      So if some whistleblower has an all-true piece on bank fraud, judicial corruption etc … and it gets some traction, it will be copied or excerpted and hosted prominently on a site alongside pieces about shape-shifting space lizards

      Intel-tied Google will then direct searches for the article, firstly to the version posted on the lizard people site ‘because it’s popular’, to discredit the true material in the eyes of most web viewers

      • brabatian,

        “Lizard people ” is code for the jews. You should have been able to figure that out from the “shapshifting.”

  10. The truth is out there and it will set you free and the truth is they are out to get you, drop your guard and they got you. Hey, a man has got too be, his own best intellegense gatherer.

  11. I remember watching judge roberts, swearing in b,obama at his first inaugeration, judge roberts messed it up, i thought how odd, he seemed very nervouse, very ill at ease, i wouldnt put anything past those people, thee masses cant handle the truth, dont want it, they prefer the bliss of ignorance and keep drinking the kool aid, something to wash that specially prepared narrative down with., the powers that be, control information, like they basically do everything else , they control the mind’s of the masses, without a doubt, with your attacks on thee so called conspiratards, you come across as elitist your selves.

  12. Hunter, could you please delete the two comments I posted above.

    On taking a second look at them, the teeter to close to a fedpost.

    Thank you

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