Antifa Intimidate Sen. Josh Hawley’s Family In DC


This is what we have come to expect from these people though. There are no ethical limits to their behavior. No one ever punishes them. Trump’s Justice Department couldn’t do anything about it. They drove Tucker Carlson out of DC by pulling a similar stunt.

Note: Meanwhile, the leader of the Proud Boys was arrested the moment he stepped off a plane yesterday. Amazing how that works.

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  1. I have to say that I am quite surprised that Senator Hawley, in light of the Leftist SOP, did not take precautionary measures and move his family for a few weeks to a little motel, in a small town, a few miles away.

    He only need look at what Senator Paul has been through to know what would come and what IS coming to him.

    In any case, I thank Senator Hawley for his service.

  2. They turn a blind eye until the mob is on their doorstep. Antifa terrorized normal people for months last year. Attacking random motorists, businesses, and people going about their days. Republicans only responded with the usual grandstanding performance. So it’s nice to see politicians being subjected to the same things they forced normal citizens to endure last year.

    • Specifically, Hawley condemned Charlottesville attendees as “bigots” while not saying a word about antifa in 2017 (presumably he thought antifa were the modern equivalent to troops storming the beaches at Normandy). He has also professed his love and devotion to Israel, of course. GOP cowardice has created this atmosphere. I feel bad for his wife and child, but any sympathy for any GOP politician has long since dried up.

  3. Good. Hawley is an Israeli agent. Trump had four years to roll up Antifa, but he didn’t, because Antifa is a Zionist terrorist group. So now if some nuts are going off the reservation and attacking the wrong targets – good.

  4. This guy really is being groomed for the Presidency from the stand out “Give them their $2000” to fighting for Trump and having convenient Antifa run ins. I almost hope he does just so we can dig up the “Youll have to carry me off on a slab before I turn my back on the great people of Israel” Tweet to come back in meme form four years from now

  5. Hog wash! Antifa is just an idea.

    That’s what all the lefties, including Status Quo Joe, keep telling us, and they would never lie, would they?

    • Of course, they wouldn’t lie, you just need to have the secret decoder ring to understand what they mean. I happened to have my secret decoder ring back from the shop today, all fixed up and what Slow Joe and President Camel Toe Harris really mean (according to my secret decoder ring) is : “Antifa are great because they are our brown shirts doing our dirty work. What could possibly go wrong as log as George Soros pays them and the Deep State protects them?”

  6. Antifa is fake anti-fascism, a proxy force similar to U.S.-Israelii supported “radical Islam” that is fake Islam.

  7. It’s due to the Democrats in particular being an immoral party. So they let domestic terrorists run wild. Republicans are often too feckless- or shocked- at the lack of limits. But usually these terrorists do their stuff in Democrat run places.

    Look at guys like Cuomo and Newsom. They let antifa and blm terrorists run wild because they know the terrorists are all Democrats. But then they get all tough with the covid restrictions.

    Not all the Democrats do is bad. But too much is. Now they literally are getting rid of gender pronouns on the House floor and would try the same in the Senate. Why? Because they are GOD less monsters. They even had that absurd moment when another black congressman pretending to be a preacher says ” Amen and A women ” Just pure weird perversion. But it just reflects on how most black people vote despite the hilarious comments from fake news of how ” religious” black people are. Meanwhile, CHRIST said, Why do you call me Lord and not do as I say?” Meanwhile the fake preacher Warnock favors murdering unborn babies. Very bizarre.

    • ” . . . another black congressman pretending to be a preacher says ”Amen and A women” . . . ”

      With stupidity even the gods contend in vain.

      • “Amen” refers to the king of the Egyptian pantheon Amun Ra. So when Christians say “Amen” they are directing their prayers to him, not to any of their gods.

        • Amen comes to us from Hebrew for “verily” or “so be it” to express agreement. Amun Ra, or Amen Ra or Amun Ra was the name of the Egyptian sun god with a temple at Thebes. There was no Roman alphabet at the time of the Pharaohs or ancient Israel and the coincidental spelling in Latin and English of ‘Amen’ and the name of the Egyptian sun god is just that, coincidence.

          ‘Amen’ after a prayer such as the ‘Our Father’ expresses agreement and affirmation of the prayer, not an appeal to an ancient sun god.

    • they aren’t domestic terrorists, they are a century old foreign terrorist organization, and naming them that was a way of avoiding calling them an actual terrorist group. America does not, as far as I know, have any specifically domestic terrorist designations, and when they do rest assured that those will be applied to us not them.

  8. Now Josh “You’ll Have To Carry Me Out On a Slab…” Hawley knows what it feels like when the IDF knocks on doors to kick Palestinians out of their homes in the middle of the night.

  9. Hunter, In light of the Charlottesville lawsuit and injustice you’ve personally faced, I can certainly understand your turning against Trump. However, I was a more forgiving simply because the left has full carte blanche to vandalize, loot, riot, threaten, block interstates, burn cities, beat people up and destroy with full and unlimited impunity. They can even threaten the well-being of important GOP politicians and their families. In fact, the left’s ONLY limitation is they can’t openly kill people (yet). This power wasn’t magically limited during the Trump administration. To me that doesn’t demonstrate a lack of character of Trump or his administration itself but instead it showed the extent of the left’s massive power. You know this is true as they just defrauded and cheated their way through the executive branch.

    • The GOP have all the power they need to shut down antifa, they use that power against law abiding pro whites instead. The GOP have collaborated with antifa every step of the way.

      If antifa ever gets kicked out of the USA, the GOP should go with them. They can’t run their diversity scams without each other. They are yin and yang.

  10. Perhaps the biggest failure of the Trump presidency and Republican controlled congress was to do nothing about enforcing OUR right to free speech by putting the brakes on Anti-White screamers and thugs. How does it feel to be treated like a “White supremacist” Senator?

    • What makes you think it was a failure on their end? Or are you operating under the impression they were ever on your side?

  11. I immediately tune out when people only call something Antifa (because only white people can be criticized and so Antifa has sorta become the fall guy). It’s mainly BLM which is crypto-black nationalism with an antiracist veneer. That is what it is. White people are too cowardly to call BLM out (and for good reason because doing so can get you destroyed). So in many cases Antifa is often used as an end-all-be-all catch phrase. Antifa is mainly white and you can attack white people in society. Antifa does indeed do violence, but they’re not the only ones.

  12. There was a time when the American Legion, and the VFW stood strong in the streets against these various radical groups i.e. anarchists, communist-socialists, Trotskyites, Maoists etc. What happened, why did the American Legion and VFW go soft on these dangerous radicals???

    The American Legion and VFW were chartered as Patriotic Organizations. Not as gambling dens, or places to get cirrhosis of the liver.

  13. Antifa is a Jew group. It was the Jews who target you, your wife and your kid, Josh Hawley. When are you going to grow a pair, and fight like a man?

    • He’s obviously aware of the third rail. He didn’t even call the gay nigger on the bullhorn a BLM activist.

  14. What White normiecons fail to put together is that since antifa are obviously their enemy, and antifa hates “fascists,” then fascism is the answer to dealing with antifa permanently.

    Again, the marxists do not fear conservatives. They fear fascists because they know from history that it was the only ideology to defeat them.

  15. Hawley said nothing of substance about Antifa and BLM until it happened to him and his family. I personally hope it happens to more and more politicians on both sides. Maybe they will see these domestic terrorists for what they are instead of always being PC.

    • His career is a fairly short one. It’s notable that as attorney General in Missouri he sued Perdue Pharma and reviewed the black log of rape kits solving around 2/3 of the outstanding kits. Most of whom were known blacks.

      On balance he’s chased down black rapists, sued Jewish opium pushers and has tangled with BLM and Antifa already. Recall he is high up in the Missouri legal profession and probably had to deal with the Ferguson Effect.

      On balance he’s an interesting young senator. Clearly being groomed for a top job but I’d say he’s well aware of the shot.

      • He called the Whites protesting peacefully in Charlottesville bigots but when his family was physically threatened by nonwhites, he just calls them “scumbags”. He saved his strongest words for the Whites that never did a thing to his family. Besides, he a a jew loving cuck and I’m glad he had a chance to see what reality looks like compared to the protected bubble they all live in.

        • Don’t worry, I’m sure Hawley’s family was at no point in any real danger. It’s cute little pro-wrestling drama plot point where people are supposed to empathize with Hawley and even worse, believe he is going to do anything to slow down let alone stop the Jewish machine from genociding Whites.
          Antifa & BLM are controlled by the same Jew masters who control him, the GOP and the Dems, so worse case a few level street pawns went off-script and accosted this Jewish Shabbos goyim pawn cuck faggot traitor’s family. Fuck all these people.

          • best comment on the thread..

            FUCK all these powerfully connected race traitor scuzz-buckets.

            Hawley should be hanged for treason like everyone else in Jewmerican politics.

            There will never ever ever be a peaceful way out of genocide…when will white people understand this?

        • The history of the word bigot is quite interesting. Bigotry as used today isn’t the worst thing as it turns out. If anything it’s a compliment. The medieval use of the word or early modern use was a lot more descriptive of the left.

          But yeah he’s a back stabber. He is waiting for the big betrayal to fill his pockets.

  16. This is about as real as Jack Posobiec and that staged photo of him pretending to stand up to black clad Antifa crisis actor.

    • yep…100%!

      Imagine believing any of this is real in any way.
      On a related note, we will never vote our way out of this mess….
      Soon there won’t be much left to save in most of this dying disaster of a country.

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