Congress Certifies Joe Biden’s Victory

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, there was never any plan except to grift off the Stop the Steal rallies and to engage in meaningless political theater in order to position Trump to retain control over the Republican Party. The plan went horribly wrong yesterday when earnest and indignant Trump supporters who believed what they had been told about voter fraud marched on the Capitol.


“WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump for the first time acknowledged his defeat in the Nov. 3 election and announced there would be an “orderly transition” on Jan. 20, Inauguration Day, after Congress concluded the electoral vote count early Thursday certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

Trump’s acknowledgment came after a day of chaos and destruction on Capitol Hill as a mob of his supporters stormed the Capitol and unleashed unprecedented scenes of mayhem in hopes of halting the peaceful transition of power. Members of Congress were forced into hiding, offices were ransacked, and the formal congressional tally of Electoral College votes was halted for more than six hours.

“Even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts bear me out, nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on January 20th,” Trump said in a statement posted to Twitter by his social media director. Trump’s account had been locked by the company for posting messages that appeared to justify the assault on the seat of the nation’s democracy. …”

The pawns are now being thrown under the bus.

They didn’t understand that marching on the Capitol was performance art. No one really meant what they said about it being 1776 and the start of the Second American Revolution.


“A beleaguered Congress finalized President-elect Joe Biden’s victory early Thursday morning, capping a day of riots that turned deadly and briefly ground the nation’s most powerful institutions to a standstill.

It was the last step in affirming Biden’s election ahead of the Jan. 20 inauguration, but one marred by violence fueled by the sitting president, Donald Trump, who urged his followers to march on the Capitol to pressure lawmakers to overturn the results. …”

It is over.

After yesterday’s farce in DC, even Trump is now cutting his losses and acknowledging that Joe Biden will be sworn in as president on January 20th. The Trump Organization is getting Charlottesville’d. The small fries who were swept up in the enthusiasm of being part of a crowd and who stormed the Capitol for their leader with the QAnon shaman and Baked Alaska are going to be hung out to dry.

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    • If they were real domestic terrorists – like the IRA or UDF – there’d be a huge body count among cops and Congressmen, not some painted guy in a buffalo hat. Soldiers would be patrolling the streets, the police/BLM/Antifa wouldn’t dare set foot outside.

    • @ cd, nothing new there, mr.biden thee ukranians think you and that chip off thee ole block of yours , have a little bit off thee terrorist about you, yourself, mr.president elect. Question if i may, how do you all, think president harris, will deal with hunter biden, once his pappy’s warranty has expired?

  1. You can never rely on anyone. I’m so rough in my city people back off. Trump era, was good for a few. Upside is he definitely exposed the corruption. Hands down the guy did that.

    And don’t bash the guy, he did years of calling out the media. Now it’s common place to laugh at them. The end of an era ushered in with yesterday’s events. I have no problem with Trump.

    I can’t complain on it. Let’s get ready for 2021.

  2. Biden is certifiable, alright.

    Now it’s a countdown to when he steps down, “for health reasons.” He’s just a doorstop holding open the oval office for Kamala, the Ugandan Giant, Harris. America’s® first mystery meat woman President.

  3. What a spectacular blunder for Trumps most loyal.

    In 2015, I had a feeling the only way Trump could rule, if he was serious, was to use his massive support from his base. There would be no other way to govern. But he wasn’t serious and I didn’t quite understand what even I was thinking. I thought Trump was for real. I thought he understood politics as life and death. It was all surreal theater.

    Take Erdogan. Amidst a coup, he flat out called his supporters into the street. They did, and he’s still in power.

    Now Trump betrayed his base and out of power.

    What a charlatan.

    I feel sorry for anyone still loyal to this awful man.

  4. I believe YOBA is an informant working for the feds and he set up all of his MAGA-tard followers. Time will tell if his followers go to jail and he disappears from the grifter movement.

  5. Sarah Palin was on FOX news yesterday to condemn what had taken place at the Capitol building. She called the participants false patriots. She also said that now might be the time to get serious about forming a third party with those who have become disillusioned with both of the major parties. Zionist Palin is exactly the kind of politician that can’t be allowed a voice in any new party.

    • Angelo Gage is pushing the same crap. Join my new 3rd party grifter party ( printer included )and buy my book about my life in the Marine corp. Funny, he calls out the “Zionists” and Israel all the time and still has a verified twitter account while others have been banned multiple time and working on multiple accounts for saying less.

  6. You can find all kinds of videos of the police and security basically leading the protesters into the building. The whole thing was a set up, and Trump was probably in on it himself.

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