MAGA March Arrests Have Begun

The FBI is hunting these people down.

They’ve already arrested the guy who left a note for Nancy Pelosi in her office. A West Virginia state legislator has been arrested too. It is not even clear who broke into the Capitol. There is a video that shows the Capitol Police letting them walk single file into the building.

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  1. The new motto of the (so-called) “Justice” (sic) Department: “Show Me the Man and I will show You the Crime.”

    I wonder if these hypocritical bastards in the MSM and the “Justice” (sic) Department will spend even 1/10th the effort investigating Epstein’s various criminal connections as they will the protesters in the Capitol? Just kidding, everyone knows the answer to that question.

    • They didn’t care when rioters, looters, and arsonists were destroying our cities. They didn’t care when they took over police departments, or set up “new countries” in the middle of northwestern cities. They only care when not leftist whites protest. Then it’s “a siege”, “an assault”, etc.

  2. Yes it sure has begun. Gosh this is such a huge story that it takes a while typing it out. I mean between what we saw on TV vs what really happened….who knows? I personally think the majority of the Trump’s supporters are peaceful folks. That includes probably 99% of those who was at that rally in Washington D.C. and it really makes me mad knowing that a few did wrong. I’m obviously not a Trump supporter and now a fan of the 2 Party System in general. However it was nice seeing thousands of Civic Nationalists, Conservatives, Republicans, Independents, and overall Trump supporters in general at that rally….watched some of it Online and on TV. It’s good seeing people “Free Speech” out in the streets. However it didn’t end that way. I personally think that Anarchists, Feds, and others was involved in the invasion of the Capital. Was a few True Trump supporters involved? Sure. However like “Antifa” is labeled for the race riots of 2020…..the White Anarchists (paid) might have sparked it. However you know average BLM activists and Criminals / Gang Members took part in the destruction….no questions asked. I think this whole subject is the far left wing vs the far right wing. It’s these 2 extreme ideologies that are at War with each other. I think our American and Confederate Monuments are stuck in the middle. Same goes for businesses that was burned….looting that went on….so on. I think it’s average people who are stuck in the middle in this War between the far left and the far right. I think everybody should take a huge step back. The Unite The Right rally was the first battle in the War and we lost many good people because of it. We’ve been censored more than ever. Many good people got caught up in the violence that was brought on by Antifa, BLM, and other left wing groups that attacked Nationalists at Unite The Right. Watched most of it online….was sad seeing that. I think the solution is Blue Dog Democrats and Moderate Republicans coming together and moving America forward. I think that’s already happening with some Republicans turning on Trump and Mike Pence is doing his job in an honest way. I don’t think any of this would be happening if Mike Pence would have been President. I also think the current state of America will be good for other political ideologies like Libertarians, the Constitutional third party folks, Greens, and other political parties and groups. Taking more of a Moderate position (us in the Nationalist movement) will show the Government, the Media, Corporate America, and others that White Nationalist aren’t that bad after all! Deo Vindice !

  3. It’s gonna be hard for the skulking Congressmen to step out in public now. Half the country supports the Capitol invaders!

  4. These poor deluded souls are looking at a minimum sentence of 10 years in federal prison because they followed the orders of a narcissistic zionist conman.

  5. Suggesting the Capitol Police let the protestors in would be a “conspiracy theory” but there’s the video, so.

    Now the question is WHY the Capitol Police acted that way?

    Any other answer than “because the police are white supremacist Trump insurrectionists” is a “conspiracy theory.”

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