The MAGAcaust

Ron from 8kun.

Sidney Powell.

Lin Wood.

General Flynn.

Ben Garrison.

Thousands of MAGA accounts have been banned from Twitter.

Note: I was banned too.

I presume for supporting Trump in 2016?

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  1. The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and especially the First Amendment is pretty much ignored now. I’m more of a Nationalist and I believe the Government can do much more in Life. However I do embrace the basic things this country was established on. One of those being Freedom of Speech. All these Social Media companies should realize it’s really a “Public Utility” now because that’s how people communicate now. I’m one of them because I’m more of an Internet / Text / Email person. Social Media is great because we can communicate with people on a grand scale 24/7 and do it fast. Plus it saves us time and we have more personal time in our lives for hobbies….family…. and so on. Conservatives and Trump talked negative about Liberals running Social Media but never did anything about it. Same goes for online shopping / credit card processing companies. All that talk did nothing. Deo Vindice !

    • > Social Media is great because we can communicate with people on a grand scale 24/7 and do it fast.

      And that’s what the jew fears the most. Previously, they had “security by obscurity”. Now that is no longer the possible and they must take more proactive measures, such as what’s happened. Infiltration and subversion of the very companies that provide it. Just like they’ve done with finance, legacy media and government throughout history.

  2. @ATBOTL White Nationalism is an oxymoron there’s no such thing as a “White race”. Whiteness is a social construct imo.

  3. This is why you don’t LARP as revolutionaries unless you are willing to follow through. The MIGA movement is going to suffer all the real consequences of a failed coup without a single shot fired. Good riddance.

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