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  1. We are now trapped in an episode of Designated Survivor where the designated survivor is an aging decripit boomer called Biden, surrounded by Jews and pajeets who’ll poison him first chance they get.

    • Trumpchump VD’s little MAGApede posse is just now moving from the Stage of Denial…to

      the Stage of Grief. As to Theodore Beale alias Vox Day:

      Haxo suspects that he is/was also

      alias “Q”, a.k.a. “The Plan”

  2. Last major larp – cope is still launching as we speak

    Trump is right now at a military base preparing to declare national emergency

    the military behind him wanted to wait till after Jan 6 with ‘all normal legal options ended’ before they act

    the reason Dems are pushing for impeachment is they are trying to block Trump’s ability to declare emergency powers

    they got big kraken info on the hard drives they nicked at the Capitol building Wed Jan 6 and Dem leaders will go on trial

    Trump is not going to Biden inauguration because there won’t be a Biden inauguration

    even saw points of the above on today’s post from lefty-liberal twice-Obama-voting Jewish boomer James Howard Kunstler, who became so appalled last few years at Democratic party hypocrisy and corruption he voted for Trump in 2020

    maybe if we just believe hard enough it will happen

    • Kunstler was “appalled” by the Obama Democrats because they signed the deal with Iran that Israel didn’t want.

      Kunstler is just another Jew. How many times will people fall for this “good Jew” “not all jews are like that” nonsense? They are ALL like that – otherwise they wouldn’t be Jews.

    • There is such thing like self fulfilling prophesy.

      When people believing that they are supported or hated by God, it changes their behavior. Some people do something to appease the God. Some people avoid something to avoid the God revenge.

      When tens of millions people do small moves, it becomes the revolution. Like a lot of droplets of water change some place to ocean.

      What you think, how many pro whites were saved their jobs or avoided repressions because foot soldier liberals also believed Q ?

      Maybe there is a really secret org who collecting evidence about traitors and because of that, it is better to not blame someone razizz and not get him fired.

      You see how many pro whites got repressed. But I ask how many avoided repressions because some Karens believed that the super secret Nazi organization might be real and come after them ?

      Donald election demonstrated that some of the paranormal things are truth. So maybe there might be really Nazi UFOs watching and waiting behind the Iron Moon. Anyway, when someone speaks or does politically incorrect stuff, I will ignore….just in case. Or do. Because in case of Nazi UFO attack, I need proof that I was on the right side all the time.

      Religious movements are most powerful things on Earth. This why we need God Emperor , not normal human, who does boring stuff like building the walls

      Jesus did very little. We have not hard evidence that Jesus went to sky. But people who believed that almighty God protects them, tried many stupid methods to get killed until some dumb crooks got it and so we got the airplanes and space rockets.

      Donald is Genius, He turned the liberal Jew Kunstler who voted Obama twice. Donald is Genius who turned the Babbitt. She quit fighting in Iraq and went fighting to somewhere else. How many more he turned ?

      For general information, Jesus did not won the reelections. But his followers did a lot of things next 2000 years. Wars and revolutions are won by fanatics and martyrs, not by educated low life’s who caring the good optics and other people opinions.

      • Juri,

        You forgot our Antarctica underground bases. Our colony on the dark side of the iron moon is a diversion from our New Deutschland outposts under the seas of Europa.

        Did you not ever wonder why the creators of the Great Monolith told the American and Soviets that “All these world are yours, except Europa. Do not attempt any landings in Europa?”

    • @ brabantian, need i remind you sir, mr.trump is also declassifying everything and that has thee satanist and deep state crowd a bit umcorfortable at the moment , too say the least, spahnranch1970 has threatened himself with bodily harm, he claims he can do things with yoga pants. That defy’s. Human imagination. .

  3. Its more subtle than “grift crumbs”.

    Money isn’t the tool to manipulate Vox – prestige is.

    Vox’s most prestigious author is the Israeli military theorist Martin van Creveld.

    I suspect if “Sampson Option” van Creveld hints that Vox needs to “trust the plan”, Vox gets he hint.

  4. Vox can’t let go because of what the Feds did to his father. Locked him up for over a decade for tax evasion. Just got released last spring. I guess VD was hoping Trump would pardon him.

    I liked his blog for a few years, but it’s gone way off the deep end since “The Trumpslide” failed.

  5. Of course Donald did not conceded. Some people are just incapable for any kind of final capitulation. This even scientifically proved . So called “thrill seeker gene” exist. Some people just can`t stop.

    Some ethnic groups too. Napoleon took Moscow, US took Baghdad and Kabul . By western standard, taking the capitol means loss and end of the war. But just some dumb crooks don`t understand such symbolism and keep fighting.

    War is over when the enemy is destroyed. Until enemy remains, nothing is decided. Taking, slogans and symbols mean nothing in the real war.

    Trump talk is irrelevant, his signed papers are irrelevant, like those giving Jerusalem to Israel or making those peace deals. In the real war, 500 million Arabs decide , has Israel right to exist . Not some papers what nobody accepts or even read.

    I prefer to see the end of Donald saga before announce losers and winners. Mass hysteria and another impeachment rush are not healthy signs of our enemy victory.

    • Trump is going out like Sardonapolus watching his troops immolate his slaves and then commit suicide until. He’s the last one left. He’s incited his own followers to sack the Capitol then fucked off to watch it all on TV.

  6. There are conspiracy theories to open your eyes and others to close them. The Trump Cult deals in the latter.

  7. The Q-tard narrative on Telegram is that they can tell that it’s a “deep fake” because the king of israel is not moving his hands characteristiclly, as he talks.

    They are coping hard.

  8. Why stop there? Maybe Trump has been dead since 2015 and his whole presidency was a deep fake!

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