Capitol Police Allowed Some Patriots Into The Capitol

I brought this up on our livestreams last night.

It is true that some of the people who entered the Capitol broke in and climbed through windows. It is also true that at some point the Capitol Police just allowed a bunch of people to enter the building. Baked Alaska talked to a man the night before who told him they were going into the Capitol.

Nick and Baked have been banned from Dlive. I suspect that this is going to be the least of their problems.

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    • The usual Twitter Yankees are blaming it on the South and on the Southern People and calling on the North to invade again, in order to defend the Yankee privilege and special rights.granted to the Northern People by the unwritten constitution.

  1. The Corona Virus appears to have infected 5% of Wuhan according to a study published by Wuhan U. Sounds similar to the percentage on the Cruise Ship quarantined in Japan.

    The data is based on the Roche antibody test deployed for the localised epidemiological study.

      • The entirety of South East England has had 500-600k cases. That’s including the 8 million Souls in London. That’s the entire case load in South East England.Wuhan’s 10 million have an antibody total of 5%. That’s 500,000 cases in Wuhan after all.

        Two good things will come of this. VitD deficient blacks and browns will die. So too, they will flee as soon as the data of their mortality rates becomes known. I doubt there’s more than 4 million whites in Greater London. The BAME community have been a sort of meat shield.

        • “VitD deficient blacks and browns will die.”

          They shouldn’t have abandoned their natural environments. To live among “evil racist” whites, no less.

  2. If you announce a nationalist rally weeks or months in advance, anywhere in the West, let alone in the belly of the beast, Washington D.C., do you really think the Deep State is going to let that opportuntiy go to waste? It was shooting fish in a barrel.

    Both Fuentes and Anglin knew better after Charlottesville, and yet they herded their people into that trap. Never trust a nationalist with a Twitter Blue Checkmark. Blue Checkmark means they are officially approved by the Twitter Corporation, for both their online and offline behavior.

  3. “When watching this Jimmy Dore Show about the Capitol incident one can clearly see that some of the police were reluctant to intervene against the surprise visitors. Some even took selfies with them. The police may have been overwhelmed and decided that more fighting would have been counterproductive. Or, maybe, they let it happen on purpose?” Moon of Alabama opines that the authorities may have let it happen on purpose, as an excuse for new “domestic terrorism” legislation: “The actual bill Schiff introduce is quite generic and covers a wide range of actions as well as attempts to take such actions or conspiring to do them (…) Any prosecutor will be able to use the wording of the law to indict someone who has been talking about bashing a road sign for ‘domestic terrorism’. Such a law will of course not only be used against the ‘white supremacists’ who Schiff claims to dislike but, as ACLU pointed out, primarily against the left….” Ibid.

    I will repeat that for emphasis: THE LAW WILL BE USED PRIMARILY AGAINST THE LEFT.

    • It depends upon who is President. President Camel Toe Harris will use the new “ant-terrorism” (sic) legislation against White people whom she hates. Trump allowed the so-called “Justice” (sic) Department to prosecute whomever they wanted such as UTR protesters at Charlottesville because he had no ideological compass and did what his miserable son in law told him to do.

      The so-called “Justice” (sic) Department is entirely a Left Wing institution now and has been since FDR when he stuffed the “Justice” Department with communist, Usual Suspect lawyers. That is why the so-called “Justice” (sic) Department went balls out for desegregation during WWII and doubled down right after the war with Shelley v. Kraemer, 334 U.S. 1 (1948) outlawing housing covenants. The “Civil Rights” agenda followed logically from this precedent.

      The default position of the so-called “Justice” (sic) Department is legal enforcer for the Left Wing agenda such as desegregation, integration, anti-discrimination used against White people, promoting non-Whites’ interests etc. There is little distinction between the SPLC and the so-called “Justice” (sic) Department’s legal viewpoint. If there were ever to be a true right wing President one of his first tasks would be to clean house at the so-called “Justice” (sic) Department, another missed opportunity from DJT.

  4. The protesters going into the Capital could have been planned and the Government was setting the Trump supporters up so the real ones would be arrested. I’m sure Anarchists played a role in the violence and likely Feds. Whatever happened Trump and the Republican Party split big time. Even heard one such US Senator say that Trump and his supporters saying the election was rigged was all for nothing but raising money. Oh I’m sure. Now I imagine a bunch of honest Trump supporters will be in big trouble for invading the Capital and Censorship of Republicans online will be on the same level as White Nationalists now. Deo Vindice !

  5. Let’s define “allowed.” The Janissary mercenaries that stood down in all the video I’ve seen are a few cops (not in riot gear) who decided not to fight hundreds of bloodlusted MAGA soldiers. not surprising given the year they had knelling to BLM and the fact that mercenaries don’t fight when the odds are against them. Really, who is going to risk their lives for Congress Critters? I guess the Janissary who was killed. I suppose his surviving collogues are glad they stood down.

  6. The right of Whites to free, unabridged speech and peaceful assembly was compromised or destroyed long before this latest debacle. If Trump’s disappearance wasn’t due to cowardice his intent was to set up and screw his most ardent and faithful followers. At any rate never trust Republicans. They have a long history of leaving their wounded on the field or stabbing them in the back.

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