Ali Alexander Has Been Banned From Twitter

Ali thought he could control the hillbillies. He was wrong.

BTW, I don’t think Trump won the election. I don’t support the Capitol Siege either. At the same time, I loved these images from the event. I support my own people right or wrong.

In hindsight, Ali shutting down the earnest hillbilly in Georgia foreshadowed what happened at the Capitol Siege. They didn’t understand that the grifters were engaged in performance art. They truly believed that “The Storm Was Coming” and “1776 Will Commence Again.” When Jack Posobiec tweeted that Trump was leading a march on the Capitol, they literally busted down the door of Congress!

The moral of the story: don’t lie to desperate people and try to cynically manipulate them for personal profit and political gain. It will come back to haunt you.

Note: If Civil War 2 breaks out, I am siding with the South.

I love these images too.

The demise of these grifters is beautiful.

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  1. This was a beautiful display of righteous anger over the stealing of our election, and still you crap on it.

    You do realize that since the communists that occupy our govt and society stole our vote, they have then stolen our ability to peacefully exercise our will and power, right?? There is literally no other option left but to either live like a slave or stand up and fight for America.

    Funny how gay boy Spencer is still on twitter. Yet you want to call all these other guys shills and grifters. So silly.

      • Why don’t you? You don’t believe these statisticians and mathematicians that say what happened is impossible? Or has something like a 1 in 4 quadrillion chance in happening regarding the percentage of biden votes that came in vs trump during those midnight ballot dumps??? Why wouldn’t you trust these eggheads?? They live for crunching numbers like this.

        Like stalin said, it doesn’t matter who votes, it only matters who counts the votes. This is exactly what was put into play during the midnight hours of Nov 4th in Philly, atlanta, detroit, and milwaukee.

        You think those patriots which basically did unauthorized sight seeing inside the capitol deserve prison???

          • Personally, I think Q is a psyop being run by CIA. Something that was designed to rile people up and destabilize Trump’s base. Be that as it may, you don’t need to be a Q-tard to be pissed off that the communists in our govt have stolen our election.

          • Agree with HW. Trump, Giuliani, Trump, Jr. took advantage of good people, corrupted and endangered their lives. Who needs Jews with people like that? They should pay. Everyone who showed up including poor Ashli Babbitt should be permitted to go home and rest in peace.

        • @America Always:

          Trump lost five percent of the vote of White working class men. The largest demographic of WM voters. He followed the advice of his son-in-law, Jared Kushner who assured Trump he had the “trailer park vote locked in, because they have no where else to go.” Even dismissing the advisor he had to woo the WWCM voter much, much harder this time to get their ranks of unlikely voters to cast their ballots for him because people were relocating to AZ from CA and from NY, turning them purple from red.

          The WWCMs were a majority in the Blue Wall Rustbelt States including Minnesota and Wisconsin. Men who had to be alienated when Mr. Law and Order opened the prisons and was prepared to sign an executive order to bribe Blacks and Mestizos to the tune $500 billion each to vote for him. Not a good look after failing to complete a $25 billion border wall.

          Five percent of approximately fifty million Trump’s piddling increase the Kushner Scheme got him. Yes, there was massive cheating conducted ironically by Black poll watchers and postal workers, but not enough to make any real difference if Trump had only kept his 2016 campaign promises. He would have increased his support across racial lines.

          • Sorry. Need to proof before I post. New York liberals are invading GA and turning it bluue just like VA.

            The increase of Blacks and Hispanics was not enough to make up for the WWCM -real and potential – voters that he lost.

          • “…people were relocating to AZ from CA and from NY, turning them purple from red.”

            No, Hispanic and Asian immigrants turned these states blue. Whites in NY and NJ vote majority GOP, which means white gentiles vote heavily GOP, as the white population in those states is 15-20% Jewish. The people who leave NY and NJ for the South are disproportionately blue collar and lower middle class whites, who are more culturally conservative than the ones who stay. They move because you can’t own a home or even live in a safe area in those states on less that $75g a year. The pattern is that if a young man in NY/NJ/CT can’t get a high paying professional job or a government job by age 30, they leave.

            Californians who move to AZ are mostly Republicans. Mexican immigration turned AZ blue.

            The narrative that white liberals are turning these states blue is a false cuckservative narrative that takes the attention off of race and immigration. It also ignores that immigration is why whites leave states like CA and NY to begin with.

            This is a very dangerous false narrative that undermines pro-white politics. We shouldn’t be seeing it here on this blog.

          • @ATBOTL:

            You are right about the changing racial demographics, BUT you overlook the clean-cut leftist White-skinned carpetbaggers who move into these areas and win office, like Jon Ossoff. You forget that a lot of the refugee resettlement was planted in conservative White areas like TN during the Bush era.

            Republicans have done and are doing absolutely NOTHING to save their own voters by stopping this practice and they not only sit on the same committees as Democrats, they were the majority in the House and Senate as recently as 2017.

          • @ATBOTL Arizona is full of “retired” government workers on generous pensions. Besides the Mexicans in Arizona, these pensioners are significantly liberal. They don’t want the gravy train to ever stop.

      • It was stolen in the sense that whites have to share citizenship with incomparable foreigners.

        • Exactly. I’m not disputing what percentages of this group or that group voted. What I am saying and do know is that the marxists and communists used the pandemic and mail-in voting to stuff our ballot boxes in 4 strategic locations (philly, atlanta, detroit, milwaukee) inside of swing states in order to steal our election. It appears that the same pattern just occured in the GA senate race as well, with that signature mark of dem vote totals (the blue line) skyrocketing straight up aand overtaking the repubs a couple hours after polls closed and mail in ballots started to be counted.

    • You’re about the 1000th Fuentard to point out that Spencer is still on Twitter.

      Fuentes is still on Twitter, too.

    • Commies, commies, commies … you must be a my pillow boomer, LOL!

      Seriously, Muh Murica Always, when dementia Joe gets Muh Murica into a war with the Chinese and Russians (as you call them “the ChiCom” and “the Reds”) you will be cheerleading for young white men to go die for ZOG … because they’d be fightin’ commies, right?

      • History repeats. I guess you’re good with being sent to death camps because you have the wrong ideology. In my view, that makes you unworthy of living in America. Anyone who believes in the opposite of the ideals that America was founded on, liberty and freedom, deserves whatever is coming to them.

          • The whole “support the military” knows no bounds. It’s become more than a blind loyalty, calling everyone a hero, when most wars aren’t even fought to defend America at all.


      Beardson (who’s still on Twitter), who worships Nick Fuentes (who’s still on Twitter) uses Twitter to announce that the fact Richard Spencer is still on Twitter is proof that Spencer’s a fed.

      You are the dumbest people I’ve ever seen in my life.

      And regarding Spencer being “gay”—Spencer has been with multiple women. Nick is a virgin who lives with his mom and hangs out with CatBoys. Beardson is married to a fat lesbian. Spencer could beat them both up at the same time with one hand tied behind his back. Quit projecting, you fed homos.

  2. Handy Andy Torba’s GAB is doing well. Torba claims he got 10 new servers a few days ago.

    By the same token, Parler has gone off a cliff, Amazon, Google and Apple pulled the plug on them.

      • I know we’re supposed to say, that’s not right, no one should banned, but I hate this little felon & I don’t much care about being fair.
        As far as the Capitol goes, I thought it was both dumb & hilarious.

        Also, did you need to add that you’d be on the side of the South? You think we would let you do anything else? ?

    • Apple was the first to ban Parler from their app store which is ironic seeing as how Trump gifted Apple and their degenerate CEO $40B in tax breaks.

  3. For my entire life time the Confederate flag has been a symbol of Southern pride and the White rural working class in general. I’ve seen it all over the North and West. Slavery lasted long under the American flag than it did the Confederate flag.

    Suppression of the Confederate flag in the United States is simply an attack on the people it represents. It is no different than the Turks suppressing the Kurdish flag and language and the Chinese Communist Party suppressing symbols of the Uyghur culture and the Israelis trying to erase the Palestinians from history.

    • “I’ve seen it all over the North and West.”

      I’d think persons who are flying it outside the South have Southern backgrounds, but I’ve not seen the subject addressed.

  4. Who cares about the grifter sandnigger. Charlie Cuck Kirk has not posted on Twitter for two days. Either he has been banned or is in a deep depression after Blumph conceded.

    • He’s comforting Miss Lindsay Graham who was abused at the airport and not the way she likes to get abused, either.

  5. I think the real enemy is the Left. These cheaters refuse to require a valid photo ID for voting — that says it all for me on proof of their lack of character. Plus, they all became ecstatic over the prospect of mail-in ballots — a sure recipe for election fraud. Dems are corrupt to the core and they justify all their crimes by their false secular religion — believing everyone but themselves are racists.

    I believe the courts punted (punched Trump in the head) on the election fraud issue when they should have had a thorough examination of all the evidence by experts on both sides and those who witnessed fraud firsthand to do what is necessary to show voters on both sides what really took place and THEN make their judgments according to all the evidence.

    As it stands we have a coup in progress with this supposed “villain tyrant” (Donald Trump) isolated in his “castle” cut off from public communication with his many supporters while the Lefties in their usual unhinged rage dreaming up ways to destroy/penalize all his supporters. Must be their newspeak redefinition for “healing” or maybe just “cutting the cancer out” I guess.

    Trump in the next few days needs to declare martial law and fix everything by force or the day before the inauguration he needs to fly out of the USA to a country that is friendly towards him. He needs to live there as a leader in exile while his supporters in the USA work on his behalf to enable his return as President by overthrowing what they believe was a fraudulent election.

    In the mean time — May God Save the South!

    • You really don’t get it do you. It’s the Jews not the left. The Jews control both sides of politics. Every candidate must grovel before AIPAC before they are even considered. Can you understand this very simple concept? They don’t need to rig the ballots because they have screened every candidate. There is no “good” side and no “bad” side. They are all controlled by Zionists.

      • Whatever you believe, it leads to the same conclusion that there are no other options other then to live as a slave or stand up and fight for America. Voting no longer matters, and the people who were on the fence about that are now aware of that fact.

      • Excellent post. They play both sides so they always win. They play both victim and aggressor, too. Just like the oil companies give to both parties, so they always win. Too bad most people can’t get this. They STILL think it’s about the Dems versus the Reps.

      • Look at the Loeffler-Warnock race. Warnock was saying: “No, I love the Jews! God Almighty, I love them and love their country! Pay no attention to that nonsense I said back when.” And, Loeffler was saying: “No, this black holy man don’t love them or their country enough! I like Jews more, specially the Zio ones!” Competing for who could grovel to the Jews more. With Omar and Tlaib being the only members of Congress not on the Jew payroll.

      • @Ricky

        I don’t think the Jews are as powerful and omnipresent as you seem to think. They may appear to be that much in control because of their current control of the media but I believe in the future that powerful Gentile nations are going to rise up and persecute the Jews more than they have EVER been persecuted in the past. The Jews appear to be a paranoid people trying to attack anything that they feel is a threat to them.

        But it is interesting that to question the Holocaust is banned (your views and opinions are not allowed or the thought police will come after you) as well as question whether there was any election fraud going on in this recent Presidential election (these unhinged Libs are going to come at you with everything they have to shut you up and destroy you and deny your first amendment rights). 1984.

        The Bible says to prove all things. I think everything is fair play and should be open to discussion, proof and counter-proof. How are we going to improve if we don’t thoroughly examine everything to the best of our ability? Now we may reject the proofs as not being convincing or accurate enough but at least every angle possible is being considered.

    • “He needs to live there as a leader in exile while his supporters in the USA work on his behalf to enable his return as President by overthrowing what they believe was a fraudulent election.”

      You are either delusional, or a fed.

      The only thing Trump plans on being is his final and last, best gig … Grifter in Chief (GINC or GOTUS … whichever is best for at separating all those retirement checks from the elderly trucon believers).

  6. If the totalitarian Left shuts OD down, thanks HW for all your hard work. Hope OD will find a new home on a more conservative tech platform in the future…

    • So far the totalitarian left has been shutting down the Zionist grift-right, and they have my blessing.

  7. Don’t you find it shameful and embarrassing that so many of our people can be so easily manipulated by insincere con-artists? Don’t you find it enraging that the most important issue of our time (white genocide) is reduced to a joke by larping flag waving morons?

    Whites who are still on the Trump Train after 5 years of being lied to have no hope. I’m cutting them lose. They are not my people.

  8. The whole world has seemingly gone mad…

    Or maybe everybody else is sane and I’m the one going nuts…?

    All the same, there was literally almost no enthusiasm to elect Joe Biden. I’m happy Trump, the sleazebag that he is, lost but I’m not sure he really deserved to lose.

    Anyhow I won’t be posting here for the foreseeable future. Need to get my affairs in order.

  9. This is the light at the end of the tunnel for everyone. All these grifters and e-celebs being destroyed. They are poison. They would have continued to be poison if they were platformed. I celebrate their deplatforming. I feel absolutely nothing towards these con-men.

    They played a dangerous game flirting with QAnon and stirring up and activating people with lies with the end goal being fund-raising and they can now pay the price.

    • Realize that the cake has both fruits and nuts in it. But not all are bad.
      We have no leaders, and we have no politicians that care about us.
      It’s going to be hard to pin anything on Nick Fuentes, because he didn’t do anything wrong.
      It’s not so much about being pro-Trump as it is about the lies and loss of liberties we are experiencing.

  10. Ali Alexander more like Scammy Davis Jr. lol look at his freaking chin its so pointy

    Some gop bastard mass funder gave this stupid fool thousands of dollars to start his career of grifting and being controlled opposition for stop the steal and people bought his sad sap routine hook line and sinker

  11. “If Civil War 2 breaks out, I am siding with the South.”

    And God bless you for that.

    Nothing more important in this life than fidelity, particularly to one’s own family, extended, as well.

    That said, many many non-Southerners, particularly our Smalltown & Rural White Cousins throughout the land, will be siding with The South in this coming fray.

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