Capitol Siege Footage

The Capitol Siege was far more violent than we thought.

It looked like a farce watching it on live television with YOBA and the QAnon Shaman running around Congress. This is how they got into the building. We didn’t see that part.

Note: Make sure you watch the second video.

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    • The hallway was very distressing. Once the police had that hallway blocked the crowd should have retreated. The police were restrained in that situation. I might add they are not a proper riot team either so they didn’t deserve that insane crush from the crowd in that confined space. They were just doing a job in that hallway.

      • The Redcoats were just doing a job, too. Federal cops, the FBI and even the regular cops are a Praetorian guard for the so-called “elites” in the US – even the Federal Reserve has their own police ffs(even though the Fed is not a governmental agency). After what happened on 1/6 I am guessing that a lot people took the “Back the Blue” bumper stickers off of their pickup trucks.

        • Most of the revolutionary war was neighbor killing neighbor. The casualties in the fighting were tiny.

          I don’t reckon that cop was expecting a fight. If it is the guy crushed in the ruck, that’s savage.

        • “After what happened on 1/6 I am guessing that a lot people took the ‘Back the Blue’ bumper stickers off of their pickup trucks.”

          What a tragic prospect.

          • That’s not the only issue here. An important issue is willingness to defy the pigs. White American right wingers, until now, have been some of the most docile and obedient people on earth. That needs to change and this was a strong first step.

        • I’m not condemning the rioting and the putsch. That hallway wasn’t breached. Did you watch the video? The putschists almost crushed their own people to death.

  1. That footage in the hallway is like Heysel Stadium.
    Amazed the police didn’t shoot the crowd.

  2. So now – the same Bolshies that were cheering the attacks on ZOG’s troopers last summer are wailing and gnashing their teeth over some Capitol cop that was (or probably wasn’t) killed by a fire extinguisher. Thousands of people recording everything that happened at the Capitol and not one video of this cop getting “fatally beaten”. The Feds are trying to shift the narrative from the “riotous woman” that was shot in the neck to this “poor cop”.

    • That video was like Heysel Stadium. The crowd crush was criminal. As evidence comes in its important to adjust. I don’t understand why that group tried to force that defended hallway like that. It is homicidal intent.

    • c d,

      And now a jewess member of (((congress))) wants to have him buried in Robert E. Lee’s old front yard aka Arlington National Cemetery.

      How soon these jews and jewess forget that several of their own such as blm global fundraiser susan rosenberg (any relation to ethel and julius?) a member of the communist party of the usa was caught with a vehicle packed with explosives that was meant to target federal buildings, or obama’s mentor and communist underground weatherman terrorist member william ayers whose group bombed the Hart Senate building

      Bill Clinton pardoned susan rosenberg, after she served only 16 years of her 58 year sentence, and how ayers escaped going to a federal Supermax prison is a conspiracy in and of itself.

  3. I was in Chicago when the Negroes rioted after a basketball victory. More dead, wounded and property damage than in, or around the Capitol. I’m sure others can relate dozens of similar situations.

  4. I don’t know if they will actually expend much effort into finding the poster(s) behind Qanon. In my view it is likely Jim and Ron Watkins who have been most active. Probably not in the early beginning, but later on. It surely is no coincidence that soon after Q stops posting Ron Watkins claims to quite 8kun and starts becoming more active under his own name. After seeing Trump lose, he rightly foresaw that things might
    become too hot to keep posting as Q.

  5. Since I don’t have cable, Mr. W., I had to make a quick run to Wikipedia to find out who Chris Hayes is after I read your reference, in the present Occidental Dissent entry, to “the Chris Hayes video”; but once I’d determined that, I was struck by the video clip that runs from 5:14 to 6:18 in the Hayes piece.

    There it is, the event-sequence that, as captured in the video, starts with the smashing of windows of a Capitol doorway and ends with Ashli Babbitt’s being shot, as she tries to climb through one of those smashed-out windows. That would be the Ashli Babbitt who evidently didn’t make herself scarce as her fellow rioters were smashing at that doorway and who made herself much-less-than-scarce when a portal had been smashed open.

    That, too, would be the Ashli Babbitt who, as we’ve recently been told here, at Occidental Dissent, is “someone’s kind of quirky Aunt … whose worst crime is posting silly conspiracy theories on Facebook ….”

    It’s the Ashli Babbitt who, I’ve recently been told here, at Occidental Dissent, after I effectively characterized her as a violent scumbag, “was misguided, as so many of our people are.”

    It’s also the Ashli Babbitt whose husband, in a local newscast in their town of San Diego, rather lied—in the manner of a Black Live Matter spokesman who’s decrying a completely-reasonable police shooting—by saying that she “was voicing her opinion and she got killed for it.” Too, he says, “She didn’t have any weapons on her. I don’t know why she had to die in the people’s house. That’s our house; it’s everybody’s house.”
    (“Man says San Diego woman killed in Capitol siege was his wife”)

  6. “Our priority will be Black, Latino, Asian, and Native American owned small businesses, women-owned businesses, and finally having equal access to resources needed to reopen and rebuild.” — President-elect Biden.

    Why people shilled for Biden is beyond me. His coming race-based giveaway was absolutely predictable. Looks like whitey isn’t getting his $2000.

  7. Law enforcement should be able to use live ammunition to stop anything that escalates beyond a peaceful protest. This summer would have been much different if the BLM, antifa rioters had been shot and killed. Their movement would have been put out along with the fires they started.

    President Jefferson Davis stood up to rioters in Richmond and demanded them to break up in 5 minutes or else.

    “The bread riot was eventually quelled when Jefferson Davis climbed atop a wagon and threatened to have Confederate troops—which had been called out to support the public guard—open fire on the crowd. He pulled out his watch and gave the rioters five minutes to disperse and return home. At first, it appeared as though the mob would defy the order, but at the last minute, they obeyed and began to drift homeward. More than 60 rioters, including Jackson [one of the leaders of the riot] , were arrested for theft and rioting.”
    — Encyclopaedia Britannica: “Richmond Bread Riot”

    • Be careful what you wish for, you may get it. The police, who are all civilians, will only use live ammo against Whites who protest, not the BLM types including Whites legitimately protecting themselves from BLM types. The National Guard or Regular Army will use live ammo on BLM rioters if so authorized. That’s just the way it works now.

  8. Two literal communist domestic terrorist groups (May 19 and the Weather Underground) with as per usual a disproportionate number of jews among their membership bombed the US Capital, Pentagon, and State Department. One of their aims was kill cops, rob banks to fund their terrorist activities, and incite a marxist revolution in America, but thanks the diligent work of the same tribe that memory holed their outsized role in the Holomodor, they whitewashed their leading roles in these two domestic terrorist organizations as well.

  9. President Jefferson Davis was never tried for treason. I wish he had of gone to trial. I think he would have been found innocent.

    These claims of a fraudulent election should also have gone to trial in the courts and it should have been conducted in a thorough manner with all the evidence presented and should have even delayed the inauguration until a clear proof of what actually took place so all the American people will know the truth. But the Left just wants to leave a good percentage of the people thinking that the election was stolen — a recipe for civil war.

    For those who think the election was stolen, one peaceful way to make this opinion known would be to get up a pledge to get signatures of all the citizens who will not pay federal taxes to an illegitimate government. If 75,000,000 citizens pledge to not pay federal taxes then there won’t be a government left to come and arrest them for not doing so. And if they did there would be no place to put them all.

  10. Armed black panthers stormed the capital 50 years ago and guess what, those niggers weren’t going to be pushed around and they got noticed. 50 years later, less happens and the Whites fold like cheep suits. Whites are the new niggers, only worse. We are more despised by the govt than the niggers were in 60’s. You don’t win by being passive, folding, conceding or giving up. The niggers didn’t and look where they are now. Fear is a good weapon, unfortunately Whites traded it in for optics.

    • The niggers have no real power – the government tolerates their occasional disruptive behavior because it increases reliance on the government by Whites who are (irrationally) scared of the Blacks. Who is the government honestly afraid of – a few million low-IQ Blacks or 10s of Millions of armed, intelligent Whites? That is why you see these massive crackdowns by TPTB after the protests at Charlottesville and DC while nothing is done about things like the chimpouts last summer.

  11. After 5 years of being insulted, threatened, beaten up, canceled, laughed at and even murdered thousands of pro-Trump protesters decided to FIGHT BACK. I give them credit for that. Too bad their president wasn’t worthy of them. It could have been another March on Rome if Trump had any balls. I hope this is the beginning of the end for ZOG.

    • After 5 years of being lied to by Zion Don they still came out fight for him and his fake MAGA movement like good little robots. There is nothing admirable about being a brainless automaton.

      • It would’ve been a lot better if those demonstrators were motivated by a desire for white revolution instead of trying to keep Zion Don in power. But the Beer Belly Putsch might contribute to the overthrow of ZOG.

      • It’s bigger than Trump. You know better than to pretend otherwise. This is the endgame planned since 1965. Wake up!

  12. So it was far more serious than everyone thought. I didn’t notice any tell-tale spindly antifa faggots leading this “false flag”, as Alex Jewnes & the rest of the panicking grifters & shills have labeled it: just lots of enraged Whites of various ages, including graybeards.

    • You’re right, blaming Antifa for the violence is cowardly and dishonest. It was white rage against a hostile and tyrannical government which set things off. The next targets should be the NYTimes, Twitter, Facebook and CNN.

        • @ Powell

          Most Whites have IQs of about 100: that means that they just don’t have the inclination or the intelllectual wherewithal to delve deeply to get to the true root of things. They are at best well-meaning, loyal followers in need of a good leader; when that “leader” is filthy jew whore scum like Braappf, who tells them their struggle is all about Ol’ Glory-wavin’ “patriotism” & Muh Constitution and has nothing to do with the White race (even while he constantly & openly pandered to kikes, niggers, spics & fags), they believe it – and so are led right off the cliff.

          But now that the dullards have been so shamelessly abused with the ultimate post Capitol Siege throw-’em-under-the-bus betrayal, even they ought to be enraged enough to be ready to at long last accept that this is a RACE war, and that the mud army’s field marshals are kikes.

      • That’s right. No more openly-organized efforts against heavily-defended fed targets that are futile in terms of lasting changes; no more telegraphing.

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