Sheldon Adelson Is Dead

Sheldon got his money’s worth.

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    • I’m an ethnic jew and I can see that these jewish elites are evil. They deserve to burn in the deepest pits of hell.

      • “The Light that lighteth every man” died for the sins of everyone, the whole world. But the proud and selfish avoid and hate the Light that reveals their own evil deeds. “For we know him that hath said, Vengeance belongeth unto me, I will recompense, saith the Lord (…) It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”

  1. 2021 just started and one demon is gone. Hopefully Soros and more nwo puppet masters are right behind him.

  2. I’m glad he lived long enough to see his boy Trump lose the house, the senate and the presidency.

  3. Jonathan Pollard gave Israel U.S. battle plans against Russia to Israel which then traded them to Russia for Jews who wanted to move to Zogland. That’s the maggot Jonathan Pollard. Who in Naval Intelligence thought this greasy little Jew would be a good fit? Adelson is in He’ll, and the Trumps should join him there.

  4. Lupus got him. It is a Jew genetic disease. You do know Jew blood is loaded, chocked full, of Jew only genetic diseases? Over two hundred different kinds. God has his ways.

    • Long-sustained selective Inbreeding in animals and plants, while revealing and stabilizing special traits, also leads to all kinds of genetic disorders.

  5. Interesting early bio, if Wikipedia has it right:

    Sheldon Gary Adelson was born in 1933 and grew up in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, the son of Sarah (née Tonkin) and Arthur Adelson. Adelson was Jewish. His father’s family was of Ukrainian Jewish and Lithuanian Jewish ancestry. His mother immigrated from England, and Adelson claimed that his grandfather was a Welsh coal miner. His father was a taxi driver, and his mother ran a knitting shop.

    Kinda reminds me of a white bio, which would run like this:

    His father was a taxi driver, and his mother ran a knitting shop. He grew up to be an alcoholic wife-beater.

  6. Woah. Does anyone find it strange there was a half assed coup, then the right side of the internet is taken down, then the Republican Party’s number one Zionist donor dies less than a week later?

  7. I know a guy who did work in his house. A carpet layer. He said he would be in a wheelchair barking orders to his house staff. He didn’t care for the guy. Good thing is he’s in Israel now.

  8. The fulsome, gushing praise from the American press (and stooges like the Trump family) for this arch-criminal is a measure of just how deeply and tightly America has fallen into the clutches of the Zionists and their agents. Is there any doubt who owns and runs this country?

    • I’m sure there are many other porcine billionaire Zionist jews who can take that monster’s place.

    • What good are these Qanon Trump clowns if they fail to realize the nature of the hostile aristocracy in America? Like in the Art of War, you have to know your enemy which the dolts of course don’t. Americans were warned for decades but didn’t want to listen, in a way they deserve what has become of this place, in the end the smarter man won. If they couldn’t do anything to stop the takeover back in the 50s for chissake how are they going to do it now with the whole country mesmerized by the counter culture and the earlier generations all dead? America: put a fork in it.

  9. The money chain never changes?

    They won’t us whites poor and 6 feet under

    The six feet under ground gives whites, the best advantage for a controlled attack with woke masses?


  10. This gaming industry is blight on America. It’s suddenly everywhere, some chain called “Dottys” along with other similar chains have all these slot machines in those empty strip malls everywhere, as ubiquitous as gas station mini marts. Heck even gas stations are starting to have “gaming rooms.” And this is the midwest, not Nevada. I remember when this was confined to Nevada and Atlantic City. Then all of a sudden we got these “Riverboats” popping up along with “Indian Casinos.” I guess the Indian Casino pitch was to bring money and tourists out to these remote reservations up near Lake Superior. Then all of a sudden these fake ass Indian Reservations started appearing on a half square mile parcel of corn on the edge of major midwest cities. No actual Indians living anywhere around, no 30 square miles of remote cabins with tribal members at least spared being fleeced for state property taxes to live in their own homes.

    I saw the Youtube video of a Shrink, Dr Grande giving his thoughts on the Stephen Paddock murders. He made a good point in that no other addicting activity is allowed to run their operation 24/7, encourage their addicts to indulge without end, ply them with alcohol, and reward them with perks for overindulging. There is so much of this gambling now compared to 40 years ago just driving down the street and showcasing all the gaming joints is reminiscent of George Bailey’s dreamlike stroll down the main drag of Pottersville. And man oh man can some people really get addicted, i.e. Asians in particular. Don’t know if it is genetic, or cultural, but the Asians I have encountered in this new America the globalists imported have a very high rate of gambling addiction. To the point one had to see a shrink and they arranged for his paycheck to be direct deposited into his wife’s account because he would blow the entire thing every Friday night at the casino. Another went around begging us for money after losing $7000 on Football at some online casino, the boss had to step in and send him to HR to tell him to never bother his coworkers for money again. I consider gaming every bit as shady as all these “green cross” weed shops popping up everywhere and the endless liquor and lottery joints the Arabs run in the ‘hood.

  11. Like many jews Adelson was a real-life “anti semitic” caricature. His bloated, stinking corpse will probably require a sanitation landfill roughly half the size of the Occupied West Bank to dispose of.

    • Was Adelson the inspiration for the character of Grand Nagus Zek, from Star Trek, DS-9?

      The Ferengi, whom Zek leads, anyone watching the show soon realizes are meant to be space yids.

  12. This kike bastard once tried to build a casino complex in Madrid. Neocon politicians and jewish associations worked together to make it possible, even by putting Adelson above the law. Luckily, he failed.

    And now he rots in hell, may this serve as an evidence that the Adelsons and Soros of this world are not invincible. Stick to this belief and we shall achieve victory!

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