Ali Alexander, Stop The Steal and the Capitol Siege

UPDATE: Scammy is on Periscope desperately pleading for $40,000 to hire a full time security team. It is one last grift as the hammer comes down.

What do you think?

Do you think this is connected to the Bitcoin Fairy?

Did anyone else play a more central role in the Capitol Siege?

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  1. No, as awful and cringe as the alt-lite grift right are, they are not responsible for for attempting to start an insurrection against the jewnited states congress. Trump and Guliani are where the ‘buck stops’ with responsibility for the rowdiness that occurred outside and inside the synagogue of democracy.

  2. “Jan 11
    5. Disturbing video that I’m told is from tonight of Ali Alexander aka Ali Abdul Razaq Akbar”

    Come on man! This is too much. LMAO

    Its not believable this felon and lunatic, infiltrated the upper levels of the GOP, to sit down with their senior politicians, to plan a rally for the President of the most powerful empire in the world, when Nick Fuentes with his good optics and clean record, can’t even get past the front door of CPAC.

    Its not enough that they were going to pass the war on domestic terrorism bill anyway (Patriot Act 2,0), this Ali Akbar dude was obviously hired to put on a show, to sell it to the public. It is called Manufacturing Consent. Look it up.

    • Damn good insight HH. I was thinking something similar a few weeks ago along the lines of “freaky looking boat captain extra from Tom Hanks boat movie is arrested several times for felony theft before deciding his future lies in selling his anus and mouth to wealthy GOP donors with a fetish for East African boys makes it big and joins the centers for Global Power”

      It just doesnt make sense. How could any politician let alone Trump not see this guys arrest record. How could a million white people look and listen to this deformed creature and think “yes this is the angel God has sent us”. None of it makes sense

      • It’s never going to make sense until Whites view themselves as a distinct group which is worth preserving. It might happen if conditions get bad enough, but I’m not even confident about that.

  3. ICU beds in UK now on a lottery basis.

    It’ll be good to see the bed occupancy by race at this point.

  4. Scammy Davis Jr strikes again, him and the alt grift rat pack Fuentes, Baked, Posobitch and Him

    I bet he got alot dough for this stop the steal grifting Larp, very compellingly speech for a possible fed informant and controlled opposition grifter

  5. Nothing gives off more of a 1776 feel than a cartoonish looking Somali gay prostitute and his incredible lisp. In a grifting Olympics, who wins Akbar or Baked? Bake atleast has some charm and likability to him not taking anything to serious while this Somali thinks he and Trump are Gods messengers only second to the Jews in tiling over the goyim

  6. I am amazed at how they can go from chanting “Christ is king” to screaming F words at people in 5 seconds. That a part Negro, part Arab guy is leading the resistance says a lot about the modern civnat mindset. Why would Ali love the memory of 1776? Does Ali not know that back in 1776, he would have been working in the fields, not in politics? The modern resistance is historically retarded, and more Jacobin than colonial American.

      • @Terry Colonial American ideals are what helped form the Jacobin so called enlightenment. Louis put his country in debt helping the colonies only to have those same antimonarch ideals cross the ocean in a more radicalized egalitarian form. 18th century American it can be argued was the birth of true liberal ideas put into action like freedom of speech, equality of citizenry, separation of religion and state, true capitalism open to the public. I can see the attractiveness of all this in a fresh new society of people coming from the same culture and race, but they didnt see the 20th century coming..

        This happens constantly throughout history. Decent and well meaning ideas which become quickly radicalized

    • “I am amazed at how they can go from chanting “Christ is king” to screaming F words at people in 5 seconds.”

      Oh come on now….99% of Christians are hypocrites and posers.

  7. Black bodyguard David Bailey shoots white female Veteran Ashli Babbit in Capitol Storm
    Organized by homosexual Sammy Davis Jr lookalike. This is 2021 the current year.

    • I don’t know what video you saw but it was not a black man. It was a middle aged white man in a suit and it looks like he has in gloves. She was standing all around dudes with full gear with guns at attention. She was climbing up and dude in the suit is on the other side and comes out of door. Aim and moves closer and then fires a hand gun. The most ironic part is not that much blood. Kinda reminds me of the videos they found on McCain’s laotop where they used a green screen to shoot the video of the fake beheading. That video also had no blood. Yet, it got billion with funding a war. Also reminds me of the plane that crashed in Africa not too long ago. Ironic that they killed the black box the responder but forgot to turn off other info so the flight couldn’t be tracked. Check out monkey Wrex. He’s got evidence of that flight landing. It showed the fight went to a hilly part and “crashed” but the bodies they staged were near the beach. ? I thought more would catch on to the lies by now. Crap it’s been going on since before 911. How many times in 2020 did CBS get caught fire staging video and pictures during Covid. I guess paid crisis actor is still not widely known about which is also kinda scary at this point. The McCain file I do believe it’s still available for anyone to view on YouTube as of today…but we know they’ve been removing fast and furiously for a reason.

  8. The fact that a colored guy, and a Mohammedan no less, was in charge of leading the January 6th protest at the US Capitol should have been a big red flag. Additional warnings of impending disaster were the appearances of No-Talent Tim Gionet and Fat Boy Alex Jones.

  9. The “Grift Right” is a perfect description of these odious Trump shills.

    But at the end of the day, after a year of Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioting, terrorism, and murder, a bunch of Trump-tards taking selfies in the Capitol is much ado about nothing.

    In fact, frankly, I quite enjoyed watching the clips. The guy who stole the podium was epic and the guy who put his feet up on Pelosi’s desk – I’d vote for him.

    Justice for Ashli Babbitt! #ShutDownDC #OccupyDC

  10. I can’t believe that so many doubt the election was stolen. This is not about Trump. It is about election integrity. Have you guys forgotten about the video of them counting ballots in Fulton County after they had sent observers away? The Alt Right should not be happy about Trump’s loss if it was due to fraud, and it was.

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