How Populism Got Such a Bad Name w/ Thomas Frank

The answer is modernism.

BTW, the Grift Right is doing an excellent job living up to the anti-populist stereotype of violent, reactionary, paranoid, anti-intellectual cranks and conspiratards. This is why I have criticized them for years and despise them with the burning hatred of a thousand suns. What has four years of Q prophecies and plan trusting accomplished aside from duping people and lining their pockets?

Note: Thomas Frank is the author of The People, No: A Brief History of Anti-Populism.

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  1. They don’t need examples of nuts and grifters to discredit populism … all they need is Google and associated media control saying ‘all right wingers bad’, like they are doing now, making hay out of a larpy Capitol siege, whilst ignoring the much-more-violent White House siege of 31 May – 1 June sponsored by the Democratic party

    Human psychology is hard-wired to go with the dominant narrative … which nowadays is what people get from media and Google … new Congresswoman Marjorie Greene of Georgia, ‘ready to file impeachment charges against Joe Biden’, is at least seeing the nature of the game here

    This right now is the key issue … as disappointing as Trump was, the ongoing endless humiliation of him, is just a deception-filled bludgeon to de-legitimise all populist and nationalist movements worldwide, and it is very clear no truth or facts matter, only media control

    Every globalist goon in the world is now calling for more censorship, and spouting ridiculous lies to support it, smelling that Bolshevik victory day is at hand

    This is not easily digested by some, but the globalists-crushing-nationalists campaign is even going on amongst Jews and in Israel … Jews tend to not publicly bash each other personally, tho Netanyahu’s son Yair did get inflamed enough to post 4chan ‘happy merchant’ memes against George Soros

    Monday this week the 11th Sheldon Adelson died, the biggest backer of both Trump and Netanyahu … Tuesday the 12th Associated Press launched Soros-backed media declaring Israel an apartheid state … Wednesday the 13th the 2nd Trump impeachment to further the humiliation campaign of all populists globally … this is all connected

    Netanyahu is a key ally of European nationalists … but now Soros is also taking down Bibi, in favour of a Greater Israel more ‘multi-cultural’, with Muslims near the top who will go along with globalist Jews … Netanyahu’s Israeli legal troubles, backed by Soros, will get much bigger …

    The success of the covid lockdown campaign, is what gave the oligarchy the confidence to be able to jettison the nationalists they have been cultivating everywhere as a safety valve, as a way to manage a large category of plebs … but lockdown hysteria proved that with alleged ‘science’ they can pull any totalitarian shite they want … so now all populists are to be mercilessly hounded … and yes, Soros is also involved with the vaccine companies, Fauci and the rest, Blackrock a major link between them

  2. Frank’s what 1/2 Jewish? 100% Jew? We met years ago, he’s a sharp guy. The “Baffler Magazine”, when Frank co-edited it with Dave “Diamonds” Mulcahey, was pound for pound the funniest magazine of satire and literary criticism in the US—no one else was even close. The Baffler today is more like the Jew review, and has lost its punch.

  3. You’d think that Government of the people, by the people, and for the people is a good thing. I’d say that’s the nature of Populism….doing what’s right for the people. That means our political leaders listen and give the people what they want. I think it should be linked with our Nationalist interests as White Americans. Do what’s right for the people and the people for the nation. Stick with the basics and everything including our country will be a better place. Deo Vindice !

    • Give the people what they want?? As in give a bratty child what it wants? (more toys, more candy etc.)

  4. This formerly reliable site is now promoting Jewish globalist, anti-nationalist drivel and the doctrine of free stuff for deadbeats.

    Did you actually read this book? Did you actually even watch this pathetic video before you posted it? He’s also a great admirer of MLK and the “Civil Rights Movement.”

    This Jew thinks Father Coughlin was a “proto-fascist” and that health care is a “human right.”

    This guy is your hero? What have you been smoking?

    Who needs this tripe?

    Do you really think you can build anything on the basis of promising free stuff to deadbeats and murdering successful people? Worked well in Cuba & the USSR, didn’t it?

    Do you think a mass movement of deadbeats can build a successful society? Show me where that’s happened.

    A better book on this subject: “The Populist Moment” by Lawrence Goodwyn.

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