Donald Trump Leaves Office With His Lowest Ever Approval Rating

We went through the Trump hangover in 2017.

As recently as last week, millions of his followers still hadn’t accepted that the Trump Show was over and that he had lost the election. The worst is yet to come for the MAGA grassroots who set themselves on fire in DC only to be condemned and thrown under the bus by Rudy and Trump.

Pew Research Center:

As with COVID-19, it was the conspiratards who were the real bad optics who nuked Trump’s poll numbers. After the YOBA riots, the White majority no longer supports Trump.

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  1. They said White Nationalists were bad optics for Trump. Turns out grifters, Zionists and conspiratards are the real bad optics that cost Blumpf his presidency and approval rating.

    • THE POLLS are the classic way the Establishment Left declares victory on every issue. Including elections, before and after they happen – even in 2016, it wasn’t long before they were raging on about polls AGAIN non-stop. Years from now, they’ll tell us the polls correctly forecast the 2016 election. They are liars. You’re either with them, or you’re against them.

  2. White “HS or less/some college” and “conservative/very conservative” males are very approving of Trump’s conduct since Nov 3 – Trump is a cowardly opportunist who will soon be forgotten about but that demographic is the raw iron that can be forged into a White Nationalist sledgehammer. You cannot tell me that (((TPTB))) don’t look at these same polls and are scared shitless that a much Greater Man than Trump will come along and tap into that demographic’s rich vein of anger – some of which was seen on 1-6 in DC.

    • ZOG is always on the lookout for anyone who has the potential to be an effective pro-white leader. Once such an individual is detected he/she will be slated for extermination.

  3. No way this poll shows Trump support remains high!

    Spit out the black polls and enjoy the last few days of the Trump-era before being led into the benighted New World Order Chinaman social credit nightmare and round after round of White privilege and White fragility indoctrinations (my employer wants to have this nonsense every friggin month!)

    Stay off the Biden Bus and enjoy these last few days of freedom!

  4. Who cares about polls? They are heavily influenced by the lying press propaganda. The middle class shrank during the Obama years. Has the middle class grown during the Trump years? The elites tries to shut down middle class discontent and dissent by anathematizing the opposition as racist.

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