ABC News: Longtime Trump Advisers Connected To Groups Behind Rally That Led To Capitol Siege

This would make sense.

Who else would it be? Who was Alex Jones working with in the White House? Flynn was at the Jericho March with him. Ali Alexander is connected to Roger Stone.

ABC News:

“Three of the key advisers who helped engineer Donald Trump’s‘ rise to the presidency in 2016, and who fell from grace under the weight of federal criminal charges, resurfaced during Trump’s final days in office to help engineer his ill-fated attempt to cling to power.

Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, and retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn all participated in efforts to promote the Jan. 6 “Stop the Steal” event that ultimately devolved into a riotous and deadly melee at the United States Capitol, leaving five dead and causing Trump to become the only president to be impeached for a second time.

While none of them spoke at the actual rally, Stone whipped up a crowd of Trump supporters in Washington the night before, telling them the president’s enemies sought “nothing less than the heist of the 2020 election.”


“President Donald Trump is considering granting a pardon to Steve Bannon, his former White House chief strategist and top campaign aide, who was charged with swindling donors to a private crowdsourcing effort to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

The potential pardon would follow a wave of reprieves the president has recently granted to political allies who have been convicted, charged or reportedly under federal investigation. Two additional batches of pardons are expected — one on Friday night and one Wednesday morning before President-elect Joe Biden is sworn into office, according to one of the people. …”


“Steve Bannon, a former senior adviser to President Trump, discusses the president’s performance at Tuesday’s debate. Reacting to harsh criticism of Trump’s failure to directly condemn white supremacy, Bannon tells Yahoo News that “ethnonationalism, white supremacists should definitely be denounced. I don’t think there’s any question about that.”

ALEXANDER NAZARYAN: Let me ask you this. The Proud Boys moment, the moment when President Trump did not denounce white supremacy, what do you make of that?

STEVE BANNON: [INAUDIBLE] he’s done it. He’s denounced it so many times before. Obviously, I think a lot of us wish it was a little harder. The– I’m not actually sure on the Proud Boys because I don’t really know the details of these ethnonationalist groups. I’m not so sure how white supremacist they are versus some sort of– you know, one these masculinity groups or all that.

But no, he should– look, it’s– it’s absolutely categorical. Ethnonationalism, white supremacists should definitely be denounced. I don’t think there’s any question about that. One thing these people don’t talk about is that, you know, in this Platinum Program that he put out a couple weeks ago addressing access to capital for the African-American community, he put the KKK up as– as something that should be designated a domestic terror organization.

At the same time, Antifa should be a domestic or international terror organization. I’m all for that. I’ve been– I’ve been saying for a long time, even with, you know, our rights to protest, that when these people bring clubs and shields and all this stuff to protests, you know, I’ve been very big that Antifa ought to be shut down.

But the same with the ethnonationalists and the white supremacists. You– you show up armed to the teeth and really there to fight, it’s– you know, to me, that’s a huge problem. That stuff’s got to be shut down. It should be condemned. I think he came out the next day and tried to– to sharpen his remarks, but that was– I think Brian Kilmeade said it best. That was a lay-up that he just– he just missed.

ALEXANDER NAZARYAN: So I’m hearing an evolution of where you were with some of those ethnonationalist groups. I think you had seen them as potentially useful to the movement when we–

STEVE BANNON: That’s– that’s– that’s so nonsense. You just– you’ll– you’ll never find anything like that. I thought ethnonationalists– I called those guys out from the very beginning as being a– a group of– a group of clowns, complete– completely a group of clowns. This– this whole thing about the alt-right that time I talked– I think it was “Nation” magazine or “Mother Jones”– is the fact that early on, you know, Breitbart– because Breitbart is a platform for the gay community.

For every different aspect of conservatism, Breitbart tried to be a platform as we built a– the mosaic of the Breitbart platform. Alt-right was originally just a reaction to kind of the– the country club Republicans. When that even got to be the first part of ethnonationalists, we– we shut it down. I totally just– I come from the American South. I was raised in a predominately black neighborhood in the north side of Richmond, Virginia.

My parents did not run and leave for the suburbs back in the ’60s. My dad just turned 99 and lives in the same house we bought back, I think, in 1957, a predominately black neighborhood today. I was raised in a predominately black section of Richmond. No, I think ethnonationalism– I’ve condemned from the beginning. First off, I think it’s ridiculous and stupid, any type of ethnonationalism.

And people can see, you know, I’ve dedicated my life, the last four or five years, whether it’s being the chairman of the– of the– the Republican Hindu Association or really my work in China and free– really the freedom of the Lao by Xi is– is, you know, one of my driving forces in my life. So no, I think ethnonationalism is ridiculous, not only stupid politically, but regardless, it’s ridiculous as even a construct.

ALEXANDER NAZARYAN: So how would you have answered the question when Chris Wallace asked it? What should– how– what should Trump have said exactly?

STEVE BANNON: I think a– I think a more– I think a better answer is what he’s done in the past. Just say, hey, look, there’s no room in– to me, there’s no room in politics for– for these ethnonationalists and white supremacists. I think it’s– I think it’s a ridiculous concept, and I think they– I think they are dangerous. But at the same time, Biden didn’t– didn’t– you know, didn’t condemn Antifa. I think Antifa is just as dangerous. They’re not ethnonationalists, but they are radical anarchists.

So you have danger on both sides. One is the ethnonationalism is– is very dangerous. I think parts of Farrakhan’s movement have been dangerous, right, black nationalism. Although, I fully support economic nationalism for the African-American community. That’s why I was one of the big proponents of this Platinum Program. I’ve said for years that working-class African-Americans are going to be a big part of the Trump program over time because of– because of economic nationalism.

And I think that the Platinum Program talks it, about getting access to capital to the black community, which I think is very important. But no, I think anything ethnonationalists, not just white supremacists, other ethnonationalists, right? There’s even aspects of– in China where they’ve got the Han, you know, ethnonationalists that are dangerous. I think ethnonationalism is dangerous across the board. I think white supremacism is definitely ridiculous and– and dangerous. And I think President Trump could have done a better job in doing it.

I think Brian Kilmeade said it best when– I think it was on the show the next day, he said, hey, it was a lay-up, and you just– you know, you shot a brick. So I– I believe– he’s been pretty good, I think, about condemning the past. I think the media way overplays that because they’re obviously biased against Trump. But I– I don’t see any room in the Trump movement for ethnonationalism. Or white supremacism. …”

I’m looking forward to seeing the flow chart which will finally expose the tentacles of these people and how they disrupted the Alt-Right and fostered the Grift Right for the Mercers.

Note: Hey Steve, who are the clowns now?

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  1. “Roger Stone, Steve Bannon and Michael Flynn”

    YEP – the Trumpers who are NOT Jewish. You’ll notice no one said anything bad about Stephen Miller, Jared Kushner, Steven Mnuchin, etc.

    This is what happens when a “Goy” tries to work with Jews. Eventually you WILL be the scapegoat.

    • If you ignore thousands years of history with Jews, you deserve what you get. These people were gate keepers, which makes them traitors.

      I was just thinking why did Trump not fight at any point in his presidency, except for this coup? He let antifa overrun the country, he would not use the military to build his wall, etc. The Jewish run civnats made excuse after excuse for him – Poor Trump! Everyone is against him! Then it was trust the plan. Now it’s Trump won’t do anything, because he is lazy and vain.

      I can’t come up with any other conclusion than Trump’s job was to get elected, and then take a dive. They could see Whites were waking up using the Internet, so Trump was dangled in front of them as a kosher pied piper.

      Now they have the Internet, they will control the narrative forever. Sloppy Steve Bannon run a coup? That is funny. The coup already happened and Steve is the patsy. The riot at the Capitol was just a show they put on, to justify the crackdown that was always coming.

      There was never any Democrats and Republicans. It was always the Uni Party under the (((donors))).

    • I think Stone is Jewish. But Bannon is Irish. Flynn sounds Irish, too.

      I can see Stone being involved in a stunt like this and even Bannon, who I suspect is a raging alcoholic, putting his hand back in to be the new Civic Nationalist leader, but I am totally astounded that Flynn got involved with Trump again.

      One would think Flynn — I thought he was involved in intelligence?! — would take his pardon and run for the hills. Surely he, better than anyone else could guess what was coming. Moreover, Trump left that poor man twisting in the wind for almost four years after throwing him under the bus straight out the box.
      Shaking my head. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, General Flynn!

  2. So Bannon is on board with Hindu Legal Immigrants voting the Historic White American Majority into a White Majority within the borders of America…

  3. Steve Bannon is a prick. His job is to identify “extreme” movements and reshape them in accordance with his ideology wich in essence is alt-lightism. Race realism and anti-zionism is what he is supposed to eradicate in these movements, probably because of jewish backers. His continued support for Drumpf after Kushner won the power struggle (of course the jew won) is gay.

  4. Amnesty for 30 million Hispanics. Statehood for PR and DC. Current declining white demographic becomes a sliver of our population. Trump would have not signed any of this stuff yet people here can pump their chests and crow about him being gone. Maybe some fat boys from Alabama are going to go for civil war?? That’s the ticket.

    The stupid on this site is staggering.

  5. I can’t wait to hear what OD has to say about that bloated and besotted Irish Roman Catholic. Bannon apparently thought he could keep his ass out of trouble by constantly disavowing the alt-right and “white supremacy” . But he should have known better than to resort to such base cuckery.

  6. On second thought the Castizo princess shouldn’t be sent to prison – it would break his mother’s heart and traumatize the shit out of him. But Fat Boy Jones might actually thrive behind bars as the charismatic leader of a prison ministry.

  7. These kinds of comments have no place in the pro-white scene. Period. No matter what disagreements you have with someone.

  8. In a very real since the American people elected a president who is in the early stage of dementia and a VP who is living proof you can screw you way to the top. Rest assured I will never vote for Mike Pence for anything. Is there is a war with Iran let blue staters fight it. Red staters need to cure themselves of their pseudo-patriotism. The system hates you more than any other region of the United States and yet you are the first to answer the call to enlist and fight! Rightly or wrongly upwards of 75 million people believe the election of stolen. Imagine what we could do with 10% of that number or even 1%!

  9. So is Richard Spencer onboard with importing Hindus from India? Richard Spencer went from Trump as European Sky God to let em all in…..Bannon wants our people dead…..BLM is Jeff Bezos personal death squad…..

    I remember the old days at Majority Rights when I use to debate Brad and Richard Spencer…the proto-Alt Right Days…

    • IMNSHO, the Hindus were more likely to be imported under President Trump than Biden. Trump, at least had a booming economy Pre-Covid to insource with. Biden has an economy in smoking ruins. One of my acquaintances worked with a Hindu who took her family and returned home, because of the economic uncertainty and “civil” unrest.

      The one thing I remember under Obama is that a lot of Mestizos here illegally self-departed, because the jobs were disappearing. I talked to one of them back when it was really bad and his plan was to move back to Mexico to his paid off ranchero.

      I can recall television newscasts depicting caravans of trucks and cars loaded with stuff headed south of the border to Mexico. Of course, the Obama administration spun that as his “tough-on-immigration” policies. Even then, Obama, who has more street-smarts than Trump and other Republicans only picked up a pen and a phone for DACA rather than going all out for amnesty like Bush-McCain-Rubio.

  10. Only the followers get arrested, never the politicians who organize. As the old saying goes, shit rolls down hill.

  11. There was no siege by groups led by these guys. What stupidity! We know now it was an Anfifa/BLM causing the worst of the problems.

    It was at least satisfying to see the Congresscum cower in their chambers like bed wetters. The Antifa/BLM should be prosecuted and the rest pardoned.

  12. I think you are intelligent enough to know that that isn’t what happen AT ALL. Trumpers storming the White House led by Pres. Trump. Yeh, right. And you believe there was complete UN-landslide to President Trump winning this Election as it was surely a landslide honest win and of that percentage who lost, they did lose. NICE TRY. They didn’t need to do something like that, no-that would be the adversaries now, wouldn’t it. Because President Trump won the Election by a LANDSLIDE. THAT’S TRUE! TRUE TRUE!

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