Joe Biden Lays Out COVID-19 Vaccine Plan

405,237 Deaths.

The death toll from COVID-19 was 232,627 deaths on November 3. It has nearly doubled since the 2020 election while the focus has been on the fraud narrative and now the Capitol Siege. Over 100,000 Americans died from COVID-19 over the past month and it has gotten less attention than the 5 people who died on January 6th. We’re bored with COVID-19 and have learned to live with it.

Joe Biden’s plan is to mobilize FEMA to set up community vaccination centers to distribute the vaccine. He also wants to reimburse states who activate the National Guard to help distribute the vaccine. They are trying to get it out ASAP. As long as no one is required to take the vaccine, who cares?

Note: If Trump had been reelected, the vaccine distribution wouldn’t have really played out any differently. The vaccines are the product of Operation Warp Speed.

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  1. 2 million deaths worldwide average age 77 in a a population of 7 billion 800 million. I’d worry if we had 2 billion deaths
    The scam is laughable but I support it, since I benefit indirectly from it.

      • Every 2000 for you just sinks the ship faster. Some people realize this. The rest are either stupid or don’t care.

        • I don’t think it sinks the ship any faster. It will sink at the rate it is meant to sink. It’s just that these penny-ante stimulus checks to the average Jane Q and John Q Citizen will be blamed for the ship sinking faster.

          The American people will be scape-goated by The Deficit Hawks for having the temerity demanding THEIR miniscule cut of the outrageous looting already going on by the Usual Suspects who are the special interests.

          The same Deficit Hawks who signed off on The Porkulus with all kinds of goodies for foreign countries and Wall Street, etc.

          Sorry, I am going to to take my $2,000 with a clear conscience especially when I think it should be ten times that amount knowing what the people who are chiseling it out are getting.

          • “I don’t think it sinks the ship any faster. It will sink at the rate it is meant to sink”:

            Stimulus checks, even UBI makes no difference at all to the health of The Empire of the Almighty Dollar that the whole world worships. The Empire is isn’t sinking at all. Its global hegemony is increasing, and it can be expected to endure for centuries, unless there were some natural disaster on a continental scale. There is no human counterforce.

        • You couldn’t be more wrong. A population that is becoming more 3rd World and decreasing in IQ every day cannot maintain an Empire that will last for centuries more. The race that built and sustains the power of this entity is being destroyed. Humans are not interchangeable.

  2. Keep believing in the govt lie since the flu is now non existent. That alone should tell you everything from the common cold to cancer is being counted as covid to spike the numbers. I can’t believe how stupid most are today.

  3. How many people didn’t get the flu in 2020 due to the mask wearing and social distancing? Last year was my best ever, health wise. I wasn’t afflicted with a single thing. Just an observation.

    • But then you turn right around and without skipping a beat assert that covid deaths are still increasing due to people NOT wearing masks and NOT social distancing.

      Every fucking one of you, no matter your politics and ideology or if you a journalist or scribbler on these blogs are the damn same. Whatever is needed to fit your nerd ass looking goober self and narcissism. Whatever you need to say at that second. And without a quantum of irony or self awareness.

      THAT is what is wrong. Almost everyone is the same today. Only a few of the details are different. One set of dumasses is queer over left wing bs, the other side is queer over right wing bs. All the same fundamentally. Trying to promote yourselves.

      • It couldn’t possibly be because Covid is far more contagious than the less deadly flu and wearing masks prevent the spread of flu more than Covid. When most people are personally affected by Covid and you claim it is fake, you look like a moron.

      • If people did habitually wear masks, let’s say, the sick and people on buses and trains and planes there would be a lot less germs around. That’s a fact. But we have gone a little overboard shutting down business. That probably should never have happened. Encouraging work from home and cancelling theatres and stadium events and reducing bar hours was all that was ever needed.

      • “you turn right around and without skipping a beat assert that covid deaths are still increasing due to people NOT wearing masks and NOT social distancing”:

        There is really no contradiction, Brutus. Both statements are true. It is easier to stop transmission of common colds and influenza with the minimal or non-uniform hygienic measures being taken than it is to stop transmission of the much more infectious virus SARS CoV-2.

        • The contradiction is that it is being asserted that masks and social distancing are being implemented. And then also asserted that masks and social distancing are NOT being implemented. Being worn and practiced. Not being worn and not being practiced.

          THAT is the contradiction. They are saying that. Flu is down because everyone is wearing masks. Covid is unstoppable because everyone wont wear a mask.

  4. If COVID magically clears up after Jan 20 we’ll know it’s all been a big scam. But people I know in healthcare have seen a sharp rise in cases and deaths in the last couple of months. Seems like most people I know have had it (albeit mild cases). And the strictest places with lockdowns (e.g. Los Angeles) seem to be the worst hit.

  5. Good that the new administration will be distributing the vaccine, however I would not take Pfizer, God knows how poisoned that shit is. I hear Sputnik V is much better made and probably isn’t going to give serious side effects as Pfizer has already shown pretty bad results.

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