BREAKING: Baked Alaska Has Been Arrested On Federal Charges


Huey Long would have probably joined the mob.


We strongly support pardoning Baked Alaska. He is just a harmless performance artist and small time grifter, not a “domestic terrorist.” Baked ran into the Capitol Siege to chase content.



YOBA was apparently hiding out in Texas.

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    • We love our cops
      Our law enforcement
      We love our military they’re important
      When I’m in the gym when I’m in the gym
      I know that I can call up the MAN
      Can call up the MAN with the plan
      When I’m on the run
      When I’m on the run
      All I gotta do is dial 911

  1. LOL, Gionet won’t be singing that dumb autotune song again anytime soon. Nobody will ever trust him again either, out of fear that he’s been flipped by the Feds. Could you imagine loaning money to that guy and actually expecting him to pay it back?

      • You’re naive if you think they’re not. The justifications for it are becoming less and less substantive. A white man who, in word, deed, or mere presence, represents the old Christian order, is on the block for removal.

        You wont have anything to worry about.

        • @ this is a southern intellectual site, a gentlemans club, their is no one here suggesting or advocating anything unlawful, fear mongering is for twits, my salvation is between me and thee lord, spare me your suggestive implacations, my house is built upon the rock, is yours? If they come and get me, they do, its out of my hands, i have no concern about it at all, only guilty people should be afraid, so what did you do?

  2. Gionet should’ve spent his time on the lam consulting with a lawyer. He obviously didn’t, otherwise he would’ve turned himself in.

  3. Still waiting for the FBI to arrest BLM and Antifa thugs for attacking police, destroying private property, murder, destruction of government property, and the numerous other felonies they’ve committed nationwide. But then again nevermind since they are all Communist comrades.

  4. Hey Hunter, why were you promoting neoliberal journalists and antifa against these people?
    I don’t even like Baked, but resentment is not good.
    On the other hand, I hope that all these events will make the groypers wake up and stop supporting the idiot Trump

    • I’ve repeatedly said that Baked was only chasing content when he entered the Capitol and should not be charged. Still, it was inevitable that he was going to be arrested. Free YOBA.

      • @ they should brand trespasser on his cheek, an experience like that, might compell.him to seek employment..

        • Points for – “You’re a fucking oathbreaker you POS.”, “Fuck you”(4X) and “You broke your oath to the Constitution.”

          • @ ya fuck you asswipe, i am no fucking oathbreaker, i have no connection too law enforcement my father before me , i am a working man and like my brother before me i take a rebel stand. You really ought to think about having that demon inside you removed.

        • Seriously, cuck – “…brand trespasser on his cheek…”? You’re the worst kind of traitorous White – the reason that jews and niggers have no respect for us – because people like you wish ill on a fellow (misguided) White for some stupid stunt.

          • @ yes sir seriously, he is white, he should know better “traiterous white”, if only you fucking new, you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes, we need men, war fighters, his type might be good for you , i think they are weak and stupid and a good example of whats wrong with our fucking people, its too late in the game for this dumb shit.

          • Re “Seriously cuck…” “Terry Smith”‘s also a terrible example for white writers. He has never posted a sentence, even a one-word one, that didn’t have a spelling, punctuation, or capitalization mistake.

      • The only thing Anthime Joseph Gionet is really guilty of is being a no-talent fool. Exactly how is his name supposed to be pronounced?

  5. In practice, these are trespassing and disorderly conduct type charges. I know people here want to freak out, but these kind of charges usually result in probation and fines. BA may have a problem becuase of his pending multiple assault cases.

      • No, the 10 years sentence applies “if—
        (A)the person, during and in relation to the offense, uses or carries a deadly or dangerous weapon or firearm; or
        (B)the offense results in significant bodily injury as defined by section 2118(e)(3);”

        Otherwise – as in YOBA’s case,

        “(2)a fine under this title or imprisonment for not more than one year, or both, in any other case.”

        So the maximum he can get is a fine plus one year in prison.

  6. You said it yourself, “he’s just a content seeking grifter” this is true, he’s also a scumbag that went on a year long livestreamed crime spree with a bunch of blacks and degenerates.

    This grifter along with nick Fuentes and others are just as responsible for whipping up these normie trump supporters into a frenzy as Trump.

    The decent though simple minded trump supporters are worthy of pardons, Trump and these grifting scumbags i couldn’t care less about.

  7. Do you think that a Biden admin makes it more likely or less likely that the feds will come down hard on wignats?

    (To say nothing of amnats, conservatives, and everyone to the left of the Portland mayor. But for the purposes of the post, let’s say, wignats.)

    I think it’s more likely.

    Far more likely.

    The capitol business is going to be the 9/11-style casus belli for treating anyone other than the committed cultural Left as a kulak.

    Worse will be prove to be worse in ways that wignats have simply not yet admitted. But they will.

    We’re all now going to be in a world of hurt. And nothing will ever get better.

    There’s your REAL blackpill.

      • You missed my point. You don’t think that the Biden admin will come down hard on anything even remotely pro-white — or for that matter anything even remotely not anti-white?

        You can believe whatever you wish, but I think that that’s a fantasy.

        You think that whatever there may be left of Southern heritage won’t be viciously dismantled?

        I think it will.

        I’m not saying that the AmNat approach was any more successful, or even could have been. But the election defeat simply moves the U.S. much farther and more quickly towards the condition of South Africa. Worse has proven not to be better there at all, for whites. Just worse. And worse.

        • 1.) I don’t think people who are pro-White are going to be rounded up and sent to prison. I expect more continuity than change. There will be more FBI honeypots and gay ops like “The Base” and the feds will look for excuses to take down violent groups like Atomwaffen.

          2.) The mobs that were tearing down monuments have calmed down since Trump lost the election. He wasn’t doing anything about it. There will probably be some more monument removals, but I doubt it will take the form of rioting mobs again.

          3.) Trump intensified political correctness and made the problem far more worse than it had been before he was elected. The explosion of anti-Whiteness that we witnessed under Trump was unparalleled in the last 20 years.

  8. Baked Alaska has been a pro-Trump since 2015 anyway. Like Ricky Vaughn, Mike Cernovitch, and other characters, he’s been paid by someone, and he has been having a good-time too.

    • “Baked Alaska has been a pro-Trump since 2015 anyway.”

      Absolutely wrong. I guess you missed his “Yang Gang” video that he recorded back when all the America Firstards suddenly switched to Yang, only to switch back to Trump?

      Did you miss his “I was radicalized by alt-right memes” video where he blamed the New Zealand mosque massacre on memes?

      He has never been consistent about anything.

  9. Being arrested and being charged are two different things. BA is a an informant and as I said on another thread, informants get arrested with the people they’re setting up.otherwise it would be too obvious.

    John Sullivan of BLM was arrested and released with no bail.

  10. Weak charge sheet. Big FD. They know they can’t literally charge him with insurrection or high treason. What a gay clown show. Free YOBA!

  11. Black Lives Matter is a hardcore black racist terrorist organization that has engaged in the racist intimidation of innocent White Americans. BLM was organized in the oval office by Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrete….If you oppose the H1B-L1B visa program you are now designated a terrorist and a White Supremacist

  12. Jiggaboo American asshat rocky got into a bind with the Swedish judicial system, and Blompf pressured the swedes to release the violent felon. Ungrateful coon that he is didn’t even thank of acknowledge Zion Don for getting him freed from Swedish custody.

    Now the most loyal and deluded of all Blompf’s need for him to pardon their harmless shenanigans in the synagogue of democracy, before he is evicted from the White House.

    Will Blompf show one iota of decency and provide clemency for the fools who MAGAed themselves into handcuffs at his behest? Based on Blompf’s track record, it doesn’t look likely, since the supporters facing federal charges are Gentiles.

    • Even a simple question you can’t do right or, as you would write it, “cant do write.” An educated person of average intelligence would know to put a question mark at the end of “so what.” Why can’t you? Are you perhaps a person of color? If so, I have empathy and can understand what has happened to you and I apologize. If not, you are subnormal, and our society has nothing to offer you in the way of help. We don’t help below-average whites, because they can always rely on their privilege as a safety net.

      Also, where’s Ivan, “sir”? See, it’s not that hard to use question marks and other punctuation! You can do it too! Yay! [Preschool claps]

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