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  1. “Will the Democrats spend their political capital on open borders, amnesty and censorship?”

    Rhetorical, I assume. Of course they will. And they will achieve all three.

    Hey, this is what you wanted.

    (Not that if we had all opposed it and all supported Trump, we would have changed this outcome. The fix was in. So in a certain sense, it was all a foregone conclusion.)

    • I forsee the end of the Empire. I don’t think the Almighty Dollar recovers. This was the most blod biological attack in history. No one is asking Elaine Chau why she kept open the airports in February.

    • From the same source, an interesting (I think) essay that contrasts communal/socialist/communistic Russian ethno-culture with the Western “culture” of Liberalism: “The way of life of the Russian ethnic group was originally communal in nature (…) a community with traditional moral values and the priority of protecting public rather than personal interests (…) A person was evaluated on the basis of their personal contribution and usefulness to the common cause. I.e., a collectivist civilisational code was laid in Russian society, defining each individual in terms of usefulness for society as a whole (…) a society of mutual assistance, in which the problems facing it are solved together (…) there was no sacralisation of private property, which leads to social inequality, and therefore the protection of human honour in Russian society has always been considered more important than the protection of property, since for Russian society property is the result of labour, not profit…. (But) the image and way of life of the ethnic groups of the West was fundamentally different (…) based on individualism and the priority of personal interests (…) leading to the ideology of liberalism, which denies any kind of collectivism. Liberalism is characterised by the absolutisation of the individual’s freedom as the highest good and self-expression (…) Western culture is characterised by the cult of personal wealth, whereas Russian culture is characterised by the cult of (communal) prosperity. In Russian self-consciousness, wealth is a sin. Capital destroys the soul, creates injustice and humiliates the other person”: https://www.greanvillepost.com/2021/01/06/russia-and-the-west-are-incompatible/

  2. Drone Strikes Biden will start up some hard to explain war as soon as the weather permits.

  3. Deep down white liberal people wanted to flee the city, hide in their house and wreck stuff, many actually scared of blacks and browns but too frightened to admit it. The just needed to be able to blame a white guy like Trump to wish fulfill. Civilization and its discontent. He stupidly mishandled Covid19 phenomenon by not arresting Cuomo for example with the nursing home debacle. He also failed to strike BLM with military hardware in June.

  4. What I would like to see are the minutes and memo records of the Transportation Department regarding airport closures in 2020 Jan and February. Must have been discussed between Trump Chao and Mnuchin. Why didn’t they shut down flights in February? Who said what and why in those sessions?

  5. The worst thing about the Democrats back in power is that people with the memory of a goldfish will start viewing the GOP favorably again.

    • You are 100% right. The shills and Republican water carriers, Hannity and Rush will be pushing that line for the next two years. That’s if Rush is still alive. The rest of con inc. will do the same.

  6. This is so cringe. Conservative comedy is so cringe. Watching it and just two of the topics come to mind.

    This shit right here is why Conservatives are such a failure. Instead of hitting things head on they make this.

    The typical liberal doesn’t believe in open borders (at least not consciously). And instead of going into the topics of exclusion, xenophobia, and the borderless society liberalism drifts towards (and their Imagine John Lennon they want if you push them) and the requirement of racism and distinction and discrimination to maintain borders and any sense of identity they just say simplistic platitudes and use the platitudes as base for comedy. And not, going deeper to the core of what is going on and making that comedic. That would force the conservative to reconcile that they are xenophobic (although the stupidest brand xenophobe of all the groups [Nationalists being a step of from them]), and the importance of xenophobia, because outsiders can indeed be problematic, dangerous, and have ulterior motives, and hence xenophobia is not just natural (as some passive reactionary subconscious mentality) but should be advocated and championed for self-preservation. The very notion of vetting, screening, interviewing, etc, etc, rests upon a xenophobic worldview that outsiders can and are dangerous.

    The Conservative cannot articulate they they do believe in exclusion, and even some times, even some form of supremacy and purity. Nationalists can. Although Nationalists aren’t as advanced as Fascists are when it comes to these topics.

    And of course, there’s still predicated notions of free speech via Liberalism. Only the weak beg for speech to the strong/those in power. Not to mention, the Liberal is right that speech leads to change, revolution, and action. Which is why maintaining speech is important to keep the society sustaining and not total chaos (but you must be warry of stagnation that can result from not exploring new ideas). Only Conservatives are divorced from this fact because they operate in a liberal world where free speech has never been divorced from action. In history, if you called the enemy Queen a b*tch you’d probably be dead and there would be war. Speech has consequences and this has naturally been the case throughout all of history, which is why diplomacy was developed as speech not only can shape others’ opinions of you, but shape the world itself.

    Nationalists seek homogeneity because on some level that mitigates (in theory) the sectarianism that can be brought about through free speech- especially on racial, ethnic, religious lines (but they also fall short when in understanding that everything boils down to demography (and often race). Nationalists are still very liberal and believe in free speech whereas Fascist don’t. They understand the necessity of speech as a both a weapon and an olive branch. There is a strong lack of pragmatism when it comes to speech and there’s an extreme over focus on this liberal idealism (diversity compounded this problem that liberals brought about but at least they understand consequence with speech). Free speech, at least for me (if we get away from the immature frivolities that speech is mostly used for), is required to cultivate one’s understanding by relying on others to challenge yourself (if you can’t yourself), and ideally to force the best ideas to the top by the masses (disagree because the masses can be wrong), but more importantly, help prevent any accumulating calamity that can eventually befall your society or the world at large. We should be acting diligently to challenge ourselves and others for society’s sake. Seeing various points of view is instrumental for survival itself.

    Conservatives cannot even articulate and recognize their nativism, let alone champion it. This inability to understand one’s self, articulate it, and see the flaws in the opposing side is one reason of many why they fail. Also, their worship of freedumb for freedumbs (usually hedonism) sake is embarrassing. They’re the dumbest version of the “right.” I’d take a Nationalist over a Conservative any day of the week. But I’d take revolutionary Fascism more. But then again, I’m beyond Fascism. I just can’t do “normal politics” anymore. And for the love of god, these morons need to learn what Communism is. Communism isn’t “free stuff for everyone.”

    And why would you want borders if all you are is a Conservative that worships a giant shopping mall for a country and pay lip service to nativism? At least Nationalists have something more noble in that they yearn to preserve/create an organic community (even if it’s too reactionary, etc). Liberalism worship to diversity also amounts to hedonism and consumption (ethnic food). Everyone literally sucks.

    I’m going to have to be forced to make another twitter account, because I refuse to use to give my phone number and stupid google voice requires money to change after losing the number and unable to get a new one.

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