Green Zone Perimeter Established In Washington, DC

Is this the United States of America or Iraq?

What kind of message does this send to the world? Is this what democracy looks like?

Note: They finally built the wall to keep the people out of their Capitol!

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    • Ha – “Green Zone” – I missed that little inside joke by the same Tribe that brought us Operation Iraqi Freedumb.

    • I’m thinking the only disturbances that day will be some crazy black OG. I actually wish Biden all the best. Luck of the Irish and all that stuff.

      • I may be foolish for believing this but I think the overall situation will improve under the new Harris/Biden regime, Cap’n. Trump had his head up his ass. He spent all his time insulting and arguing with everyone, making a total fool of himself in the process. Meanwhile his stupid jew daughter and her sneaky jew husband were permitted to run everything. Under President Foxy Brown none of that nonsense will happen!

  1. This how communism collapses.

    You have National Guard, we had tanks on the streets back in 1991

    Legitimate president had his comms cut . Both Gorbachev and Donald .

    Lot of false flags events will happen and common sense people telling , don`t go anywhere , it is a KGB FBI infiltrated trap. Often it is.

    Gorbachev MAGA cult does not listen. Situation escalates. Violence happens.

    Soon the Yeltsin shows up. Our Yeltsin was not freedom fighter but lifetime high ranking bureaucrat in communist party and considered loyal. Your Yeltsin is probably some respected ex army high figure who screaming that army shall not shoot their own people.

    Most of the army are not cold blooded murderers but relatively normal people who agree.. Also lot of politicians agree that we can not go full Stalinism. And most of the police are not Antifa in uniform.

    So central power structure starts cracking.

    Whoever invented Q and MAGA cult, was genius. Someone must do fighting and get killed to push regime over the edge. Regime must lose it`s legitimacy. so that average Mayors and County leaders start telling for example to their Governors and congressmen that after this bloodbath, we can not accept you as a legitimate Government. and at minimum we need general snap election to get at least minimum legitimacy back.

  2. A false flag dirty bomb attack= all out attack and war on whites. All done out of a hatred, a deep deep Jew hatred for the innocent Christ.

  3. Do they know something we don’t? Or is this all for show, to scare the TV-addled plebians? Whatever it is, it’s extremely bad optics! Need to get some Hawaiian shirts and fashy haircuts in there…

  4. Policing (re-vetting and re-re-vetting) the police and other security personnel if they are White:

    Meanwhile, one of Biden’s most special inaugural guests happens to be an insurrectionist himself (but he is one of “our” insurrectionists – the anti-democratic coup-plotting, EXXON CORPORATION lawyer “who currently serves as US-recognized ‘Interim President’ Juan Guaidó’s envoy in Washington. When the Trump Administration initiated a coup against Venezuela’s government in January of 2019, Vecchio became Guaidó’s ambassador, and has risen to prominence as the de facto leader of a US-based exile lobby dedicated to toppling Venezuela’s UN-recognized government. The Biden team’s decision to invite Vecchio was a disappointing sign to those hoping the new administration would break from Trump’s failed and destructive policy.” (Not just a “disappointing sign” but solid proof that the Empire continues on the same bloody course and nothing will change for the better.)

  5. Yes, walls and troops for me but not for thee. All the world can see the hypocrisy, cowardice and treason of our “leaders”.

  6. The barricades are mostly for show, I doubt they are actually scared of a second goofball insurrection.

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