The New Yorker: A Reporter’s Footage From Inside The Capitol Siege




We knew that Groypers stormed the Capitol. We didn’t know that one actually sat in Vice President Mike Pence’s chair, waved the America First flag on the floor of the Senate and was filmed by The New Yorker while debating the optics of disrespecting Congress!

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  1. When i see the footage i can almost feel the scent of marijuana. What a bunch of sad losers! Is this what Nick the Cat talked about when he nagged about optics?

  2. Why hasn’t the New Yorker’s “reporter” been arrested by the FBI for entering the Capitol and disorderly conduct?

  3. Gotta admit they have great optics. Obviously the “QAnon Shaman” is the comic relief, but the rest of them look like real Americans. They aren’t wearing stupid pretend “Nazi” uniforms either.

    WAAAAAY better optics than the Wignats and SPLC employees.

    Also, just in general, the Trump MAGA hat was freaking GENIUS optics, marketing, etc. Really I wish I had thought of that.

    • Since they are all going to prison, they can continue the debate there. If it were up to me, I would take pity on them and let them go but it isn’t up to me. I would arrest Q for brainwashing all of these people

      • Hunter, as you know from the statutes their punishment is limited to a fine and/or a year imprisonment. They’re not going down for a significant period unless they were carrying deadly weapons or caused bodily harm. If the Gubmint does try to make an example of them, any excessive sentence must be overturned on appeal as “cruel and unusual punishment”.

  4. Don’t be too dour about this. The entire event looks like comedy and many of the pearl clutching comments under that youtube are cynically pathetic. The group that went into the Senate well, were nothing more than LARPers.
    Not something to be associated with perhaps but mildly amusing. I mist say the cop who asked them to place leave the room was sensible.

    • I was laughing through it until Babbitt was shot. Still, these people are going to be crucified for doing it. It isn’t worth the cost which is why avoid these volatile events

      • I genuinely find what happened to her to be distressing. Still no idea who shot her of course

        • It appears to be a black secret service agent. He had his gun pointed at her for a good 5 seconds before he actually shot her, she has nobody to blame but herself.

  5. The left never throws their own under the bus, only the right does that. I despise grifters like Fuentes and BA but at least they tried. What your excuse, HW? The right always loses along with the conservatives because they lack balls. I’m tired of the defeatist attitude that permeates on the right.

    • If it were up to me and they did something this mindblowingly stupid, I would let them go. Unfortunately, it isn’t up to me. They went out and did this knowing that Joe Biden was going to be president in two weeks

    • The whole thing caught me off guard. I had no idea MAGA people would fight like that. They never did before. Who knew?

    • The Left – ‘Our side has a RIGHT to riot! We have serious grievances!’

      The Right – “Dumb losers associated with us weren’t gonna win, they shouldn’t have done this, now they’re gonna suffer.”

      The framing itself reflects the underlying power dynamic, the left knowing they are backed by oligarchs, often-Jewish media and influence groups etc

      Rightists try to change the power dynamic sometimes, but there is a heavy price to pay for this

      Even if people restrict themselves to fully ‘legal’ routes, they find ways to invent and provoke shite and nail people for it, e.g., Antifa attacks putting the mentally-fragile James Fields in fear of his life in Charlottesville

      It’s just not easy … but the Right should be kinder to its own

      A while back there was a book by Mark Ames ‘Going Postal’ about the sudden wave of workplace massacres that began around the 1980s … Ames’ idea was that they were quite psychologically like the slave rebellions and rampages that occurred at times during the slavery era

      Slaves would just snap and kill and injure a bunch of people nearby, despite it resulting nearly always in a horrible end for themselves

      Working people now are mentally like slaves, said Ames – feeling trapped, no recourse, no avenues out … so some snap

      In 2016 Donald Trump re-tweeted a Mussolini quote from an ‘Il Duce’ Twitter user:
      ‘Better to live ONE DAY as a LION, than 100 years as a sheep!’
      Meme on this –

      Tho it seems Trump simped out on his ‘Day of the Lion’ chance 6 January

      • Trump never simped out because he was never a nationalist to begin with. His “Mussolini quote” was obviously made by Kushner or Miller or some other devious Jew in cynical attempt to get White Nationalist votes. Trump himself is too stupid to know anything about Mussolini. Hard to believe there are still people out there going “B-but muh based 5 year old Trump tweet” and thinking it was authentic.

        By the way isn’t it interesting how the Qanon psyop appeared as soon as Trump stopped making “based” tweets. Really makes you think.

  6. Optics are nice, but they certainly aren’t capable of carrying our message to the intellectually incurious normie dullards.

    Mark Weber of The Institute for Historical Review and Jared Taylor have impeccable “optics'” knowledge, demeanor, and are both eminently articulate. Sure, they are both responsible for bringing newbies into our ranks, but not the avalanche of pro-White supporters one would suspect that such a premier nexus of intelligence united with friendly disposition theoretically should have gained.

    At this stage in our existential struggle for racial and cultural survival, it may be time to cut bait on attracting the easily gaslit normie lemmings.

  7. Trump’s last act as he departs for Palm Beach Fla., the wrecking of Dementia Joe’s inauguration. The only crowd there will be a bunch of political hacks and 20,000 National Guard troops, just like a real banana republic. Most of the National Guard troops are probably pro-Trump anyway.

    • Actually his last act will be pardoning hundreds of mostly Jewish criminals. You’re really going to miss that Zionist conman aren’t you?

      • Not really. Good riddance to DJT but he has made his enemies look ridiculous. His contesting the election also throws a cloud over Dementia Joe’s “victory” and makes him and President Harris illegitimate in the eyes of millions of people regardless of left wing propaganda from the MSM and the U.S. Government. Apparently the Federal Government also believes many National Guard troops are Trump supporters because they are vetting the troops now for political reliability like in the Red Army under Uncle joe Stalin.

        Trump has dropped a chain in the gears of the next administration on his way out the door and the establishment’s hysterical over reaction to Jan. 6th will teach some well needed lessons to people on the Right about trusting politicians, especially if they are Republicans.

  8. If protests must occur anywhere, I’d rather it was in the white house than on the streets burning and looting businesses and private property, effecting ordinary people. The difference is……..the establishment can afford to mop up after. Real people weren’t inconvenienced.
    Amnesty international holds the view that the white house siege was far worse than last year’s riots. BLM riots are perfectly ok and justified apparently.
    Whether you supported the siege or not, at least they chose the target carefully.
    Amnesty international is concerned about the human rights or our treacherous, unelected elites, in case you were wondering. Ordinary people don’t matter.

  9. No damage was done to the building. As a result,4 Trump supporters died 3 from complication and 1 shot dead by the Capital police,the other police died but there’s no explanation of his death.

    No doubt Trump motivated his supporter, and why not,back in March Trump approval rating little over 50%.COVID lockdown and antifa and blm riots all thru the year, Trump support rating dropped.

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