Andrew Anglin Lashes Out After Capitol Siege Disaster

We ruined the Trump administration.

Richard Spencer is personally responsible for the fall of Donald Trump. It is Richard’s fault that Andrew is a moron and a conspiratard, transformed his website into The Daily Crackpot to cater to the toxic QAnon audience, told all his followers to “Trust the Plan” and to go to the “Stop the Steal” rallies. It is our fault that he promoted all of those grifters and crackpots like Ali Alexander, Lin Wood and Sidney Powell. Once we all cut ties with Andrew, no one was left with any intelligence in his movement.

Who is responsible for the Capitol Siege disaster?

It was those “wignats” who led the biggest goon march in history on the U.S. Capitol and into Nancy Pelosi’s office and onto the floor of the U.S. Senate where they proclaimed Trump as their “emperor” while chanting “America First” and “1776 Will Commence Again” and “hang Mike Pence.” They were the ones who told everyone to “trust Trump” and to travel to Washington, DC to put their ass on the line for him instead of staying home to collect $2,000. They were the ones who got Trump impeached a second time, kicked off the internet and likely indicted. It wasn’t Andrew Anglin and Nick Fuentes.

Joe Biden is coming to power on Wednesday.

He is coming for the American Nationalist movement and everyone who was in the Capitol that Baked Alaska filmed for the FBI in his livestream. They are all being identified and prosecuted by the feds. Fortunately, we separated ourselves from Donald Trump and these idiots years ago before they could inflict even more damage on us. There was never a “plan” and it has ended in a total disaster. This debacle is totally on them for reversing course and setting themselves on fire for Blumpf.

Note: The defining feature of being a “wignat” WAS NOT trusting Donald Trump and his plan. It saved everyone who didn’t walk into this trap in DC. It was literally an IQ test.

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  1. Is Andrew this deluded, has he been paid that much that he can boldly lie this hard, or has Andrew been paid that much that he can willingly delude himself for the Bitcoin fairy. He sounds like an insane Qoomer. Blaming Spencers 2016 “hailgate” as the single reason Andrew and little Nick arent by Trumps side in place of Adelson, Kushner and Kirk?

    Does anyone have contact with Anglin. I am worried about him because this isnt normal thinking

    • Find out who Anglin’s travel agent for his Phillipine sex tours is and try to get in contact with Anglin through that person.

  2. hiding out as he does in Lagos, Nigeria, it is sometimes difficult for Anglin to apprehend the complexities of modren reality. So

    we should show some sympathy for him and

    make allowances. Incidentally, the next MAGA fake-populist,

    Josh Hawley, having had his kosher bribe-off multi-million dollar ghost-written book contract

    cancelled by (((Smon and Schuster))), has now signed up with Regnery.

    an operation which, from time to time, has published a book

    that the Jews don’t like. Probably

    not lately tho.

  3. Disgusting.

    1. You are gloating about patriots being prosecuted by the establishment.
    2. You are shilling for the Biden/Harris administration, which is shaping up to be the absolute worst administration in US history. (Open borders, regime change wars, and perversity so polymorphous that it would make Marcuse blush.)
    3. You are implicitly defending Spencer’s anti-Christian / anti-American foolishness, and the immense harm it caused.

    Men will sell their souls for such trifling sums!

    Esau got his bowl of soup, Judas got his 30 pcs. of silver, and Brad will get his $2,000.

    • 1.) Gloating?

      We told people on this website to stay away from this shit for two months. We also made it our policy not to attend these volatile public events over two years ago.

      2.) I didn’t see anyone worth voting for in 2020 and sat out the election. At the same time, I hope am hoping for the best. Maybe we can get some of the things we want.

      3.) Richard also told people countless times not to trust Trump or to go to these events.

      • Speaking of Lord Richard Fauntleroy Spencer, his recent interview in The Financial Times is not going over well with people on the “far-right.”

        Spencer like David Duke love to be interviewed and quoted in the (((mainstream media))). It provides those two narcissists a huge dopamine rush.

  4. Anglin re-writing history again. Before heilgate anglin constantly shit on Spencer and it wasn’t until After heilgate anglin started praising Spencer. Anglins article on heilgate was the first time he ever had anything nice to say about the man. So much so that the two became associated with each other and Spencer began to become known as a neo nazi

    • Anglin, Nick and the AmNats obsession with Richard Spencer is over-the-top. They blame Spencer for the nothingburger that was hailgate. They blame Spencer for Charlottesville. They blame Spencer for doing nothing, even during the period where he sort of disappeared online. Then they giggle when he started talking about the kinds of cheeseburgers he likes to eat.

      What’s weird is how they constantly claim he “came out of nowhere” when he was involved in these circles long before Fuentes’ voice began to crack. How do you hate a man you know nothing about?

      Fuck Anglin anyway, he spent the last two years stabbing everyone in the back and shilling for Zion Don.

  5. Lol at this theatre. A heavy dollop of schadenfreude for certain. You can take enjoyment at the sight of your rival going down, but to think you somehow wont hang in the same gallows some day… well that is the same disillusionment that afflicted the alt lite.

    Quick to throw those stones hunter, only a retard would not see the bullshit in your ‘arguments’.

    • Sorry, I can’t help but draw attention to the irony of the people who railed against “goon marches” and attacked us over “optics” for three years reversing themselves and spinning on a dime and going out and doing an epic goon march into Congress itself, which looks almost certain to bring about their own downfall and Donald Trump’s downfall while ruining the lives of hundreds of people. You got to admit that this is a stunning 180 from people who knew better until two months ago. I’m still trying to digest this unexpected development.

      • All Trump had to do was properly put down one riot and then litigate afterward. He could have claimed a massacre was necessary to prevent Covid19 spread. A brutal response would have meant everyone in the chain of command in the army and FBI was on the hook for the event and they’d have had to accept complicity and been forced to engage in denial and cover-up. The fool didn’t understand power and how institutionally sanctioned violence can be used to blackmail bureaucrats carrying out the policy into CYA and full collaboration.

        The guy missed every open goal imaginable. Then he got his own fanatics killed.

      • Some of us were warning people not to fall into that 1-6 protest, which was an obvious setup, a trap. Anglin banned us from his board.

        Was it just the money, or does he have a crush on Swishy Nicky?

        As to Baked Alaska filming people for the FBI, Lol, how many thousands of high end cameras do they have working 24/7/365 at that place? Seems like he was just being the total idiot he is.

  6. Which people “associated with the alt-right” were part of the transition team? There were none. It was Bannon and Kushner, and Bannon said they made the decision to sell out to the republican party pretty much immediately after the election.

  7. Anglin’s one an only beef with Spencer is that he got off the Trump train. The whole purpose of the Daily Stormer was to keep radicalized whites on the GOP plantation.

  8. I don’t think Anglin is hiding out in Lagos, like Colonel Walter Kurtz in the jungles of Cambodia. In the words of Pastor Martin Lindstedt I think he’s living in the basement of one of his dad’s rental units in East Columbus.


    “Chansley, who was taken into custody on Saturday, was charged with “knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, and with violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.”

    Evans, who was taken into custody on Friday, was charged with one count of knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority and one count of violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol Grounds”

    “According to a report from The Washington Post, the FBI is currently looking into whether some of those involved in the pro-Trump riot intended to harm lawmakers or take hostages as they stormed the Capitol.

    “We’re not looking at this as a grand conspiracy, but we are interested in learning what people would do with things like zip ties,” a law enforcement official told the Post on the condition of anonymity.”

    (This article – picked at random – from January 9th)

    As I’ve pointed out previously, Hunter, most of the Capitol Hill trespassers should not be facing serious charges & penalties unless they were carrying deadly weapons or caused serious bodily injury. The shrieking media is hyping this up but I don’t see how the Feds are going to do much to a harmless buffoon like Baked.

    Fuentes knows this.

  10. Why do you care about Anglin? The guy is a burden for your cause, he is not different of Charlie Kirk or Praguer.

  11. Anglin & (((Weevenschlomostein))) are very dangerous bastards for the pro-Aryan cause.

    Anglin does tell some deep truth’s (imo), but he is the #1 reason the Alt-Right fractured. His shilling for Zio Don was the core reason for the unnecessary extra chaos & infighting.

    I was there (Anglin’s BBS forum) that night when Zio Don definitively dispelled any logical doubt he had betrayed his platform the night of the first Trump air strikes upon Syria (don’t forget it seemed like nuclear war was possible, Trump really took nuclear brinkmanship to a new level).

    We saw the writing on the wall that night. Anglin must have been snorting coke off a Flip thot (or male), because he was nowhere to be found. +90% of the original stormer commenters were convinced we had lost the gamble we took supporting Trump and we were resolved to abandon the Trump train(wreck).

    Anglin resurfaced the next morning, and he massively shamed us. He claimed that Bannon’s removal from the NSA council (which Anglin said was his “red line” wherein if Bannon left the Trump admin then he would withdraw his shill worship of Trump’s puppetry) was “fake news,” and Anglin summarized our assessment of Trump’s behaviors as a “total betrayal” (where was the lie?).

    Anglin claimed we were overreacting, and implied we were “cowardly traitors” for wanting to reject Trump despite the fact he (Anglin) himself had explicitly said that supporting Trump was a desperate gamble that might not pay off & had said if Trump fails/betrays us then he would withdraw support for Trump.

    I bet Anglin & Weeven-schlomo-stein got rid of the BBS commenting platform partly to insulate themselves from criticism for being Trump shills and to hide their deceit.

    Cuz I & several others repeatedly called Anglin’s shilling for Zio Don out, his extreme flip flopping, and it always either fell on deaf ears or we got swarmed by stormer NPC’s acting like a mindless mob. Most of the original regular commenters at the DS (back in 2013/14/15) were of much higher quality than those who replaced us. The original regular commenters weren’t perfect, but they were worldly. They were well informed, serious, highly motivated, and talented. They were mostly gone by 2018.

    One bitter exchange between Anglin & another anti-Trump commenter from around 2017 stayed with me. The commenter’s alias was “RAHOWA,” who was trying to tell everyone it was time to reject Trump and do our own thing. Anglin tried mocking @RAHOWA by saying that Trump was firing up the (Wall Street Jewish bankers’) economy like never before and was getting through his (tax cuts for scum) agenda.

    Anglin taunted @RAHOWA, asking RAHOWA, “do you need tissues (for how “wonderfully” Trump is doing)?”

    RAHOWA responded, “no, you will need tissues the next time your ‘glorious leader’ fucks up.”

    Here we are. Anglin actually came up with a pretty cunning manipulation device a couple of days ago, saying (in essence), “..yea trump has acted like shit, but it doesn’t matter, we must make a legend out if Trump despite his failings..”

    Lots of people will swallow that. Sad!

  12. AA is too busy waging his personal war on soap, water bottles, masturbation and college girls to notice Trump giving his audience the finger. Between Stop The Soap and Stop Fapping AA lives in fetid torment.

    Once a Juggalo, always a Juggalo.

  13. This is the occidental dissent that I love , keep sh*trying on the alt k*ke hunter , they’re bigger enemies than people realize

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