Donald Trump Is Expected To Pardon Lil Wayne

“Trust Trump.”

“Trust the Plan.”

“Donald Trump is a LEGEND.”

If you do nothing else, go to Washington, DC to throw away your life like Baked Alaska and Ashli Babbitt for Donald Trump’s vanity only to get denounced by him. THE STORM IS COMING!


“It looks like Lil Wayne could be let off the hook in his federal gun case by none other than President Trump … who’s reportedly expected to pardon the rapper before his term ends.

Trump’s believed to have a pretty lengthy list of names for his final round of commutations and pardons — an estimated 50 to 100 people — and according to Fox News … he’ll announce them in a big reveal Tuesday or, at the latest, Wednesday morning before Joe Biden‘s inauguration. …”

How many people have set themselves on fire for Blumpf?

Will there ever be a full accounting of all the people he used and the damage he has caused? How many people has he destroyed in the last month alone on his way out?

Note: Needless to say, if it was up to me, I would pardon all of these people who were swept up by this QAnon nonsense. I wouldn’t have promoted that shit in the first place much less allowed hundreds of my followers to go prison for it while I pardoned a bunch of black rappers.

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  1. Blumph will pardon all the platinum plan criminals so he won’t be remembered as a “racist” while political white prisoners are rotting in jail

  2. How must it feel to be sitting in prison facing Federal charges on behalf of Trump and seeing this? Fox News all day features reports of Lindsey Graham and loyalists all clearly stating “he must not pardon the insurrectionist rioters” Because as Trump and Rudy said “they arent real MAGA. They are Antifa and sick antisemites”. There is no chance he would pardon them anyway because it would inconvenience him. Super spys, Kusheners father, fraudsters, embezzlers are all fine. The people who fought for Trump get disowned and put under the jail.

    And tens of millions will still defend him tooth and nail with excuses

  3. Trump could pardon his supporters who posed for photo ops inside the Capitol and that would be a big FU to the corrupt Justice Department.

  4. He will NEVER pardon Julian Assange. Not that Assange, a citizen of Australia, ever broke any U.S. law or any other nation’s or international law.

    Assange was supposedly being “released immediately” from capitalism’s REAL gulag/political prison a few weeks ago, but he is still being held, indefinitely. Barring a real revolution in the U.S. (impossible, I think) he will die soon somewhere in the U.S.’s global Neoliberal gulag system.

    • Incidentally, Wikileaks made a huge dump of leaked political information a few weeks ago, that worldwide web censorship is working feverishly to block and bury. Read it, while you can!

  5. The future Donald Judas Trump Presidential Museum should be built in Trump Heights. He was their president after all.

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