Female Groyper Charged In Capitol Siege

In MAGA’s Joker Moment and Radio Free Indiana: The Capitol Siege, it was already obvious to us that this was going to be dealt with far more harshly than Charlottesville and that Nick Fuentes and the America First movement were in deep trouble with the feds.

We knew this for the following reasons:

After everything we had seen from Trump for four years, there was no way in hell that any of us were going to DC to risk anything for his sake. The fact that Andrew Anglin was loudly telling his supporters to go was a sure sign that it was not a good idea. We also didn’t want to go to a Qtard rally anyway. How much worse could it get though? What didn’t we know? What was the next shoe to drop?

Now we know:

1.) First, the Groyper with the America First flag who we had seen inside the Capitol was filmed by The New Yorker bursting into the Senate, taking Vice President Mike Pence’s seat, proclaiming Donald Trump as “emperor of the United States,” confessing to breaking into the Capitol and getting into a debate about the optics of disrespecting the office and whether America was still a democracy.


Is there anything that could possibly be worse than that?

2.) Second, we learned today that a female Groyper from Pennsylvania who was wearing an “I’m With Groyper” tshirt has been charged and has been accused of stealing Nancy Pelosi’s laptop in order to sell it to the Russians. The Riley Williams story is all over the media now.

What’s the next shoe to drop?

Barring the exposure and arrest of more Groypers who stormed the Capitol and all these people turning on each other starting with the rat Baked Alaska, this is almost certainly coming:

I can’t believe you didn’t trust the plan.

If you don’t trust the plan, you are cringe, bro.

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  1. I don’t want to read too much into that Hillbilly interaction but I noticed that Fuentes and Jones looked over at Ali when the Hat Guy suggested a sit in. Like they knew January 6 was going to be a Storm Building. Like he wondered if the Hillbilly was onto their actual plan.

  2. Are you happy about this shit, Hunter?
    Many of these amnats are stupid and they got carried away by adrenaline, but they don’t deserve this shit, this is a gay operation to put innocent people in prison.
    I’m sick of this damn shit, there is no political solution to this, at this point even that Nick goes to jail is not such a bad thing (while being 1 year like baked), he will come out a convinced fascist and he will be totally radicalized.

    • No, I am not.

      These are immature kids who have gotten themselves into big trouble.

      I’m angry that everything we learned from Charlottesville was unlearned after Trump lost the election. Keep in mind that no one took the bait and was arrested and went to prison by going out and getting involved in those riots last year. This is a waste and Andrew Anglin and Nick Fuentes are responsible for it. Aren’t these the guys who said for three years NOT to do these “goon marches”?

      • The worst thing the Gubmint can do is hit these kids with bogus “sedition” or “insurrection” charges. Way to ratchet up public anger. Especially since they couldn’t even arrest Raz Simone and the CHAZ leaders! They need to give them a slap on the wrist and apply the lesser “disruption” charges with the lesser penalties (better yet, let them out like Portland Antifa). Anything more severe would be the sign of a flailing, diseased elephant lashing out as it slides into the pit of spikes…

        • At this point, the government has shown that it can do whatever the hell it literally wants. There is no longer a rule of law.

    • Tragic.

      Instead of going to this stupid Trump rally and getting herself in trouble following a bunch of Qtards, she should have went to AFPAC 2. She could have paired up with an equally nerdy Groyper. I’ve seen it happen dozens of times.

  3. I’m having a hard time believing the Russian angle. This was incredibly stupid but the J-left is merciless and will happily ruin this kid’s life.

  4. For those AmNats that are denser than lead, America First adjacent co-grifter Vincent James still promotes both Milo and Laura Loomers Telegram channels as ones to subscribe to.

    Milo glows, and it isn’t because he is wearing a glow in the dark condor with his black “husband.” Loomer is a nationalist. An Israel First Nationalist.

    Both Fuentes and James have not disavowed either of these jews. Hmm.

  5. These people will be taking fed deals and become informants, do not let any ex amnats/ fuentes crew anywhere near your circle.

  6. Finally there’s a ride or die bitch, but she hasn’t had a single real man around her to steer her straight. Fuck this gay earth.

  7. Riley Williams seems to have re-enacted the plot of the Burn After Reading movie. Enter Congress, retrieve hard drive from Pelosi’s office, walk down the street to the Russian Embassy, go in, speak with FSB/GRU men and offer a deal.

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