Joe Biden’s Top Priorities

The overwhelming majority of the American people continue to say in the polls that they want President Joe Biden to focus on containing the spread of COVID-19, distributing the vaccine as soon as possible, passing a more substantial COVID relief package and rebuilding the economy. They are also scared and angry and far more worried about polarization and political violence than COVID-19.

So, what are we getting instead from Uncle Joe? The incoming Biden administration is calling for action to address “four overlapping and compounding crises” which are climate change, racial equity, the COVID-19 crisis and the economic crisis. Half of this is Democratic Independent Liberal Elite (DILEs) shit:

  • Blumpf’s social media martyrdom
  • Blumpf’s second impeachment dragging out into 2021
  • The creation of a Green Zone in Washington, DC
  • A renewed push from the Far Left to end the filibuster
  • An executive order which is a mask mandate on federal property and interstate travel
  • A renewal of the pause on student loan debt repayments and evictions
  • A COVID-19 relief bill which includes $1,400 checks and a $15 minimum wage
  • A new comprehensive immigration reform bill introduced in Congress (22% support)
  • An executive order that ends the so-called “Muslim Ban” (17% support)
  • An executive order that rejoins the Paris Climate Agreement (29% support)
  • An executive order on rejoining the World Health Organization (38% support)

Joe Biden is throwing out some red meat to the base.

How would you enforce a mask mandate in interstate travel? Would you set up checkpoints at state lines to ensure that people traveling in their cars are wearing masks? Require masks on flights?

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  1. Biden is a two faced old cunt.

    He could be calling for a pow wow but he’s letting it all drift into unravelling. Letting, nah he’s maliciously making sure things disintegrate.

    • @Captain John Charity MA

      Joe Biden is a doddering old man that is clearly into his senility. Frankly, he was never considered all that bright even when he had control of all of his faculties.

      So it would be a MISTAKE to “personalize” this stuff, as if Biden is sitting around coming up with proposals and talking points based on his own career, political instincts and interests.

      No, obviously not. Biden is the front for a political team, of advisors. It ain’t his druggie son Hunter whispering in his ears either.

      So who writes Biden’s script? I’ve detailed some of them on my blog.

    • He’s not even pulling the strings. But he’d re-legalize slavery if he thought the political winds were blowing in that direction (and the Chinese were greasing palms to get it passed). No convictions whatsoever. A good representation of our political class.

  2. OF COURSE he will “focus on the ‘nation’s’ crises during his first ten days in office” – because everything needs to be under control within the “homeland” before the hot war is launched.

    • I’m pretty sure the UK regulators could have approved the Astrazeneca Vaccine in September, certainly October. It’s pretty fucked up because if they had the US electorate would have been aware that a reasonable cure existed. The lockdown exists to prevent the overload of ICU beds and an early vaccination would have blunted the death toll and beds filled at ICUs. Scandal is brewing. A winter of misery could have been avoided with a little bit more aggression on approval.

      • Oxford-AstraZeneca may be the best of the conventional vaccines, and the conventional are the best vaccines, some needing only one jab/dose to achieve up to 90% immunity, and all of them costing less than 10% as much per jab as the innovative (I say, still experimental) mRNA vaccines. Sputnik (Russian vaccine) is the cheapest, but is suggested for two jabs because some people are already immune to one (hopefully not both of) the two human adenoviruses used.

        • They could have easily vaccinated the over 70s and stopped the overload of ICU beds by jabbing everyone in that cohort in October.

  3. What are the chances that the intelligence agencies will have some Q-tard or guardsman weirdo off O’Biden this inauguration? I’m just speculating about what the system might do.

  4. Biden’s top priority will be being “presidential”, meaning taking everything the intelligence agencies and news media say as base fact, deferring all actions to his cabinet, and coating all the foreign meddling and war mongering with fruity catchwords like “freedomdemocracyrights” or whatever for the masses of asses.

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