Republicans Split On COVID-19 Relief Package

In a nutshell, this poll explains why Trump was a failed president, why the Republican Party lost control of both the White House and Congress and why the attempt to rebrand as the “party of the multiracial, multiethnic working class” is running into such strong headwinds.

The Republicans are represented by a bunch of old guys in Congress from the 1980s who don’t give a shit about anyone else especially their own voters.

79% of the public says we need another COVID relief package

65% of the public says we need another COVID relief package

81% of lower income Republicans say we need another COVID relief package

64% of middle income Republicans say we need another COVID relief package

48% of upper income Republicans say we need another COVID relief package

Who do you think calls the shots and sets the agenda in the Republican Party? The monied elite who shot down $2,000 stimulus checks and lost the Senate or the majority of Republican voters?

The Democrats unanimously support another COVID relief package. It is the Republicans who are divided along class lines. The majority of Americans are ready to embrace economic populism. Most Republican voters are ready to embrace economic populism which is why Donald Trump was able to seize control of the party. The upper income Republicans are “Socialism Sucks” individualists who feel little solidarity with anyone else and used their control of Congress to block Trump’s populist agenda.

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  1. The Republicans seem determined to become the party that is permanently out of power, a downsized party exclusively for the wealthy business class. Of course more government relief is needed, especially since it was the government that shut down the country and threw millions out of work.

    • Determined to become. The republicans were always the party of the rich elites the only reason they won is because they come across hating Whites just a little less

      • Nixon and Reagan made the Republican party appealing to working-class Whites who were forsaken by the Democrats starting in the 1960s. The GOP obviously no longer cares about attracting working class whites but will gladly take their donations just the same.

  2. Should’ve been different modes of production. Capitalists are too stupid and stagnant to figure this out. Even there earlier ideological ancestors in WW2 went to a different economic mode based upon the global crises in question. But this would require more dynamism and revolutionary thinking that both sides clearly lack. This pandemic is a mirror of the failure of this society both in terms of the population and the elites and ideological factions therein.

    Pandemics hinge on migration (the study of movement) and the study of movement. It’s the best gift that stupid Nationalists had and they not only did not argue their strengths effectively, they didn’t argue it at all. And Trumptards are even failures as Civic Nationalists (if you can call them that after being derailed). It highlights the problem of globalism in regard to health and how migration easily spreads bacteria, viruses, parasites easily mainly via airplanes. Xenophobia (wariness/screening of outsiders being infected leading to immediate travel ban) not Trump’s 2 warning after a month of the virus ruminating. I can travel in 16 hours to New Zealand. This isn’t 1600 where you travel by boat or horse or foot. And you travel other countries who you feel will not enact xenophobic measures and have outbreaks [like Italy]), is the best tools to ideally contain the virus, or at worse, slow down the spread (and timing, efficiency, dexterity, meticulousness, initiative, alertness, urgency is key). But if you feel the virus has broken out globally and is no longer an epidemic, you enact isolationism and end all travel with citizens abroad be given specific instructions and taken to an isolated facility (Nationalism again). Just like any isolation rooms in a hospital that treats TB, etc.

    In fact, all disease deals with migration/movement. Distance and quarantine is created as serves a basic safeguard against contracting disease. It’s why your primal brain wants to keep distance when you think someone’s ill. That goes back into our evolutionary history. When you’re sick you stay home work colleges want you to stay home. It helps prevent the spread of disease. You get the idea.

    Also, it highlights the problematic/inferior food regulations and eating habits of various populations who can be a risk globally (due to travel) due to zoonotic mutations. Such groups need to be understood and judged accordingly. Again, another facet of this that coincides with Nationalism.

    Also, China (like the US) prioritized the economy over the health and learned the hard way that you cannot brush a pandemic under the rug. The economy suffers regardless eventually based upon severity of the plague (less people want to shop except the most desperate). This is because the economy and health are not separate but interconnected (the Black Death should teach this). Life itself is organic. Nothing is truly separated in its own category. Organicism is an integral part of Nationalism. The notion of an organic community (language race culture whatever, etc) eventually extends to Fascism in which every institution becomes interconnected with each other, with transcendent purpose, and intertwined the State that embodies a society and carries it forward into the Stars and Heavens- a higher ideal ascension.

    Again, this pandemic, for all of its ills, been the best thing to help advocate Nationalism. And not ONE group has been able to rise to the challenge (and those who do don’t have voices). Nationalists are supposed to be a step above Conservatives in their understanding of migration and demography at the very least.

    If you shut down travel, the economy should’ve been put under anesthesia while people stay isolated (in worse case if the disease enters the nation and you did not act early on), with money for basic survival as the society engages in national quarantine. Because, you no longer see the economy as the end goal, but as a means to an end. Even Nationalists should understand this on some basic level, “The economy is to serve the Nation (organic community).”

    The economy is meant to serve Man. Man doesn’t serve the economy.

    I’ve rambled on enough. I live in such a gay world (and then there’s Climate Change). I guess this place has become my temporary place to rant to let it out. Lucky for you guys to bear it. LOL.

    • *- a higher ideal. rebirth and ascension.


      Also, to add, for the Socialists always get on my nerves (for their own shortcomings. yes, I’m an equal opportunity abuser. I’m totally for equality) as well- so don’t feel bad Nationalists.

      A nationalized Healthcare while important isn’t as important as migration when dealing with a pandemic so you don’t get overwhelmed. An egalitarian healthcare system by its own nature is more likely to get overwhelmed because it’s charged to treat everyone. You NEVER fight a pandemic head on. It’s like putting a UFC fighter with a toddler. It will win. You WILL lose. It will overtake by personal, equipment, room/space required to treat patients. Even if you have all those, the personal will eventually fatigue and get sick/die. This is why a completely different world view is required and having a competent efficient government who will blitzkrieg and act as fast as possible before the spread (which can take days due to the technology of travel). Nationalized Healthcare under the State can better orchestrate changes along with being interconnected at airports for screenings (airports/airports/etc should be nationalized as well). Best is ending travel altogether since you cannot really on other countries to act responsibly. Nationalized Healthcare providing constant testing would be great. But if I had to choose one, I’d choose the Nationalist route over the Socialist route. Although, Nationalist route is still wholly insufficient. The Socialists’ egalitarianism. while important in certain respects (for testing money and funds), limits and blinds them to see that if your healthcare system has to face the pandemic on the home front, you already lost. Because their beliefs are predicated on notion that everyone having care is the solution (most of them I’ve come across at least). The goal of healthcare to them is to provide care even if the pandemic makes that impossible due to surges in infection rates (not to mention obesity and other epidemiological realities a population faces). They’re reactionary and unable to see healthcare as a dynamic proactive system that is interdisciplinary and connected to other fields and industries (which would require a complete ground-up overhaul that reformists are not able to contemplate when revolutionaries can).

      **I forgot. The reliance on other countries who produce essential products for whatever crises they’re dealing with will horde them and make it difficult for countries that rely on global trade and so some level of autarky becomes something beneficial on some level. But we relied on storage during crises. Something that Nationalists tend to trends towards.

      I think a society’s ability to adapt and change the mode of production when needed, at the direction of the State, is essential to survival. I’m a huge advocate of, at the very least, a semi-command economy.

      Anyway, I got off on a couple serious tangents and nowhere to vent my thoughts…Blame Twitter for kicking me off.

      The $2000 checks should’ve been enacted from the beginning. The State’s first purpose is to take care of its citizens and protect them. But democracy is a clown show where politicians are entertainers. They reflect the masses who vote for them, yet the masses get ignored by them in many other ways. No one believes in duty, sacrifice, and higher purpose. Solely rights and their own individual wants and needs above all else. There are no Statesmen. Despite China’s initial incompetence and inability to regulate its ethnic population’s poor food regulations and the diverse animals that get eaten (so much for their “Authoritarianism”) after multiple zoonotic outbreaks (SARS 1, Bird Flu, and more) they finally got their shit together and actually clamped down with Authoritarianism, with everyone doing their part to get out of it. The societies who value Authoritarianism will do much better than the ones who value liberty and freedom (which is usually hedonism) under crises. It tests the resolve, discipline, and creativity of a society.

      Sacrifice is the highest form of duty, and those willing to sacrifice leisure of the short term for a higher purpose, and do what is required of them, will get out of this pandemic quicker than those who wail about their rights, unable to sacrifice the short-term pleasure for the longer term.

      “The inferior man argues about his rights. The superior man imposes duties upon himself.” -Wagner Soto Clemente

      Enjoy music after reading my long bullshit keeping me sane; You’ve earned it.

      • Cringing reading the errors. But whatever, I want to publish quickly the time of so people read, but the only way to truly proofread is to wait and then come back with a fresh mind and read again. Plus, writing at night doesn’t help. Well, I’m not being graded on this.

    • Yes. PANDEMIC should have been the excuse to mass deport, crack down on the blacks and to amend trade patterns.

      On every score Trump failed to grasp this. There’s no obvious reason why he couldn’t have done these things. Even a Zionist Stooge could have done much of this.

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