Lady Gaga Compared To Effie From The Hunger Games!

Now that Blumpf and the dead weight of his retard QAnon cult are gone, Not Trump has been revealed to be a senile old man named Joe Biden doing his best impression of President Snow!

Note: Trump betrayed us and forced us to fire him.

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  1. I have been glued to the Fuentes and Amnat Twitter. Its not what I expected just a lot of “Pence is a Traitor” “Greatest President ever” “Go with God sir we love you” and my favorite “BASED PATRIOT PARTY 2024!!!!!!!!!”.

    Amnats are mentally ill and Fuentes is trying to figure out the new grift angle while staying out of prison. My parents were crying watching the coronation by the way just muttering “this doesnt look like America”. I didnt have the heart to tell them to look around at the area my family has been in since 1834 before moving up North. It has looked like India and Pakistan for the larger part of the past decade with the surrounding counties being a mix of Lagos, El Salvador and Nigeria. Outside of the few Boomers hanging on it hasnt looked like America since 2014

    • The Amnats are still on Kushner’s payroll it seems. If you view them as paid shills rather than political commentators their vociferous defense of Zion Don starts to make sense.

      • Ricky I dont think that is accurate. What you are saying is the same as when a Republican claims every shitlibb is on the Soros payment service. The libs then mock then and they arent wrong. Magalady1 and Groyperguy69 are not getting paid. Fuentes definitely is. Anglin too. The rest are just lost. I fit in nowhere really. I dont dislike anyone really I just want a future for my kids and so on where they arent a hated minority. Where they have some type of pride in me and their ancestors.

  2. There is a WW II German metal that looks very similar to the Hunger Games medal. I think it was an anti-partisan badge.

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