Vox Day’s Storm Never Came

For those of you who need a laugh on this bleak day, there are few people on the internet who clowned themselves harder for Donald Trump than Vox Day.

There are few better illustrations of Donald Trump’s toxic influence on the Right or the negative side of MAGA and rightwing populism. The cancer had to be removed. These people had ceased to leave in reality, lost the plot and had departed for their own Dungeons and Dragons fantasy world.

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  1. Hypothetically Trump would have won if he’d rolled in tanks against BLM in June. You can’t contest an election then fight the poll result after the blackmailing, rioting and sharp tactics by the press and social media and the election night. Trump should have rapidly resigned after the ejection night and tried to protect his followers from vengeance and retribution via an interim Pence presidency.

    He did everything wrong from around April.

  2. Vox has done all of us a service by clowning himself.

    He is an obnoxious, prideful, toxic personality. He will not be taken seriously by anyone outside of his gaggle of weirdo followers.

    No need to waste time arguing with him anymore, now we can just point and laugh at anything he has to say

    • I’ve seen that “vox day” website, he’s a crackpot who believes in that “Pizzagate” nonsense and how Trump was playing 4-D chess.

  3. There is an entire ecosystem of radio shows and podcasts dealing with the paranormal (think Coast to Coast AM with George Noory) with stuff about aliens & big foot so Q-folks will probably migrate to that stuff. They will have some place to go. Q will be forgotten as discussions about Reptillian shape shifters continue.

    As for me I have already started watching Fox News again. Tucker is alright.

  4. Anyone think maybe VoxDay is just a businessman selling fantasy? He turned Donald Trump – Donald Trump! – into a Comic Book Hero. VoxDay even published a comic book about QAnon.

    I just found out I personally am being blamed for some “Neo-Reaction” Trumpers getting their blog taken down, supposedly because I was angry about them being “too pro-Israel.” Apparently I called up my Secret Anti-Semite Agents at WordPress.com – poor Zionist Jews, so oppressed by corporate America.

    When people finally realize they have been scammed, that they look foolish, that obviously the check wasn’t in the mail – that they were the victims of a con artist – they lash out at people nearest to them.

    • Haxo (already banned there long ago) has lodged a protest at being only #2 on VD’s hate list.

      actually, VD (a secret king in exile) is relatively good on most hardRight issues. Just not

      Japanese bands featuring scantily-clad liddle grrls, and

  5. I agree. The alt-right project failed. They became a cast of paranoid hysterical cranks, grifters, con-men, cults and loyalists to the GOP. In the end, not much different from the pussy hats they laughed at four years earlier.

    They are completely bankrupt politically.

    I have no idea what they wanted or their demands were other than for Trump to remain in power for another 4 years or for life or whatever.

  6. I’ve been banned over there for awhile since after the election. He was also wrong about the Romney Obama race as well.

    He’s an idiot and I imagine he is in a full on rage today. One funny comment was that he is the Baghdad Bob of the internet.

  7. Isn’t Vox supposed to be some kind of galaxy brain SF writer? As usual, it’s all fake and he comes across as a pretentious fool. It is amazing that there are still people I talk to who think Trump accomplished many things and that he had the election stolen (because who in their right mind would’t vote for him, I guess). When I point out Trump’s disgusting betrayal of his supporters after the Capitol Siege, the normal rebuttal is that “those aren’t real Trump supporters”.

    Is it any wonder that a hostile, parasitic elite have been able to change the country completely and make it unrecognizable in only a few decades?

  8. Vox, Fuentes and Anglin have beclowned themselves and massively damaged their brand. What’s mystifying is… why? It’s not like anyone was fooled by what Trump was all about in this late stage of the game. And Fuentes and Anglin had been critical of him before election season began. Now that Trump has thrown everyone under the bus that rallied to his call in the most cynical and cowardly manner, some are even more sycophantic towards Trump now than a year ago. It makes no sense and particularly coming from personalities that fancy themselves as master political strategists of the highest pragmatic, star spangled optical order. It’s like boarding the Titanic after it’s sinking because that’s where the media attention will be.

  9. “I have no idea what they wanted or their demands were other than for Trump to remain in power for another 4 years or for life or whatever.”

    Build the wall and get rid of free trade.

    Trump did some, but not all of both.

    Also I liked his tweets attacking political correctness

    Oh there was also the EO banning Critical Race theory trainings. I hate that stuff and will now have to undergo it (again)

    P.S. Vox Day has some good theology posts at his blog.

  10. Jesus Christ, he’s put up yet another one. It is all still part of Q’s plan after all. It had to be like this’ Biden being sworn in. Give it another 48 hours. The military is gonna do it.

    But what do you really expect from a 50 some year old man still heavily into comic books and roll playing games? (Now, if it were Savage Sword of Conan, okay. And a good reboot of that would even be good. But shit that’s in the same vein as Spiderman and the like?! A grown man? Huh-uh)

    And if he has a 180 IQ or whatever, math and science gifted like he claims, I’m a billionaire. Another thing, I’ve played around with it some, at some periods of my life more than others, and right now I would have to consult my notes and take a few minutes to even execute a “hello world” output since it’s been so long, but I’d also bet money I’ve got more talent and a better feel for developing software than 90 percent of those guys.

  11. This is what happens when you drain the swamp and then rescue the swamp critters and put them in your administration. The hour is late and the situation is dire. We have no more time to wait for another Trump. History will show when we needed a Statesman we got a carnival barker. Conspiracy theories are the bane of the racialist movement and retard growth. As does lack of quality control. It is not enough to be racially conscious. One must also be politically sane and Pizza Gate, Illuminati talk, and Q-Anon is not political sanity. Nor is flat Earth, faked moon landers, mass shooting as false flag operations…I could go on and on.

    • Wait… So niggers and jews don’t actually cheat “whitey” to beat him in elections? The “deadly pandemic” isn’t really a globalist hoax, but Qanon most definitely is? And depending on which extremist you ask, Trump is either a “white supremacist” or Zion Don?

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