Neoliberal Joe Pledges To Defeat “Hate Groups”

I’m surprised the Democrats are talking about this.


How it works:

Biden has sent a request for newly confirmed Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines to conduct a threat assessment in coordination with the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security that Psaki said will produce a “fact-based analysis on which we can shape policy.”

The White House National Security Council will be tasked with building capacity to tackle and disrupt extremist networks. Homeland Security adviser Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall has asked Joshua Geltzer, a former NSC counterterrorism director, to lead a 100-day investigation.

The administration will work to mobilize other factions of the government to address “evolving threats, radicalization, the role of social media, opportunities to improve information sharing, operational responses and more.” …”

What is the point of impeaching Donald Trump a second time now that he is no longer the president? Why are they stepping all over Joe’s first 100 days like this and call for unity by inflaming polarization? Now that the Trump Show is over, why would you bring it back rather than move forward?

Donald Trump was an extremely polarizing figure in the “Far Right.” Richard Spencer voted for Joe Biden. I sat out the 2020 election. I would say that a majority of “hate groups” or “White Nationalists” or whatever you want to call them were disappointed with the Trump presidency. He pulled a rabbit out of a hat and united and mobilized this fractious community in the 2016 election. God Emperor Donald Trump transformed into the cartoon character Blumpf though over the next four years. The “Far Right” vote splintered, demobilized and returned to its pre-Trump de facto state of political apathy. The guy was simply a poor leader and was both incapable and uninterested in moving the ball forward.

What is the plan here? Is Joe’s plan to establish a dictatorship and censor all political opposition? Is the plan to arrest and disenfranchise all 10 million to 22 million White people who are ethnocentric? Is the plan to trample on the Constitution and civil liberties by creating a police state and launching a domestic version of the “War on Terror”? How on earth would that do anything to stop “Domestic Violent Extremism”? It would only inflame these people and make them feel even more persecuted by their government. It would also raise their profile and create sympathy for them among former Trump supporters. Those guys were already pissed off enough to storm the Capitol over the way Trump was treated by the establishment. It would validate everything the conspiracy theorists have been saying for thirty years about a globalist takeover and FEMA camps which has been laughed off and dismissed by most people.

Wouldn’t this risk creating a massive political backlash in the 2022 midterms? Unlike ISIS or al-Qaeda, the “Far Right” (whatever the hell that term means) are Americans who have the right to vote in our elections. You would essentially be giving people who don’t like Republicans, who were disappointed with Donald Trump and who usually don’t vote an incentive to unite and reenter the political arena to end the Democratic majority in Congress. This is also legally dubious. I can’t think of any upside of doing this for anyone but White Nationalists and Republicans. Tucker Carlson is already salivating over the political opportunity it would create for a 2024 campaign. He brings it up on his show almost every night.

The smart move for the Democrats would be to focus on the priorities of the American people like passing a COVID relief package and working with the Republicans to pass a big infrastructure bill. Universal Health Care and lots of other things are also more popular and easier to do than trying to establish a progressive dictatorship. Instead of focusing on the issues which have supermajority support in polls and building political support, the Democrats are moving on open borders again, the trans stuff, “racial equity” and talking about criminalizing populists and nationalists which will die in either the Senate or federal courts. Obama was smart enough to leave these people alone and focus on his own agenda.

These people have learned nothing from why they got saddled with Donald Trump for four years, why they are so distrusted, why they are so resented by ordinary White people and more disliked than ever. These upper middle class, White professional types who look down on everyone else – the Democratic Independent Liberal Elites (DILEs) or “progressive liberal” base, the middle class Left-Modernists who are anti-White – are the most awful, unpleasant and miserable people in the country. Even blacks, Asians and Hispanics were growing tired of them in the 2020 election. White liberals stoke endless racial chaos and polarization for their own sake. More people are starting to catch on that they are the real problem. Their insufferable, polarizing culture war bullshit is what alienates White working class voters.

Note: Just kidding. We knew old trusty would never let us down and pushing this kind of toxic shit could serve as a new and more potent rallying point with Blumpf out of the picture.

They really are this politically stupid and blinded by spite and will squander their razor thin majority on this nonsense like the Republicans did over the $2,000 stimulus checks. The overwhelming majority of White Nationalists out there are nonviolent and will lay low, mobilize and vote them out of office.

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  1. How else can they quickly remove their inconveniently small majority in the House and Senate? This is how.

    • except re pork and patronage, it does not matter. The kabbalah of Jew billionaires which owns the demoncrats also owns the republiscams. Both the (((Wall Street-Las Vegas))) and (((Hollywood-Silicon Valley))) wings of the Zionist Uniparty vulture are murderously anti-White to the same absolute degree.

    • It’s interesting that white liberals think they are insulated because they think in line with leftists. But they are just as targeted, too…just because they are white.

      • The more I consider this issue,
        the more I believe the lunatic liberals are blinded by their own self-righteous conceit.

      • But their trust fund insulates them from reality.

        They’ll just take daddy’s platinum card, flee to Uruguay and preach how evil WHITES are and they are so righteous.

      • Pilot,

        It’s interesting that white liberals think they are insulated because they think in line with leftists

        You say that as if White Liberals are passive responders to the anti-white propaganda as opposed to its creators and facilitators. Its time to stop playing the pathetic victimhood card and boldly speak the truth: The White Race is responsible for the ongoing replacement and humiliation of the White Race.

        Jews and non-whites have merely identified and exploited our fatal weakness, which is that we are a race that is incapable of unity and solidarity. At a genetic and spiritual level, we still act like the year is 760 BC in Athens, Greece, where we have to “prove” our “superiority” over others of our own kind…in front of our own kind. With the ancient Olympics, it was all fun and games. But now, our entire race is getting hurt, and White Liberals don’t care. Hurting their own race is the point. Its their endgame. In the same way that Athens, Sparta, and Thebes just couldn’t stop themselves from going to war with each other and weakening each other, so it is with the White Race today. Jews never did this to themselves. Aryans did. Some “Noble Ones” we are!

        At this point, we need genetic research into transhumanism and biological modification to progress as quickly as possible. Not only will this prevent the danger of the White Race going extinct through miscegenation, as parents will literally be able to choose the race of their laboratory produced child, but it will also allow us to identify the genes or the DNA that causes undesirable personality characteristics, like divisiveness and strife against our familied and our kin. Perhaps we could even remove the parts of us that cause negative emotions (fear, sadness, anger), which will increase happiness in the world. I’d advocate for removing the sex drive as well, to prevent cultural cancers like “Incels” from ever existing.

        The non-white races of the human family never progressed passed 10,000 BC, give or take East Asians. And the White Race apparently never progressed passed 760 BC. Nietzsche himself, a champion of the “Ubermensch,” wanted to Retvrn to a Roman world that Christianity – specifically, White Christians – utterly vanquished and laid waste to. Its all about “going back” with Fascist types. Never going forward.

        My worldview is teleological and progress-oriented, and the time has come to forcefully drag humanity into the desired future. White Liberals are a cancer whose personality traits must be eradicated. I’m so done with this “Become Who You Are” garbage that White Nationalists like Richard Spencer have preached for several years. “Who Whites Are” isn’t good enough. We need to become like the True Master Race of this planet, and that’s “God’s Chosen People.” We need to win the Darwinian struggle for survival against them, and that means we must finally acknowledge that their ways are superior to our when it comes to staying alive.

        The Jewish mentality is this: “They have harmed us, therefore, we will crush them and humiliate them.” If Aryans ever adopted this mentality and used it to cleanse the personality traits of the traitors in our midst, we would be able to progress once more, and our survival as a race would be ensured.

        Don’t make excuses for White Liberals. They know what they do, and they welcome it!

  2. Yes, it would make sense for the libs to tone down their rhetoric and agendas, even if for no other reason than their own self-interest. But they simply can’t do this because their arrogant ideology permits no limits or boundaries. Any restraint on their wokeness is a comprise with “evil,” and it cannot be tolerated. Eventually, like all the radicals before them, they will destroy themselves. Unfortunately, they may destroy a lot of us before they go down.

    • The people you call woke need to be destroyed. Although in some ways they’re right or more right than the centrists (in terms of their understanding of certain things. but completely from the extreme other side).

    • Maybe this was the plan. Donald pressed so hard that Swamp was forced to make deal with communists and now communist taking over and removing the swamp.

      Repressing Donald supporters gives radicals nothing . Removing the Swamp gives them jobs and power and everything. Looting in the streets is cool but important job in Government or in Big Tech is cooler.

      Stalin did his purges like this.

      • Juri,

        Iirc, you are a (((Q))) follower.

        Zion Don pardoned or commuted the prison sentences and/or convictions for Israeli spies and their handlers, jews that defrauded the US government for tens of millions of dollars, grifters zio-nationalists, and feral negro “rappers,” all the while his most devoted supporters following out his orders are looking at spending possibly decades in ZOG’s gulags.

        The only think Zion Don drained was Bibi Netanyahu’s ball sack.

        • I am my own follower and I see the signs similar to greatest purge in the history.

          About those pardons. I do not know why. But I know that for certain jobs you need thugs and criminals. There are jobs in the world what normal person never ever does.

  3. At some point in time there has got to be a great refusal…do not consent to governed. by this antiwhite genocidal rage. White Males who continue to watch the NFL really need to be punished…possibly with chattel slavery.

    Jeff Session is such a faggot girly boy….

    If the future is open ended…it will be because of a war with Iran and Russia in the Middle East….

    As someone with a physics background…I would read up on Ising models of social change and expander graphs…We just haven’t been able to reach critical numbers that would flip a whole population of White Folks….Qanon achieved did this in a pathological direction….

      • “the day after the Jewbuck dies.-dies.”

        I doubt that it will die.
        We’ll just go the way of Venezuela,
        you’ll take your bricks of Benjamin’s to the food line to buy a carton of 4 old eggs.

        • In bashing Venezuela you, are supporting Trump’s Socialist Policy of attacking Venezuela with his voting bloc’s tax dollars……What a little shit you are…….

          • “bashing Venezuela”:

            Venezuela is courageously nationalistic, daring to resist the Dollar Empire that could crush it instantly but chooses to strangle it slowly.

            “We’ll just go the way of Venezuela, you’ll take your bricks of Benjamin’s to the food line to buy a carton of 4 old eggs”:

            You are repeating lying, Imperial propaganda. The people of Venezuela are feeding each other, and they are aware of the real cause of their suffering. It is the U.S. that is trying to starvfe them into submission to take their oil (the world’s largest oil reserves) and other valuable resources and make an example for them for achieving and trying to maintain national independence.

  4. Folks, the army was assembled because the powers that be heard “internet chatter” that Trump forces were going to overthrow the government and/or assassinate leaders. I am willing to bet these accusations came from the SPLC and the ADL. In that regard the army in DC was vetted for Trump supporters, who were then sent home, so the true purpose of the army was not to project America against right wing white terrorists but to antagonize red state Americans!

    • @Heartland Separatist,

      Red state Americans are CivNats and AmNats. They are useful cannon fodder for the zionist empire of which the jewnited states is not only a vassal state of Israel, but the jews most dangerous and powerful golem to erase European kind. So ffs, please look beyond the parameters of blue vs red. That’s boomer level finklethink.

  5. The Jews are the biggest hate group going. Why do they hate the innocent Christ with such passion 2,000 after they murdered him without reason. Biden is not a Christian, he is a whore, a service animal, a henchman, for the Christ killers.

    • Why do they hate Christ so much they spit and curse if they see a church, goy graveyard or any Christian and they enjoy saying Our Lord is sitting for eternity in a boiling pot of excrement with seven layers of sheeting around his head to make it difficult to breathe but not suffocate him to prolong the torment?

      Well, Christ in anger overturned their moneychanger tables outside the Holy Temple and He said that they’re the children of the Father of Lies and the Synagogue of Satan, which even 2000 years ago was already a whited sepulcher of dead bones, so how much more dead is it now? As the servants of Satan whose main appeal to gain converts in Khazaria was their Talmudic license to break all Ten Commandments in sin and to indulge in lusts and greed to prey on the foolish goyim who they always deceive with lies, they are angry to this day that the Messiah came and they killed him, and they hate anyone and anything that reminds the world of their evil.

      I’ve tried in several places frequented by WNs to tell them all you need to do to be free of their power is to just stop believing their lies. They prefer to rule over goyim by fooling them, with violence and murder to be used only as a last resort. They prefer to rule over their slaves who have debased themselves willingly, and this is an ancient principle of magic, that control over a willing subject is much more powerful than control gained by force or threat.

      Why is this message that Martin Luther gave the world in 1543 in (German) On the Jews and Their Lies not widely understood? I’ll tell you why. It’s because they control so much of the media and the school curricula and the vetting of politically correct Marxist professors and authors and they’ve co-opted old-fashioned conservatism and demonized truth-tellers that they’ve brainwashed almost everyone.

      Read Elizabeth Dilling, Father Coughlin, Israel Shahak, David Duke, Michael Hoffmann; they’ve all exposed the evil of the thing called Judaism which is neither a race or a religion but rather a Satanic cult of self-worship and a criminal syndicate and political system of social control (Immanuel Kant, cited by Hoffmann).

  6. They are scared. Way, way too many normal White people (and others) voted for Trump.

    That was what they kept saying – all the Capitol Siegers “seemed normal.”

    The “left” got high on their own supply. They assumed that everyone who voted for Trump was some sort of crazy “neo-Nazi” or some Evangelical nut who didn’t believe in dinosaurs.

    Trump beating Hillary was bad enough, but even after four years, Trump won more votes than he did last time.

    They are panicking. Hence the ridiculous military occupation of DC.

    Also – I know we can’t discuss this because “conspiracy theory” – but “Trump loyalists” at the Pentagon (read: Likud) essentially gave some sort of “stand down order” to put the fear of YHWH in the legislators. Just like they did to the Mexican legislators in 2001.

    They don’t know who they can trust. This isn’t the first time something like this happened in the last 20 years.

  7. Under the figurehead “Neoliberal Joe,” the U.S.’s “peaceful” biological research, managed by Langley but conducted mostly overseas, will remain completely opaque.

    FACT: In a press conference this week, China’s foreign ministry announced that the U.S., not China, is the likely origin of SARS CoV-2, and that the U.S. biological lab at Fort Detrick Maryland needs to be opened for investigation by WHO: “If the United States truly respects facts, it should open the biological lab at Fort Detrick, give more transparency to issues like its 200-plus overseas bio-labs, invite WHO experts to conduct origin-tracing in the United States, and respond to the concerns from the international community with real actions,” Chinese foreign minister Hua Chunying said, via Quartz.

    Many, perhaps most Chinese people believe the U.S. is the real source of the pandemic.

    • @Anonymous CCP,

      Tell your handlers in the PLA to take back the renegade Chinese province of Taiwan. America is a paper tiger. They have homosexuals, transsexuals, and low IQ blacks and hispanics serving in their military. Time is of the essence. America is deeply divided and polarized. Half of the nation would not enlist or consent to being drafted to fight for a nation that hates them.

      • Then why not argue for secession, and do something positive, instead of constantly insulting everyone, like a 15-y.o. jerk? Probably because that’s all your mind can do….

        • @John Anon,

          Secession or Balkanization will occur organically. The empire will not allow any part of the New Zion to break free by voting or petition. Normie patriotards still doff their caps and hats during the national anthem, and like that flippant throw away line that politicians use believe that “the best is yet to come.”

          By the way, I’ve been redpilling White men and women on race realism and the JQ since 1992. What have you done? No, don’t answer that. I already know the answer.

  8. Liberals are the real racists. Banned Hipster has been repeating it forever, so it must be true. Don’t listen to what KKKJoe says, watch what he does. KKKJoe will ignore the Klan and lock up anttfa, and ban them from social media, The banning has already begun. The difference between antifa and the right, is the right built up their own social media years ago.

  9. Liberals are the real racists. Banned Hipster has been repeating it forever, so it must be true. Don’t listen to what KKKJoe says, watch what he does. KKKJoe will ignore the Klan and lock up anttfa, and ban them from social media, The banning has already begun. The difference between antifa and the right, is the right built up their own social media years ago.

    • Do you seriously care about that? You care about whether someone is “a racist” or not? There’s no one, NO ONE, protecting us whites.

    • ISIS are ZOG’s pawns. That’s why Soleimani was killed…he hurt ISIS. And clueless white idiots cheered again.

      • Were it not for BHO’s policies of overthrowing Arab rulers “Our Greatest Ally” didn’t like there would be no ISIS. BHO started a color revolution in Syria just as the State Department did in Ukraine and for the same reasons and for the same people, Victoria Nuland being directly responsible in the Ukraine. Watch that name, Victoria Nuland, one of “The Usual Suspects”. Like a bad penny she will be returning to an influential position and working her magic of revolution, chaos, misery and death wherever she and her pals can, at home and abroad.

        It was Russia, Hezbollah (Iran) and loyalist forces In Syria (Assad) that successfully contained then destroyed much of ISIS, not U.S. forces, Trump’s ridiculous boasting aside. ISIS was a creature of the CIA, Israel and Saudi for the purpose of sowing chaos in the region to enhance Israel’s security. Saudi’s motives were different, being directed by an intense hatred and fear of all things Iranian, Hezbollah being an explicitly Iranian proxy force.

        Saudi and Israel, although unlikely allies see eye to eye regarding Iran although for different reasons. Hezbollah established a buffer zone in southern Lebanon against Israel which fought a war there in 2006 with mixed results. Hezbollah was able to rain down hundreds of missiles on Israel with varying effect. Israel wanted to prevent Hezbollah from repeating that feat especially with much more effective missile forces they were developing.

        Saudi has a mortal fear of Iran because of Moslem religious differences and long standing political rivalries. Also, Saudi oil installations are located only about 200 miles from Iran making them vulnerable to direct Iranian attack. This created common cause between Israel and Saudi against their common enemy, Iran making them de facto allies.

        Syria became an ally of Iran to try and protect itself from Israel, their mortal enemy. This made Syria a battle ground for Iranian and Israel/Saudi proxy force. The CIA and their allies, being subservient to Israel created the ISIS monster believing it would cause such chaos that Assad’s regime; the rightful, popular government of Syria, would collapse. Instead the CIA opened the gates of Hell and out marched ISIS, one of the worst monsters the U.S. Government has ever created.

  10. Probably a lot of little girls making decisions in the democratic party these days, this sounds very much like female vindictiveness and old Joe is too senile to hold the line for some sort of unifying theater Slick Willy would be capable of faking out.

  11. Now is Biden’s “time to heal”? Not really. For these fuzzy brained radical liberals it is time to cut the white cancer out and/or administer LibO-Therapy* on the “white trash” conservatives.

    Where have we seen this intense hatred for another group of people coming from unhinged radicals? Why this current crop of Marxist/Commie Lefties are nothing better than the hypocritical Neo-abolitionists who keep showing up from time to time to channel all their rage against these domestic white traditional “rebels” out there who need to be destroyed in their view.

    From off the internet:

    Lincoln added to the original draft of EP the following when a slave insurrection failed to materialize:

    “And I hereby enjoin upon the people so declared to be free to abstain from all violence, unless in necessary self-defence; and I recommend to them that, in all cases when allowed, they labor faithfully for reasonable wages.”

    Robert Forbes, friend to abolitionist Senator Charles Sumner, concluded that Sumner’s followers genuinely wanted the slaves to “be made free by killing or poisoning their masters and mistresses.” US Representative Thaddeus Stevens who was a primary abolitionist leader and chief architect of Civil War Reconstruction validated Forbes’s conclusion. Stevens later admitted hoping the slaves would be “incited to insurrection and give the rebels a taste of real war.” Similarly, the Continental Monthly of New York urged that a “thousand mounted men” be recruited to raid deep into the South with authority to assemble and arm the slaves.” Finally, Senator Sumner himself said, “I know of no principle …by which our [Southern White] rebels should be saved from the natural consequences of their own action…They set the example of insurrection …They cannot complain if their slaves …follow it.”

    The white radical wimps today have given up any success on just siccing Blacks on their “white trash” enemies but now want to sic all the non-whites in the world on conservative white people. The more 3rd world illegals that come in across the borders the better. They will leave the light on for them.

    * O=Obama

  12. If you oppose being voted into a White Racial Minority within the borders of America by Hindu “Americans” you are a domestic Terrorist according to the Biden-Harris Administration.

    The Hindus have a jackboot on our throat……..JFK gave us the 1965 Immigration Reform Act which was a direct road to the Hindu jackboot on our people’s throat…….

    • Patrick can you expand on what the Hindu jackboot is? I talk a lot about how my entire East coast area now looks like India and Pakistan with a black and Hispanic servant class and odd whites still hanging around. I dont hear others speak similarly so I assume it is my area but when i drove cross country i did notice that whether Oklahoma or Virginia every convenience store and motel was owned by them.

      • Captain

        Hindu Power is concentrated in the STEM Field…not exclusively. And this gives the Hindu enormous power in deskilling the Native Born White American population-the destruction of several thousand years of Native White tech and scientific Experience including that which will never be developed….It is absolutely genocidal.

        The Hindus control the US Congress….I saw this story on the Old Lou Dobbs show right after 9/11 in 2002.

        The Hindus in Northern Virginia are hell bent on voting to take the guns away from Native Born White American Virginias….This is exactly what was going on two years during the Second Amendment Protests.

        Hindu Race Power in America is enormous and very real.

        In the early days of the Alt Right, so much time was wasted on meta level politics when it should have been focused exclusively on Hindu Power and the the 1965 Immigration Reform Act…..No commentary by Sir Richard Spencer about this….too busy with the James Bond poses…..

        By the way….I find find Ed Dutton’s commentary stupid and foolish….IQ psychometric testing is 100 irrelevant to the big issue facing Native Born White Americans…I do believe that probability theorist Taleb Nassim has completely destroyed the statistical argument made by Taleb and his mathematician comrades. I really don’t think Ed Dutton is all that bright and I could mop the floor up with him in a debate. I used to do this all the time on Unz Review(I hope my comment today gets posted on today) with the IQ test enthusiasts. You guys just aren’t that smart.

      • Pilot

        Which is why we have to fight an win….The Hindu “Americans” have us targeted for racial conquest and elimination…

        Russia will not accept millions of White Americans….why should they?…the Russians see us as worthless protoplasm lumps….and they are right about this…What would they get out of this? Thousands of young White American Males with Sports Marketing degrees?

        • Just about everything made or invented came from whites. When whites disappear, the world will become a bleak and savage dustbowl.
          Every other race wants what we have and what we are. It’s why Asians mimic us and their version of success is basically ours.
          Russia has accepted a lot of the South Africans. It was a good move, because they are smart people. It’s always an advantage to have whites come in, but not nonwhites, who drain nations like parasites.

    • The so-called “Hart-Celler Immigration Reform Act” was passed in October, 1965. JFK had been dead for almost two years. That scumbag, LBJ was President when the nation destroying law was passed.

      • It was Teddy’s permanent monument of the demographic murder of Native Born White America and for sure JFK would have approved…Last night I was watching the History channel…live footage of JFK threatening a Southern Governor with sending in the National Guard with bayonets to enforce.. integration…forcing negro males on young White Southern Woman…Yet despite this, certain Alt Right-Dissident White Males jerk to their JFK posters in the their bedrooms….

        • It’s been said that JFK’s father bought him the presidency. I’ve not heard pro whites admiring him much.

  13. There are extremist and genocidal well funded groups in America: ADL, SPLC, AIPAC, big tech Silicon Valley billionaires, mainstream legacymedia, republican, and democratic parties.
    All pursue agendas to disenfranchise, demoralize, dispossess, blood libel, and exterminate European/White Gentiles and any opposition to the terrorists occupying Palestine.

  14. “Jewish heritage has shaped who we are – all of us – as much or more than any other factor in the last 223 years. And that’s a fact,” Joe Biden told a gathering of Jewish leaders on May 21, 2013, in Washington, DC. “The truth is that Jewish heritage, Jewish culture, Jewish values are such an essential part of who we are that it’s fair to say that Jewish heritage is American heritage,” he added. /1

    “Think – behind of all that, I bet you 85 percent of those [social-political] changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media, are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry. The influence is immense, the influence is immense. And, I might add, it is all to the good,” he said. “We talk about it in terms of the incredible accomplishments and contributions” of individual Jews, Biden went on, but it’s more profound than that “because the values, the values are so deep and so ingrained in American culture, in our Constitution.”

      • Yes. Their power ultimately comes from money (debt) and when the money goes bad their power will evaporate like in Weimar Germany, not until then. We are on the cusp now; the current situation is unsustainable politically, socially and financially. The Empire is both unsustainable and irreformable at the same time and the ruling class is willfully blind to this fact.

        Who is willing to sacrifice in a crisis for the miserable Government? Not the wogs the Government has brought in since 1965. “What have you done for me lately?” is their eternal question.

        The Government’s standby is the docile, reliable White population, what’s left of it, that is. This is the same docile, reliable White population the Government has been vigorously replacing with wogs for decades. President Kuntmala will have multiple crises to deal with at the same time and assumes White will automatically do the heavy lifting when things go south and fix things.

        Fuck ’em, let the colored people take care of the problems this time.

  15. Simple fix this by having mullato children with hot black and Hispanic children. Raise them as far right traditionalist Christians. Remember Moses in the Bible married a Negress and had mulatto children

    • The worst thing you can do is unravel thousands of years of evolution that caused us to be white.
      You lower IQ, and all sorts of things, when you mix.
      If you think the millions of years of natural selection are about religion, it’s a lost cause to argue this with you. But the world is a cold and brutal place, and nature does select species for their ability to adapt and INTELLIGENCE is one of the top things.

  16. The simple fix is to cohabitate with Negro and Hispanic women and have mullato children. Face the facts in the future there won’t be a pure “White” race. Remember from the Bible even Moses married a Nigress and had mullato children.

    • Then you’d have a backward primitive society, ripe for conquest, colonization and eventual extermination.

      Do you think the Chinese will tolerate mongrels, once they have the opportunity to eradicate them ?

      • Some whites just baffle me when they think the answer is to accept the plan of mixing. The plan is to eliminate whites, and they think just playing into it will work, as long as they have their bible in hand.

  17. What’s going on is he’s dealing with the far left wing of his base like Trump was dealing with the far right in his base. Nothing gets done on the extreme wings. You gotta govern from the middle and represent everybody….that includes Southerners and White People in general. Deo Vindice !

  18. “We knew old trusty would never let us down and pushing this kind of toxic shit could serve as a new and more potent rallying point with Blumpf out of the picture. . . . The overwhelming majority of White Nationalists out there are nonviolent and will lay low, mobilize and vote them out of office.”

    So THAT’S it? THAT was the plan in not supporting Trump — to hope that the cultural-Left totalitarianism of the Democrats would lead to a pro-white reaction?

    It’s a nice dream. A nice LARPing fantasy

    But what if that ISN’T what happens? What if we’re facing what all of the reluctant Trump supporters expected would be the situation, were he to lose — which is a PERMANENT anti-white hegemony?

    Here’s a relevant historical comparison: for a while, in ancient Rome, upstart Christianity and the original classical religions co-existed. Then, not long after Christianity became the state religion, it became harder and harder for the classicals to hold on to any position of power, then even to merely openly exist, until finally, their beliefs became outlawed by pain of death. Even though they were the ORIGINAL Romans — the Rome-rikaners (a la Amerikaners, white Americans).

    What if whites are today’s classical Romans facing a hegemonic new political region?

    What if whites Anti-White Neoliberalism/Social Justice/Cultural Marxism IS the new hegemonic state religion that is now so firmly established that it cannot be budged?

    I mean, if they can rig elections (and the last election shows that they can), then “voting them out” is no longer even functionally possible.

    What if THAT’S where we are in the world of reality, not pipe dreams?

    • Rome, I have to concede to the shitlibs, was a multiracial stew. Christianity might have been an attempt to create spiritual organisation, might have even been a Jewish subversion of the imperial rival but it did ultimately lead to the entho genesis of white nations like France, England, Germany, Holland. It even created an Irish thing and it certainly created Spain. it helped keep the Greeks together and created the idea of Russia after the Mongol horde faded.

      America is much more like Rome or the Mongols than a proper nation. I expect to see lots of religions appear in the wake of such a terrible power.

      • We have seen two mass religious revivals just in the past year, both heretical offshoots of Christianity: BLM Negro-worship and Qanon.

    • Remember what happened on the 6th, Greg? I saw footage of a camera looking at the Capitol and it was bad enough seeing people crawling all over it. Then the camera swung around to look at the crowd in front of the Capitol, and I kid you not, it looked like a marauding Orcish army.

      Do you believe an election will be accepted by the losing side again? After seeing that, I don’t.

    • @karsten I agree. The idea that we just “vote out” the liberals is a joke. Not one branch of the government is on our side now. I don’t know how anyone can think that their religion can overpower things and win. I’ve often thought of Rome, too.

  19. It seems the calculation of TPTB is that, yes indeed, the Regime can get away with criminalizing millions of pro-White irredeemables, and the vast normie and Non-White population won’t much care. Most won’t care at all, as long as it is not them. We are expendable.

  20. My $.002 worth.

    This is not about establishing Democrat Party Tyranny.

    This is about restoring the GOP establishment.

    Yeah, all this talk about establishing Hate Speech Codes, taking custody of their children and locking Trump Supporters into re-education camps until they are “de-programmed” of their Trump Cultism lumps them with zenophobic, homophobic, anti-Islamic, anti-Semitic, anti-LBGTXYZ-whatever, racist White “Supremacists,” but the yakkers know the truth.

    Average White Trump supporters are aracial Civ-Nats who probably have friends of a different race from school or work (places that are completely integrated) or even have family members who have spouses of a different race and relatives who have mixed-race children. They despise Identity Politics. Many of them were former Obama voters who thought Hope and Change meant getting rid of NAFTA and bringing back jobs only to be disabused of that motion by constant SJW race-baiting.

    Most White Nationalists and “Supremacists” OTOH blamed Trump for changing MAGA into MIGA and signing onto the usual True Conservative Inc. Agenda of tax cuts and insourcing cheaper Hindu labor. They damned Trump as a Faux Populist and were determined to make an example of him to any future grifters planning to con desperate Whites Many, like Hunter Wallace, boycotted the elections altogether during election season. Many others, like Richard Spencer, actually voted for Joe Biden to ensure Trump’s defeat.

    It is these men who represent the elephant taking a massive, hot, smelly dump in the national living room that the establishment governmedia is pointedly ignoring. Such White men brought Trump to power and such White men took him out. I am not saying that all these White men are or were openly Pro-White advocates as Wallace and Spencer.

    They are what Kevin MacDonald calls Implicit Whites. Implicit White racism is what the SJWs keep attacking when they claim many Whites who don’t openly oppress so-called people of color are implicit racists with subconscious bias and are responsible for perpetuating the structural racism that was put in place at America’s founding. IOW, these Whites are just like so-called “people of color” who now as then order their lives to benefit their own interests. Not only are they not painfully sensitive to the delicate sensibilities of the Others, they don’t factor into their everyday calculations at ALL.

    So when Trump didn’t freeze all immigration, didn’t end birthright citizenship, didn’t build the wall, these men blew him off as at best, inept and incompetent or at worse, a lying con-man and went back to doing what they had to do during the Obama era. All the SJWankerism just became background buzzing that they tuned out. Expect more of that during the Biden-Harris term(s).

    In the meantime, Biden-Harris et al have written a whole bunch of checks that Bernie Bros (student-loan forgiveness and Medicare for All) and BLM (Muh Reparations) expect them to cash. The day after that Golly Gee Whiz spectacle of militarized Washington, Antifa flipped the Democrats the middle finger, vandalizing DNC HQ and spray-painting, “Fuck you, Joe Biden.”

    So, why are they huffing and puffing like The Big Bad Wolf, threatening at least seventy-five million little piggies with being thrown into gulags? Why did they accidentally-oops! throw the National Guard out of the Capitol and banish them to sleep on oil-slicks and inhale exhaust fumes with only one bathroom? That wasn’t a bug of poor planning; that was an advance feature.

    Here’s the latest round of kabuki theater; the Blue Tie Democrat wing of the same dirty bird of prey and carrying on like Snidely Whiplash about to ravish Little Nell moderate-conservatives and then tie her to the track for the oncoming train to run over so they will look to Red Tie Republicans carrying on like Dudley Doright to ride to their rescue.

    Thus, the backlash in the 2022 mid-term elections will cause the Democrats to lose enough seats in Congress to the Republicans and then they won’t be able to cash those checks they wrote. They can also use those rotten Republicans to fund-raise. This is setting up their own version of what the GOP establishment has done to their voters for years with abortion and protecting traditional marriage, etc, while soliciting campaign funds. FAILURE THEATER.

    The Stupid Party’s dumbest members, like Mitt Romney, are all on board with punishing any Trump-supporting outliers that don’t appear to be cowed, thinking that those who can be “reasoned with,” will only have them to turn to and vote them back in. They are in on this impeachment scheme to keep Trump from winning again, fearing another Ross Perot Third-Party type challenge on steroids which would further fill Republican seats with Democrat asses.

    The problem is even the LEAST die-hard White Trump supporters blame the REPUBLICAN PARTY for SABOTAGING Trump, torpedoing the wall and immigration restrictions when they controlled Congress. They dislike Democrats but they loathe Republicans for their perceived treachery. There is a great chance these people will simply stay home in 2022, preferring to take the combination emetic/laxative that is the “progressive” Democrat Party to purge Republicans from politic

    • I don’t care about “restoring the GOP”. Not at all. We need a party that represents us, and stops this stupidity of diversity and forcing us to live, work, and support –with our taxed incomes–the other kinds.

  21. Richard Spencer is am elitist dirtbag and comes off as a massive douche. He is not a White Nationalists at all, he is merely a wannabe elitist, which showed when he supported Joe Biden. It was without saying that Joe was senile and would not be leader of anything, he would be the pedestal of the oligarchy to institute hardcore Neoliberalism, and anyone with an IQ under 100 knows this. Except Richard was actively trying to get people to vote for him. He is a grifter, douche, and dirtbag. Why do you associate with him? He shouldn’t be welcome at all in any populist circles. He is an elitist grifter with delusions of grandeur.

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