Hola, President Biden. Latin America Has a Message For You

The demographic time clock has already run out on True Conservatism. It is dead in the water. Populism is a different story and is still very much alive and growing at its expense.

New York Times:

“The image of a fortified Capitol, with some 30,000 security personnel on hand to protect the peaceful transition of power to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris — not from a foreign enemy but from a domestic terrorist attack — demonstrates the main challenge facing the new administration. Donald Trump has left the world’s most powerful country wounded and under threat of becoming a far-right dystopia. President Biden’s greatest challenge is not just to get a handle on a pandemic that has taken more than 400,000 American lives, destroyed millions of jobs and plunged the United States into the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. The president will have to repair the damage this brush with right-wing populism has inflicted on the country’s democratic institutions, and stave off its ideologues and enablers. …

As a reporter I covered the rise of Hugo Chávez’s neo-authoritarian government in Venezuela in 1999. In the decades since, I have watched as dangerous variations of nationalist populism have taken root throughout Latin America. According to Marta Lagos, director of the polling firm Latinobarómetro, 2018 was the “annus horribilis” of Latin American democracy, marking the lowest level of support since it was first measured regionally, in 1995. Now, I hope that Mr. Biden can help turn the tide. …”

We’ve been thinking that a post-Trump America would be similar in many ways to Louisiana in the 1920s before the rise of Huey Long. Hugo Chávez’s Venezuela though is another example of a populist movement that took over and dominated the professional classes of that country. Latin America shows how the United States might become more populist over time.

“Broadly, Chavismo policies include nationalizationsocial welfare programs and opposition to neoliberalism (particularly the policies of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank). According to Chávez, Venezuelan socialism accepts private property,[6] but this socialism seeks to promote social property too,[7] much like social democracy while also supporting participatory democracy. …”

Big Tech should be nationalized or given the Ma Bell treatment.

Populism In Venezeula:

“In the 1990s Venezuela experienced the rise of a new anti-party movement built around the figure of Hugo Chávez and dedicated to the fundamental transformation of society, a movement that most Venezuelans call Chavismo. If we define populism in strictly political terms—as the presence of what some scholars call a charismatic mode of linkage between voters and politicians, and a democratic discourse that relies on the idea of a popular will and a struggle between ‘the people’ and ‘the elite’—then Chavismo is clearly a populist phenomenon. Chavismo relies on charismatic linkages between voters and politicians, a relationship largely unmediated by any institutionalised party. It also bases itself on a powerful, Manichaean discourse of ‘the people versus the elite’ that naturally encourages an ‘anything goes’ attitude among Chávez’s supporters. …”

In America, the White professional class despises the White working class who they look down on as racists and “domestic terrorists.” The larger group has massive cultural and economic grievances against the smaller group who believe in political correctness and open borders. Donald Trump was the first figure to tap into and mobilize those grievances to win the presidency. Trump was a demagogue who wasn’t held back by the antiquated ideology and norms of the mainstream Right.

These two charts illustrate a major flaw of White Nationalism and the Alt-Right. Both were based on White solidarity which simply does not exist across class, education and ideological lines. Normal people of all races are biased toward their own ingroup. White liberals have a negative White identity.

We’ve been talking a lot lately about Democratic Independent Liberal Elites (DILEs) and the ways in which they differ from other groups including other Democrats:

“The 2017 VOTER Survey data reveal stark demographic differences behind these issue preferences. DILEs (13 percent of the electorate) are heavily Democratic (67 percent) and liberal (77 percent), and are less than 1 percent Republican or conservative. They are also the youngest group, with 51 percent under 45 years old. The DILE cluster has the second-highest percentage of white voters (75 percent), behind only the CY cluster (79 percent). Their educational attainment is the highest of all the groups, as 86 percent have some college/an associate’s degree or more, with 48 percent having graduated college, and 22 percent having done post-graduate work. Finally, they have the highest income — with 26 percent making $100,000 or more, and only 10 percent making $30,000 or less. …”

These people are the core of the Left: White college educated, upper middle class professionals who have embraced modernist values and who are anti-White.

They are 13% to 22% of the electorate depending on the survey. It is an overwhelmingly White group who are modernist and anti-populist. White identity politics tends to obscure this reality. There is a tendency to look only at Jews and not at this larger anti-White progressive cohort.

Maybe we should focus more on values though? If it is other White people who are anti-White and who are dragging us down, why not focus on them? Why continue to act like all White people are on the same team? They don’t want us to be racist … fine. Let’s focus on attacking them instead.

Trumpism was fake populism that was mixed up with mainstream conservatism. The messenger was also an incompetent narcissist. Pro-White Longism or Chavismo would go further.

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  1. “Did I mention that I have so few family members, SO FEW, because of that GOTDANG Civil War? I mean, there’s Auntie, who was born in 1837 and is still kickin’ thanks to modern medzin, but Daddy Angus, he done kicked the bucket cuz-un a minie bullet wuz lodged in his fohead fo on nigh One Hunned an Thirty Six year till he done died early, AT THE TURN OF THE TWENTY FIRS SENTRY! Ma daddy died young! Iffen they aint been no civril war, ma daddy still be here! [pause with sniffling and sobbing; perplexed family dog comes over and sniffs and licks at the man’s face].”

    That is my attempt at transcribing, from memory, the soundtrack of now-vanished footage of a suppressed documentary of interviews with families who have few members after supposedly centuries-old historical events like the Crusades, the French and Indian War, and the Homestead labor riots, among others. I myself recently found that my family is small because of recent breakthroughs in cave art interpretation that indicated they were persecuted by hideous giant animals.

    • Well done @ Earnest! ! I was thinking of all the people with smaller families because of all the foreign wars U.S. sent its subjects to die in.
      And besides, anyone alive now had relatives who were alive somewhere in the world during WW2, so technically we all survived the ‘Holocaust’.

  2. Whites kill each other over abstractions. That’s the fundamental problem.
    When the bloodlust among whites is sublimated into politics you get class. You get snooty academics cancelling each other and office politics. Ultimately the police sweep away the shattered remnants to prison. You get Deplatforming, Doxxing, Cancelling. The bloodlust is fundamentally the issue though. In Straw Dogs and Soul of the Marionette John Grey explores this impulse in his case study of Aztec human sacrifice. Direct the bloodlust of the liberal side onto a target of choice.

  3. “No other animal seeks the satisfaction of its desires and at the same time curses them as evil; spends its life terrified of death while being ready to die in order to preserve an image of itself; kills its own species for the sake of dreams.
    The Aztecs did not share the modern conceit that mass killing can bring about universal peace. … The purpose of killing was what they affirmed it to be: to protect them from the senseless violence that is inherent in a world of chaos. That human sacrifice was a barbarous way of making meaning tells us something about ourselves as much as them. Civilization and barbarism are not different kinds of society. They are found — intertwined — whenever human beings come together.“

    John Gray

  4. I call myself WN, but what I really am is a Pro White Nationalist. In my ideal country, you have to be White to get in, AND you have to be Pro White to remain there. White anti-Whites would be reported, then stripped of their wealth, and banished forever. The lowest of the low, or the highest of the high could face trial and banishment at any time. I would set up a special brotherhood who’s job it is to van these people.

    Jews and other non-Whites spew their hatred at Whites from their mass media. Their other half, the White anti-White, is a very unnatural being, in that he gets off on being told how evil his race is. With them self hatred is like pornography, or drug addiction. A minority of White anti-Whites were brainwashed while they were very young, and yet were smart enough to think their way out of it. But most White anti-Whites are dumb, spoiled, and self-indulgent. They will not change their ways until there are consequences for their treason.

  5. One other thing, 45% of the JonesTown population were black women and almost all were some kind of communist/socialist/Marxist/Panther…

    The left have real problems going forward under Joe.

  6. Hhahahha Wait are you saying that Chavismo was a true populism?
    The Bolivarian project has nothing to do with southern populism.
    Not even Venezuela followed a socialization program; on the contrary, it had a severe deindustrialization process in favor of an import-financial caste that, with a fiery discourse and vigorous popular clientelism, has drastically accelerated the depressive phase of the capitalist economic cycle of a national process of capital accumulation based on the appropriation of hydrocarbon income.
    Venezuela is a rentier country, in the sense that its main resource, oil, generates an income that has no productive counterpart.This was no different with Chavez. All this growth as a result of the export of oil and natural gas, was largely a mirror for the low level of income of the average Venezuelan, even if we compare it with other Chile and Argentina.

    I have a Venezuelan friend who is a fascist, and he told me that all those social programs only served to help poor zambos in Caracas to have more children.
    I agree with the nationalization of the banks, big tech, oil, etc., however Chavismo is not a good example of all this. In fact, if you really want to see a good example of this in Venezuela, look at Marcos Perez Jimenez, who even promoted a racial hitening program encouraging European immigration, he was not a populist or a rentier, he was a conservative national.
    All this bullshit of supporting unions full of fags and anti-whites will not help the disgruntled middle class, in America inequality is increasing and by this point elite overproduction has become a big problem.
    This is what these idiots 5%ers want?
    Nazbol Low IQ trash plan , I choose America First.
    The only option is to hope that Nick goes back to being a fascist and away from Trumpism.
    I’m not going to seek the support of the bourgeois libtards who study in some Ivy League university. We need a Franco.

      • Why are so many South/Central Americans willing to flee to El Norte? Their problems are fundamentally genetic, no political system can fix that. They carry their problems with them wherever they go just like their African cousins in diversity.

        • You would think living in a tropical paradise would be preferable, but the pull of living next to Whitey is just too great.

          • Powell I have said the same thing. Maybe we can abandon Pittsburgh, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, all of Jersey, Minnesota and the rest and just swap with these people. Give them all the infrastructure and just take the tropics and start from scratch.

            Extra thought here but how does anyone take Nick Fuentes seriously? I cant imagine anyone so desperate for leadership that they turn to obnoxious grifting tiny Nick

    • “Hhahahha Wait are you saying that Chavismo was a true populism? (….) I have a Venezuelan friend who is a fascist, and he told me”:

      Chavismo is not populism (a temporary “lightening up on” capitalism). It is something much better than a temporarily-reformed capitalism. It is a movement toward permanent real nationalist socialism. Learn the truth about Venezuela from accurate sources, not from fascists, libertarians and mainstream media.

  7. From ‘Mexican Leftists Fear Biden More than Trump’, by Rio Grandito

    “Recognising portents from their own history, many Mexican leftists see the USA as now being pushed into a civil war scenario by the belligerence and arrogance of the USA Democratic party of Biden-Harris. They see a horrible potential for totalitarian tyranny by this fraudulent ‘Left’.

    Many Mexicans see the USA Democrats, as in thrall to a fake ‘leftism’ of billionaires, who mis-use various themes to create a set of pseudo-leftist weapons to grab power:
    – The weaponising of minority and ethnicity
    – The weaponising and encouragement of de-stabilising migrant waves
    – The weaponising of LGBTq and other minorities against those who think in traditional terms of family and gender
    All of the above being done to de-stabilise societies and create conflict, the disorder favouring oligarch dominance, along with creating a class of tyrannical commissars posing as ‘leftists’ or ‘antifa’ or whatever, but actually loyal to the billionaires

    In poorer Mexico, with its often religious, often traditional and family-loving people, leftists reject and do not even have time for all this ‘woke’ bolshite like fake leftist Americans. But we can see the internal USA war coming. Mexico will be greatly affected, and will be a haven for escaping Americans

    Mexico’s fine President Andrés Manuel López Obrador or ‘AMLO’, a democratic, socialist, but very libertarian figure. AMLO is himself both a victim of election fraud, and a victim of ‘fake news’ media slanders and sidelining. AMLO privately considers it likely that Trump was cheated of his victory.”


  8. Very bad goyim! You shouldn’t of had chills! Laughing my ass off at Soyboys Josh twatter feed

    They/ them indeed what a nutcase majors in Judaism and Islam checks out, simps for blm yep a real tard Life must be just swell when everyone slightly right or center of you is a “fascist”

  9. So you’re no longer a Southern Nationalist and promote secession but rather now promote American Populism mixed with Chavez style Socialism. Dude please for your sake and your family go seek psychiatric help and close down this page.

  10. “In America, the White professional class despises the White working class who they look down on as racists and “domestic terrorists.” ”

    Mocking these professional whites seems like a good idea for start, but it doesn’t get to heart they are still employee-serfs of a system that hates them too. I suspect most professional whites are smart (or selfish) enough to recognize keeping that status, those nice toys, requires falling in with narratives of higher-ups the corperate ladder.

  11. Yeah, but… who TAUGHT the Whites to loathe themselves, their history, their culture, their ‘roots’?

    You’ve touched on this in all your columns- and yes, it IS the Jews. What was the ‘long march through the institutions,’ if not a giant kosher finger to White intellectuals, who at least kept the Benjamins out of Harvard, Yale, Brown, etc. for centuries?

    We just need to do it again. We need to have a P[r]ogra/om to deal with the (((Other))), once and for all.

    • There was no ‘long march through the institutions.” The WASP elites invited Jews to share in everything because the WASP elite were philosemitic scumbags. The Frankfurt guys were invited to the USA and given faculty positions in top american universities by the WASP elite. They didn’t have to “long march” or infiltrate or anything like that. They were given a seat at the table.

        • No, the WASP elite literally invited them to have faculty positions at Ivy league universities to escape Germany, then the WASP Rockefeller foundation and WASP Ford foundation and WASP CIA funded them.

          • You are just literally adding WASP to everything. Don’t delude yourself none of the groups you mentioned are actually White Anglo saxon Protestant lol

            The CIA and Rockefeller are not even freaking close to be described as WASP the hell you talking about?! These are elitist Satanists at best or at the least shabbos goy infiltrators

          • And your stupid comments (sound like a broken record, as Thom noted) goes against a LOT of historical research. Do YOU have a PhD? Just curious….

            Were the WASP’s aware that they were Jews? Obviously- they were fleeing Hitler. But were they also still operating from WASP altruistic motives, and not noticing these were the same ethnic Bolsheviks that gave us the russian revolution? I don’t think they were that smart.
            What the point was, that you missed completely, is that it was the JEWS’ desire to destroy White America, and the WASPS had NO IDEA how evil the Kikes were.

  12. Her fellow New York Times editors that “roasted” her were in fact “fascists” and “Trumpkins” that were only attacking her because she was a Jewish aHolocaust survivor?

    Social media has really outed the low quality of our cultural “elites.”

    The New York Times, far from being a serious organization based on journalism, is essentially a blog for “Resistance Moms” that want to participate in a soap opera where they – upper class white Jewish women – are the heroes fighting against “fascists” – meaning, working class white people from “flyover country.”

    It is like watching your spinster aunt get drunk at a family reunion and gossiping bitchily about he co-workers. New York Times is a blog for people who Rachel Maddow is “serious political analysis.”

    Whatever it is, it is not serious news.

    Hopefully the New York Times will go out of business now that their main selling point – Orange Man Bad – is defunct.

    Now my question is why isn’t there a major news platform for everybody else?

    I don’t mean “right-wing” nonsense like FOX or some nerdy libertarian tripe.

    The only serious news platform as of 2021 is the Wall Street Journal, which while good and high quality, is rather limited in its scope.

    I feel like someone is leaving money on the table here – but unfortunately the entire establishment, the Fortune 500, will simply refuse to advertise on any platform that is outside of New York Times and carefully selected slivers of mainstream conservatism.

  13. “There is a tendency to look only at Jews and not at this larger anti-White progressive cohort.”

    This is just false, the exact opposite of reality. Everyone on the right attacks the “DILEs” – and when they do, they get called “anti-semitic” anyway. Hence, when a white populist complains about “globalists” they get called an “anti-semite” and accused of using “code words.”

    The “DILEs” only have power when they follow along with Jewish interests. The obvious example is the fact that the “DILEs” never breathe a word about Palestinian rights, because they know if they do they will be fired by their Zionist Jew boss.

    If White Supremacy were real, the “DILEs” would be complaining about “miscegenation” among the rural white trash. Margaret Sanger was a “DILE” and she was 100% racist, because the people in charge of the Correct Liberal Opinions at the time were White Supremacists.

    Now they are Jews, thus the DILEs are anti-white because that is the Correct Opinion.

    Yes, generally, Populism is the correct political platform. Also, yes, it is stupid and self-defeating to act like a “neo-nazi” or whatever.

    But Jews are unquestionable the most powerful faction of the ruling class, and the core ideological and financial engine of anti-whiteness.

    20 years people have been trying to avoid the “JQ” and talk about anything but and they always fail because they are not telling the truth.

    I’m sorry, I know everyone wishes it was otherwise. But at some point we have to fact the facts whether we like it or not.

  14. Have you ever actually spoken to anyone from Venezuela, Hunter? Chavez was a disaster. He was the Mugabe of South America, trashing a prosperous nation with his brand of Marxism. Trump is more like Bolsonaro in Brazil – although I believe Bolsonaro is the real deal. Also, left-wing demagogues like Chavez and Lula have more appeal in South America because the poverty there is massive and unlike anything Americans have experienced. Even the worst ghetto in Detroit is Beverly Hills compared to Rio’s favelas.
    Couple that with less opportunity, little or no public safety net and lower wages and there is widespread desperation. I won’t write a whole essay here, but an American Chavez is not who we need!

    • The point of the article was that there is no reason to believe that populism will diminish as the United States becomes more like Latin America. Bolsonaro is another example of how Right Populism can flourish even in Brazil’s condition.

      • Reading the above comments, There are alot of examples of my point about the insistence on the JQ as the nexus of White advocacy in any form.

        Nobody seems to get it. You can know and understand the JQ, the role of Jews, and still understand that the facts on the ground right now are such that its a tactical liability to talk about it openly, or try to use it as a means for recruitment.

        Its literally a legal liability. Before long we could be jailed for it. And it convinces only a small and generally unstable minority of spergs, while alienating everybody else.

        Set aside all the stuff about negative worldviews being inherently self defeating. Just look at the obvious. Its plain dumb to be an antisemite.

        • We can talk about Jews and race without becoming obsessed with it to the point that everything in the universe is reduced to those two issues. That’s what I try to do. Sure, Jews are wealthy, powerful and influential and they are politically antagonistic, but that is not a conspiracy theory and it doesn’t have to be attached to the dozens of other conspiracies that float around the internet.

        • Yeah. Can’t wait until America becomes Brazil Norte and a bunch of mongrels and some “white-ish” remnants live and thrive with glorious “populism”. Some aspects of it will be great if you’re a hedonist.

      • Re: “Bolsonaro is another example of how Right Populism can flourish”:

        Yes, White nationalists were very pleased when the U.S. (CIA) coup installed the fascist Bolsonaro in place of the people’s overwhelming choice who was illegally locked in prison. Bolsonaro’s flourish is proof that Right Populism is nothing but a re-packaged Neoliberalism. Now the U.S./CIA is working hard to overthrow the semi-social democratic AMLO in Mexico and install another hard right-wing Calderon to rule Mexico.

        Chavismo is real populism. Sandino is real populism. But Bolsonaro is fake populism.

    • Brazilian favelas are the future for most White people in the USA unless we start taxing the rich elites into the ground now.

  15. No one in the Alt Right or White nationalism ever denied that there was a difference in racial attitudes along class and ideological lines, but that’s due to an entire system of media and education that’s aimed at creating that.

    Your charts didn’t show racial attitudes by class btw. I’ll admit upper middle class liberals will obviously be the biggest offenders, but there’s a good amount of people earning >100,000 dollars a year with Alt Lite tier but close versions of our views. Lots of lower class whites have equally as useless opinions on their racial identity with their “heritage not hate” deflection that has never stopped the ire and hostility of anti-white blacks, browns, and whites.

    The upper class white liberals are not the “core” of the left either, they’re one part of it that’s getting smaller by the day. They have MONEY and POWER, but only at the allowance of their masters, Jews.

    No one ever said white people were all on the same team. To imply that we should ditch white identity and go for a value-based thing instead just because upper class whites don’t care for it seems like a repudiation of the understanding of what has been orchestrated upon the minds of whites by this system.

    It seems you’re turning into a populist civnat, that you’re veering into this multiracial working class alliance stuff. That you’ve been so demoralized that you’re ditching advocating for white identity and now you’re going to try to pretend that you have class identity with browns and blacks. What a white person thing of you to do.

    Oh well.

    • I agree.

      You see the reality that we are grasping at though: anti-White progressive liberals. Yes, they are not all upper middle class, college educated White professionals. It is more like the problem is concentrated in this group and their offspring.

      As for White identity, we’re not abandoning advocating White identity at all. We’re just not going to treat people who objectively have an anti-White sense of identity and who enforce political correctness like they are on our side. That’s absurd.

      It is time to recognize this conflict for what it is which is largely a fight between Whites with one side supporting the anti-White shit and the other side pushing back against it. White Nationalists and the Alt-Right tend to downplay that.

  16. Populism that arises in the center vs. both of these corporate parties is what is needed. That is the work we should be doing. OD is knocking it out of the park on this.

    More & more people will conclude that the oligarchs are encouraging social unrest to quell a burgeoning populist movement that can actually challenge their power. We need to organize like unions do. Forget the clownish backlash politics, conspiracy garbage, and goon marches that are donor-funded distractions so that Republicans can siphon votes for their economic agenda and fund-raise on your anger.

    We saw the corporate top 10% modus operandi with occupy Wall st. and how they sent in corporate handlers to switch the narrative from Wall st. and what the banks were doing to wokeness. They turned up the heat by funding groups like BLM and inciting Blacks on social media to get in the streets. Hating poor White people and scapegoating them is what it turned into. After occupy was when the media really turned up woke narratives to create social unrest and backlash politics. Trump was a gift to them as it has only gotten worse due to Trump being a total fake and fraud and the right creating a cult of personality out of that clown. While all of this has been going on the top 10% have increased their wealth many fold while working Americans got poorer.

    It’s all a scam. Time to stop playing their game.

    • We have to do two things:

      1.) First, we have to avoid getting suckered into another round of backlash politics.

      2.) Second, we have to build out a real populist movement from the middle.

  17. Peaceful transition of power is bs,it’s only for the TV boobs ceremonial entertanment.

    Peaceful Transition of power regime change was NS Germany and Fascist Italy.

    • @Shipwrecked,

      You’re singing my song.

      No matter ones view is of JFK, he was correct when he said, “Those that make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.”

    • @Flaxen-headed Strumpet,

      Christina left OD again. She stormed off, after feeling that her religion was being mocked and ridiculed.

      Hopefully, she will return. I appreciated her honest analysis as an outsider of sorts. It’s good to see how others view us besides the ADL and SPLC.

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