Why McConnell Dumped Trump

I’m of two minds on impeaching Trump a second time.

The New Yorker:

“For four years, McConnell and others in the establishment wing of the Republican Party embraced the conceit that they could temper Trump’s behavior, exploit his popularity, and ignore the racist, violent, and corrupt forces he unleashed. Ornstein observed that McConnell, in a cynical bargain, “used Trump to accomplish his goals of packing the courts and getting tax cuts.” (Since 2016, the top corporate tax rate has been nearly halved, to twenty-one per cent.) In exchange for these gifts to the Party’s corporate backers, McConnell stayed largely silent in the face of Trump’s inflammatory lies and slurs—even though, according to insiders, he privately held the President in contempt. He covered for Trump’s political incompetence, eventually passing budgets and pandemic relief, despite Trump’s tantrums and government shutdowns. And he protected Trump from accountability during the first impeachment trial, in early 2020, announcing in advance that there was “zero chance” a Senate under his leadership would convict the President. …

After the January 6th insurrection, dozens of the largest corporate campaign donors, including A.T. & T., Comcast, and Honeywell, used their cash to send a message: their political action committees would no longer contribute to the hundred and forty-seven Republican representatives and senators who had opposed certification of the Presidential election even after the Capitol riot, on the spurious ground that the process had been less than fair. Even Koch Industries, the huge oil-refining conglomerate that has served as the conservative movement’s piggy bank for decades, said that it was reëvaluating its political contributions. McConnell, who once infamously declared that the three most important ingredients for political success in America are “money,” “money,” and “money,” was reportedly alarmed. A spokesperson for McConnell denies this, but, according to the Associated Press, he spent much of the weekend after the Capitol assault talking with colleagues and the Republican Party’s wealthy corporate donors, promising that he, too, was finally done with Trump. …

Jentleson, the former Senate aide, thinks that McConnell and his party are in a very tricky spot: “The glue that kept the Tea Party and establishment Republicans together during the past few years was tax cuts and judges. And McConnell can’t deliver those anymore. So you could basically see the Republican Party coming apart at the seams. You need to marry the forty per cent that is the Trump base with the ten per cent that’s the establishment. McConnell is like a cartoon character striding aside a crack that’s getting wider as the two plates drift farther apart. They may not come back together. If they can’t reattach, they can’t win.”

Moderate Hunter thinks:

It is a relief to be done with Blumpf and I would rather move on from his presidency. It is better for the country to focus on the issues that matter and impeaching Trump a second time would inflame his supporters, exacerbate polarization and make it less likely to get anything done. I don’t think he LITERALLY intended for his supporters to march on the Capitol. It was supposed to be a grand act of performance art on that stage Alex Jones had put up outside of Congress, but the Qtards didn’t grasp this and assumed THE STORM WAS COMING and followed a bunch of the dumbest people there into a trap.

Radical Hunter thinks:

Blumpf’s impeachment and martyrdom would ensure that he can’t run again in 2024 and further our ongoing project of finding someone competent who can replace him as a standard bearer. We were all fed up with Trump’s leadership two or three years ago. We wanted a reboot. It would infuriate his supporters and split the Republican Party at a time when the Trump base is already angry with Mitch McConnell. The more important goal is gassing the establishment of the Republican Party and its corporate policy agenda which is a massive albatross that hamstrung the Trump presidency. We want to get rid of those people so that we can build out a more Longist populism from the other end of the party.


Look what’s happening:

The Arizona Republican Party voted yesterday to censure three faces of the Republican establishment — Cindy McCain, Gov. Doug Ducey and former Sen. Jeff Flake — and reelected state party chair Kelli Ward, a fierce Trumper.

The 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump are being hit with swift punishment, including brewing primary challenges, censure votes and public scoldings, the N.Y. Times reports (subscription).

Some House Republicans, egged on by right-wing media, are pushing an uphill fight to oust Cheney from her third-ranking leadership post. In Wyoming, she faces a long-shot primary challenge.

The bottom line: This will be the new reality for Republicans until 2024, or Trump fully exits the scene. …”

Throw them out.

The corporate wing of the GOP alienates far more people than it attracts.

Dissent Magazine:

“Much as he did twelve years ago, Joe Biden comes to the White House amid a punishing economic crisis. Yet the opposition he faces is entirely different, for Donald Trump has shattered the Republican Party’s old small-government pieties and ushered in a new working-class conservatism eager to use government to serve the common good.

Just kidding: things will be almost exactly the same. Expect the GOP to offer up strong doses of deficit hysteria, a fierce push for austerity, and a congressional war of attrition aimed at bogging Biden down in an extended recession. For now, the most striking thing about Trump’s takeover will be how little it affects the basic dynamics of the right in opposition. …

To no great surprise, Trump didn’t move left on economics. Workers did benefit from the hot economy of his first three years in office, which MAGA ideologists spun as proof of the president’s unique business acumen (much as Third Way ideologists had once taken the 1990s economic boom as proof of the virtues of Clintonism). But instead of an infrastructure bill, there was a massive corporate tax cut; instead of a family leave plan, there was a failed attempt to strip healthcare from tens of millions of people. Up and down the federal bureaucracy, a familiar cast of industry shills set to work dismantling labor rights and environmental protections. Trump’s most durable accomplishment was the rubber-stamping of scores of Federalist Society judges, each one a devoted steward of the interests of capital. …

The striking thing about this record is not so much the lack of outright defections from Trumpism (with rare exceptions like Julius Krein, whose magazine American Affairs has been the most heterodox voice of the movement). It’s the lack of any sustained criticism, even as Trump made it ever-clearer that he had no interest in the agenda that right populists ascribed to him. This doesn’t look like the behavior of a faction genuinely dedicated to winning ideological battles. …

The most basic obstacle facing right populism has been around for decades: the people who matter on the right would rather get filthy rich with 45 percent support than slightly less filthy rich with 55 percent support, and the configuration of American political institutions makes this a perfectly rational strategy. The way to change this calculus is not to convince them of their errors but to render the strategy unviable. That would require a democratization of American political life so that the pursuit of majority support becomes a necessity rather than a luxury.”

This is a great article.

It beautifully sums up five years of frustration with Trump on this website.

In the beginning of Trump’s rise in 2015 and 2016, there were moderates and Independent voters like us who jumped on the Trump Train to move the party in a more nationalist and populist direction. We genuinely hated mainstream conservatism and its antiquated policy agenda and supported Trump as a wrecking ball who could level those people and move the party into alignment with its own voters and the political center. Mitch McConnell represents everything we dislike about the Republican Party.

Starting in 2017 and culminating in the Capitol Siege in 2021, Trumpism began to lose the ideologues and was stripped down to the conspiratards, grifters, plan trusters and a vacuous personality cult. It became about loyalty to the man himself and his reality television presidency, not advancing a populist or nationalist agenda. Millions of people were content to “win” by getting the corporate tax cuts and criminal justice reform and to “trust the plan” as long as they felt like they were “owning the libs” by having Trump the man in the White House. Meanwhile, we were losing hundreds of our monuments, getting wiped off the internet, Antifa was exploding in size, etc. There was no upside to the Trump presidency. Mitch McConnell used it to advance his own toxic agenda. We got the same old shit sandwich: MIGA, pro-business libertarian judges, tax cuts, deregulation, “opportunity zones” and that stuff.

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  1. “the racist, violent, and corrupt forces he unleashed. ”

    These people are NOT serious. This is called “gas-lighting.”

    Who writes this shit?


    Just read her bio and it becomes quite obvious what she is.

    “which began as a 2010 New Yorker piece about the Koch brothers’ deep influence on American politics.”

    I’m certain she has never written any hard-hitting pieces about AIPAC’s “deep influence on American politics.” Nor has she ever written anything about Haim Saban’s “deep influence” on the Democratic party and the Clinton’s particularly.

    Now – does anyone want to guess how Mayer has covered Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump? Do we think that maybe Mayer “just happened” to not mention too much about Kushner’s and his father’s connections to the far-right of Israel, the Likud party?

    She got her start covering “national security” but she just never seemed particularly interested in any stories that might reflect poorly on the apartheid regime of Jew bigotry in Zionist-occupied Palestine. Too busy attacking “WASPs” and Christians.

    Now why might that be? It’s a mystery. Just one of those things.

      • @Hunter Wallace

        The Atlantic was once the showpiece of Yankee New England WASP liberal internationalism.

        In 2006 James Bennet – a Zionist Jew – became the editor, moved the magazine from Boston to Washington DC, and hired a bunch of neo-conservative Zionist Jews to write for it.

        The Atlantic is now nothing like the respectable New England publication it once was – now it is essentially Zionist Jew neo-con propaganda. FFS, they hired David Frum – George W. Bush’s speechwriter that came up with the line “Axis of Evil.”

        Really, Jews have done this to many institutions. Abercrombie & Fitch used to be an outdoor clothing company, until it was bought by the people around Les Wexner – Jeffrey Epstein’s only “client” – who turned their catalog into a platform for child pornography.

        The Henry Ford Foundation is now totally controlled by Jews, and of course they specifically targeted him precisely because Ford knew all about the Jew problem and tried to stop them.

        That is how they operate. It’s like Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

        • (((it))) cannot be noticed often enough. When

          enough people notice (((it))), something useful

          may be done about (((it))).

  2. I’m not going to get forensic here but McConnell is heir to a Chinese shipping magnate’s industrial empire. That could be why he wanted to pull the trigger on Trump too.

    • Consider:

      The Republican party is led by a man nicknamed “Cocaine Mitch” because his family business was caught shipping tons of cocaine.

      Trump’s Attorney General, William Barr, is notorious for the Iran-Contra Affair, where the CIA was collaborating with South American drug cartels and assisting them in trafficking cocaine into the United States in the 1980’s.

      While this was happening, the number one TV show was Miami Vice about drug dealers and most major cities were plagued by violence caused by cocaine dealers and users. The “crack dealer” lifestyle was glamorized to the Black community by the Jewish entertainment business.

      If you ask a Mexican, “do drug cartels run your government” the Mexican will say, “of course, but don’t say that too loudly.”

      If you ask an American, “do drug cartels run your government” the American will say, “of course not, that’s a conspiracy theory.”

      Fundamentally, Americans are no longer a serious people.

    • Allegedly, McConnell is worth $22 million. So he might inherit a shipping business? How much more money does one need to have? Yeah, money IS power, but god, try living on something that is less than a million a year …These guys are pasty old boomers and they want more money? Planning on taking it with them when they die??

  3. While I don’t agree with racial nationalism entirely, I think it’s somewhat needed only in so far as Europeans grow self-respect and crush those who seek to destroy it. But Europeans are too stupid or too docile to do so and lack any self-respect. Which is sad but you get what you deserve unless you stand up for yourself. Hopefully, it changes. So much for the “the racist, violent, and corrupt forces he unleashed. ” which nothing more than Europeans floundering.

    But alas, it’s not sufficient and I don’t think simply a homogenous country is required. But rebirth and revolution. Japan and South Korea or whatever is what Nationalists look to as a society to which we should aspire to. Because to them homogeneity is the solution and fix to all problems. Fascists (and above. or Nationalists who are truly starting to drift away from Nationalism may start to dabble in this [although they don’t realize it]) use Japan as a warning of the failures of Nationalism that often cloak deeper spiritual problems. Japan died in 1945 and is nothing but a dying old man in a coma. It lacks the external abusive minorities that Nationalists can easily point to for all its problems. In fact, this makes Japan worse in some respects than America because homogeneity mask decay of Liberalism. Nationalists will never understand this. They’re incapable. “Demography is destiny” is their truth.

    A society that has no spiritual will is a society that dies. No will to power. If you’re not expanding, you’re collapsing. No embracing struggle. No aspiration for a higher ideal. It simply withers in its own decadence and comfort. No duty and only worshiping your butthole. No Revolutionary Hierarchical Idealism.

    Liberalism, and in this case, the late stage of Capitalism, embodies the Last Man and the End of History. So Japan will continue to wither into nothing- its spirit dead after the fall of Imperial Japan. With a declining birth rate. Creating anime and economy about producing worthless shit. Working from a cubicle, pushing pencils, and generating meaningless work that produces nothing truly of value. Suicide. Drinking. Atomization. Hedonism. Consumption. Anything to ease the pain and keep one’s attention away. No sacrifice and duty for a higher cause. Man is miserable when free and seeks purpose to direct him. And most importantly, the lack of a burning fire that dwells within to want something more, that cannot be confound in material wellbeing, and become what one is meant to be.

    • >embracing struggle

      I embrace the Last Man. If GDP doubles every two or three decades, that means we could potentially work half as much at the end of the same interval. Imagine having a twenty-hour work week. Or a ten-hour work week. Or retiring at forty, or even or thirty. What would your life look like? How much would you achieve? What communities would you join if business concerns became irrelevant?

      Only the Last Man will be free again to compose symphonies, write novels, and paint masterworks of art. That’s not going to happen while most of us are harnessed to the modernism of Nietzschean struggle, watching our lives slip away while mediocrities take the comfortable positions. I’ve seen Nietzsche’s superman; his name is Jared Kushner.

      In Soviet Russia, you play the system. In neoliberal America, system play you!

      Nietzsche preferred the Old Testament to the New. Why not seek both liberation from the Old Testament in all its forms and its replacement by an Indo-European perspective? Only when we’re emancipated from being busy worker bees will we be free to become who we are.

      • You think Man is not “free” now? A society of nothing but obesity and consumerism? We have never been most free than we are now. Most do not seek the higher pursuits you’re talking about when they even have the freedom outside their job. I wish I could buy into your optimism.

        The one good thing about democracy, is that it is a mirror of what we truly are. It is a reflection of our souls and shows Man what he truly is. No one tells you what to do. And most decline in it. Very few rise within it. The vices of freedom is often too strong- its lull too great.

        Watching TV drama, eating the most unhealthy food, growing fatter by the day, unable to get off the couch, playing video games. Wasting away.

        Struggle does not mean being a worker bee in some meaningless job, for some capitalist, pushing out some meaningless crap.

        Every industry would have purpose in my ideal society. We could do a lot and give real meaning to society. As well as encourage the higher individual pursuits.

        True freedom (I despise that word due to how corrupted it has become) comes from within.

    • People constantly criticize whites for not being nationalistic or culturally ethnic. Yet, we are surrounded by laws that keep us from having our own neighborhoods, schools, clubs, and businesses. Only nonwhites are allowed to have those privileges. The window of opportunity to change things is gone. It ended long ago with the whole Civil Rights Movement, and all of the laws controlling whites.
      Some think Freedom means being able to go out and get drunk as much as they want, or have as much casual sex as they want. Or see movies. Or go gambling. Or get in their car and drive.
      Real freedom allows freedom of thought, freedom of lifestyle, and the freedom to live with who you want, where you want, and also the freedom to NOT have to put up with nonwhites.

  4. The incumbent candidates from both political parties are funded by the same source: individuals and organizations that exercise legal control over the wealth-generating assets that operate in this country. These resources allow the candidates to communicate with potential voters, through name recognition and false promises of specific policy proposals as well as suggestions the candidates hate the same persons and groups as the voters solicited. Without access to the campaign resources offered, no candidate has a realistic opportunity to be elected, either initially or as an incumbent.
    As a result, the members of the House of Representatives and Senate who succeed in being elected or re-elected will work to enact legislation that pretends to meet the wishes of the masses of lower-income and wealth voters while writing into the base legislation carve-outs that reduce or eliminate taxes or regulations that restrict income-generating activities. That is the entire rasion d’etre of both parties: to act as a stationary bandit, extracting tribute from the creative producers of society in return for legal authorization to do whatever it takes to profit, at whatever the cost the the rest of society. This reality is bothersome to each, the investors/producers and politicians, but each benefit, so they act together for their common good.
    Seen in this light, Bitch McConnell’s actions here are perfectly rational: Trump was and is a menace to the dual-party grift of extraction, as he brought to potential reality the possibility of change, from benefits to the few to benefits to the rest, as the result of joint economic activity. That is why he must be barred from ever running again, and his very presence in the consciousness of the citizens must be literally eliminated: TPTB cannot risk the entire population awakening from their wage slavery to the possibility of another way of organizing life, because then the Capitol Lark might morph into the Capitol Revolution. Don’t doubt the criminal legislators (all but a tiny few, as say Tulsi was) were scared for their life, because they realized the next time may be for real.
    In this sense, whether or not Trump was able himself to change anything is beside the point. Of course he did not really change anything, as all “policy” of Trump but the 2017 Tax Cuts were executive orders that were destined to be eliminated by the next Democrat or establishment Republican President, as Joseph is proving even now. The problem for the Oligarchs is not even that the next Populist Hero will be competent or ruthless. No, They fear WE will for once and for all drop our petty hatred and join together, first for a General Strike to show they they need us, then for consistent and effective action, political (the vote), economic (the wallet), and if necessary the bullet (any forceful action to throw the fear of destruction into TPBT). Unless we all act together, now and forever more, no one and nothing will change, and no one and nothing will save us. Truth.

  5. Dump is still in the way; a big potential obstruction because his die-hard retards still believe in him, against all iron-clad proof of his race treason, treachery & cowardice. And so he will continue to bloodsuck their financial support & very limited mental energies with his noise about starting a dead-end Ol’ Glory-wavin’ Patriotard Party that will never touch the billionaire oligarchs, let alone the kikes.

    He needs to be removed from the political scene entirely – and in a way that will further enrage his self-deluded superhero fans – so I support his continued persecution. Besides: the filthy judas DESERVES it.

    Only then will the path be clear for someone competent & deadly serious to emerge to lead the hapless saps; then, the Mt. Everest of billionaire scum, the judenpresse & the bureaucrats will still be there, but the possibility of cleaving them from control of the masses with the battle axe of redistributionism & anti-wokism in a longshot battle will also be there.

    Of course, this presupposes that such an exceptional man can be found, that he can find sufficient funding, and that (((they))) wouldn’t pull off another election theft (yeah, I still doubt that there were enough people like me, who voted for Dump in ’16 but refused to in ’20, to boot his worthless orange ass). But it’s either that, or war.

  6. Hunter, Once upon a time you made a list document Trumps reversals and his backstabs upon us. You didn’t happen to continue to keep track did you? Seems like it was mid to late 2018 when it was published. Something like this might be useful in curing some dummies who maybe arent too far gone.

  7. In other news, I broke a Presidential record in getting impeached TWICE and getting off twice as well. If the [s]election hadn’t been stolen then I’d get impeached three or four times. Shittens Romney would vote to impeach me every single time. Every time I see Mittens it looks like I just barely kept from seeing that Mormon Masonic cuck masturbating and not even getting a blow-job from Ann Romney. Herman Cain should have been the nominee back in 2012.

    They don’t call me the ZOG-Emperor for nothing. I have a way far better than Senile Joe.

  8. “It should be completely unsurprising that red-browns like Tulsi Gabbard, Glenn Greenwald, and Jimmy Dore have started operating within the right-wing.”

    I don’t know what a ‘Red-Brown’ is, BUT, I’ll say this : I regularly listen to these three because they are dealers in The Plain Truth.

    Several years ago I told my wife that, if the United States does not become The Confederate States, Miss Tulsi will be it’s first legitimately elected female president.

    She has tremendous courage and, unlike so many in the political realm, she has a genuine sympathy for her fellow Mankind.

    As to Greenwald : he has few peers as a reporter.

    He has tremendous courage and sterling integrity.

    And Jimmy Dore? He has been screaming the 100% proof truth for as long as I can remember.

    His take on things cuts through what is ‘Left’ & ‘Right’.

    Either Dore or Gabbard, not Biden, would be the Real United Candidate.

    • I’m encouraged that you are following these better than Fox News sources. You might also like the Moon of Alabama blog which is, despite the title, German.

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