President Biden Signs Executive Order On American Manufacturing

This is the tragedy of the Biden administration.

CBS News:

“President Joe Biden is directing the federal government to increase its purchases of U.S.-made goods, seeking to remove loopholes from an existing Buy American policy and follow up on his promise to help the nation’s beleaguered manufacturing industry.

The U.S. has lost about 540,000 factory jobs since last February, as the pandemic pummeled the nation’s economy into recession. The idea behind Mr. Biden’s executive order would in part be to use the roughly $600 billion that the federal government spends annually on procurement to lift domestic manufacturing and employment. …”

“Buy American” day is already completely overshadowed by a blitzkrieg of extreme White upper middle class professional cultural war stuff like Big Tech censorship and Antifa riots and transsexuals in the military and replacing Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill.

The expansion of the SNAP program is another example of this. Cramming all the White liberal shit together in one week to “turn the page of the Trump administration” is overshadowing actions which are being taken that might have a positive impact on the poor and the working class. It is also reminding populist voters of the things they liked about Trump and disliked about the Democrats.

Trump also signed some “Buy American” executive orders. While Trump’s Buy American program was flawed, it wasn’t paired with the biggest amnesty ever for illegal aliens and “racial equity” stuff. This will be drowned out by the weekend after Woke Day and Open Borders Day.

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    • @Flaxen-headed Strumpet Yep, they’re here, and tons of other Central americanos, too. But most of them don’t work.

    • “Central to this is the attempt to divert the anger of workers over attacks on jobs and working conditions outward, directing it against workers in other countries. This runs parallel to the unions embrace of corporatist union-management collaboration aimed at driving down living standards of workers and squelching opposition. The union’s chauvinist attacks on the foreign rivals of US big business have been accompanied by continual demands for ever greater sacrifices by workers. The results have been disastrous, the closure of countless factories, the lowering of wages and the destruction of working conditions (…) As in World War I and World War II, the unions are seeking to line workers up behind the war drive of the US ruling class (…) Among other ‘pro-worker’ gestures adopted by President Biden was an order to establish a $15 per hour minimum wage for both federal workers and federal contractors. This is being presented as a step toward the realization of the unions’ ‘Fight for 15’ demand, a ten-year-long campaign to raise the minimum wage. It should be noted that since the Fight for 15 campaign was launched, the purchasing power of the dollar has significantly eroded, further eviscerating this inadequate demand. The installation of the Biden administration represents the continuation of the viciously anti-worker, pro-big-business policies of the Trump administration, only in slightly altered form. Workers require an independent program and policy to impose a rational and humane solution to the pandemic, defend jobs and living standards and halt the drive to world war….”

  1. “Buy American” doesn’t solve the structural issues that are at the root of American manufacturing decline. And buying from American manufacturers that are staffed by imported laborers is functionally no different for American workers than buying goods manufactured elsewhere. This is just more political theater.

  2. Meaning more made-in-the-U.S. mass-murder military weapons and supplies, for which price is no object – because the Hegemon must secure its control over all essential war-making material.

  3. A meaningless overture to establish plausible deniability whenever cornered for his overt anti-white agenda.

    1) This “made in America” shit will go nowhere. It is a joke for normal morons, the fact of globalism is unchanged. Production will fly to wherever labor is the cheapest and most exploited.
    2) The Democrats will never implement UBI. I am calling it. You will get a marginal and meaningless increase in the minimum wage (nullified by inflation) and Great Society tinkering.
    3) The Democrats will never forgive or erase student debt loans. I am calling that one too. There will be an extended forbearance, but that is all.

    The only thing this administration will really do is categorically anti-white legislation with a few perfunctory “centrist” blurbs like “made in America.” You know why? Because the Democratic party is controlled by the Universities, and you know who populates modern academia, Brad.

    In 4 years, you and Spencer should apologize. Spencer won’t because he is consumed with resentment but you’ve taken the higher road before.

    • apologize for what? Here’s Trump’s hiring practices @ his casinos, golf courses, hotels:

      lower echelon: all cheap labor mestizos, including lotsa illegals.
      middle level mgmt: h1b pajeets.
      upper: Jews, Jews, and more Jews.

      both wings of the Zionist Uniparty are genocidally anti-White. But

      at least the demoncrats are out in the open about it. The republiscams, though,

      are completely shitface, and Whites keep falling for it. Next fake populist:

      Josh “I love H1b’s and Jews” Hawley.

      • Oh, stuff it. If you can’t stand behind someone who at least SAID he was for White America, and then stand still, instead of a giant Secession when the Senile bastard and that Whore pretend to be valid Leaders, then drop dead. Verbal bitch fests don’t do anyone any good… except the Jews. Make actions louder than words, should be our motto…

    • @anonymous:

      You are a different anonymous, but I agree with most or all of your comment. “Production will fly to wherever labor is the cheapest and most exploited” is true of the U.S. and other capitalist “nations,” but not of every nation.

  4. Speaking of Kamala up there in the lede photo …

    Episode of the Simpsons, 19 March 2000, ‘Bart to the Future’ … In this ‘future’ Lisa Simpson has become USA President, and she says in the cartoon:

    “As you know, we’ve inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump.” Trump! That was nearly 21 years ago, public fact and confirmed (Trump was talking about running in the 90s).

    And quite remarkably, in the cartoon, Lisa wears a purple outfit and necklace … which Kamala Harris seems to have copied huugely closely, to wear for her 20 January 2021 inauguration as USA Vice-President … Just sayin’ … the photos together are remarkable, quite funny:

  5. Now that “America” is racially and culturally well on its way to becoming Brazil, buy American doesn’t really buy us anything. Us being White Americans.

  6. Richard Spencer is an elitist dirtbag and comes off as a massive douche. He is not a White Nationalists at all, he is merely a wannabe elitist, which showed when he supported Joe Biden. It was without saying that Joe was senile and would not be leader of anything, he would be the pedestal of the oligarchy to institute hardcore Neoliberalism, and anyone with an IQ under 100 knows this. Except Richard was actively trying to get people to vote for him. He is a grifter, douche, and dirtbag. Why do you associate with him? He shouldn’t be welcome at all in any populist circles. He is an elitist grifter with delusions of grandeur.

  7. The 2020 election and Jan6 feels a little bit like the denouement surrounding Richard III, kids in cages, a final climactic battle where the Boss had several allies not show up to fight at Bosworth Field. You have Henry Tudor armed and financed by a wealthy foreign king and various Stanley types who were on the take from the French monarch. Only difference is that Trump was a coward who didn’t lead his loyalist retainers into the final battle. Richard III was a brave bassass Plantagenet who got to go to Valhalla and lives forever more as a Shakespeare villain/archeological discovery. Trump will fade into a deserved oblivion for inciting then abandoning his followers.

  8. Same old bullshit, different day. How many times are the politicians going to pass buy American Laws—meaningless without enforcement.

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