President Biden’s Screw Up On $2,000 Checks Shows He Is No FDR

This is a no brainer.

80% of the country agrees on $2,000 stimulus checks. Democrats gained control of the Senate because of the popularity of that bread and butter issue and did it in Georgia of all places.

This is such an obvious way to build political support and momentum that it should be the first order of business for the new Democratic Congress. In the wake of the Capitol Siege though, the focus has shifted to “domestic terrorism,” Blumpf’s second impeachment, censorship, transgenderism, racial equity, climate change and comprehensive immigration reform, which are all intensely polarizing. The Democratic agenda is getting larded down with all of these upper middle class White liberal obsessions.

The only way anything is going to get done in this Congress is to depolarize the country by building political support in the middle for the super majority issues. Delivering on the $2,000 stimulus check would help the most people and it would have the greatest positive political impact for Democrats. There is no reason why a clean bill can’t be sent through the House and put on the floor of the Senate immediately like it was earlier this month in the days after Trump called for it before the Georgia Senate races.

Instead of making the obvious right opening move though, Democrats are trying to bundle the $2,000 stimulus checks with a bunch of other less popular things and push it through via the budget reconciliation process like Obama did with Obamacare and Trump did with his tax cuts. In the end, they will finally push something through, but the catch is that this could be two or three months from now and an ordeal and they could always do this without attaching the $2,000 checks as a hostage to the bill. Putting Blumpf on trial in the Senate after he is gone also gives Republicans the excuse that they need not to work with Democrats to get anything done which otherwise might have 63% to 75% public support.

Republicans are clearly evolving on wealth redistribution. Conservatism is retreating in the party. With Bernie and Trump gone, there is a massive Huey Long lane opening up for a clever candidate who can run through the middle in the 2024 Republican primary and pull even more of those disaffected Independent voters like Donald Trump did in the 2016 election. Neoliberal Joe is no FDR and if he fails to deliver on his mandate would get horse whipped by a Huey Long type of populist candidate who could run against political correctness and open borders and in favor of trust busting and wealth redistribution.

Note: In our last podcast, I talked with Richard Spencer about how the Democrats should govern with their new majority. We both concluded that the smart move was delivering on $2,000 checks, containing COVID, distributing the vaccine, rebuilding the economy and maybe something on infrastructure or health care (with a second budget reconciliation bill in 2022) was the right way forward. This is especially true in light of the narrow Democratic majority and the Republican advantage in redistricting.

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  1. “Shows He Is No FDR”:

    FDR (and Eleanor) and Henry Wallace were actual leaders, with actual ideas, whereas “Joe” is a mere puppet figurehead career politician spewing handed-to-him talking points. Not better than Trump, you will see! As Henry Wallace said, “The people must have more than a choice between two evils….”

    • FDR was a POS and he got the US into a war with Germany under the direction of the Zionist oligarchs that he served.

      • I’m not saying he was good (no U.S. President has been good) but only that he had actual ideas, that Biden has none of.

        “under the direction of the Zionist oligarchs that he served”:

        FDR himself may have had some Talmudic genetic heritage.

      • @c d,

        I totally agree. FDR like Woodrow Wilson were WASP pawns of the jews economically, but especially in matters of foreign policy.

        Southerners dislike yankee bastards, unless he or she is their type of yankee bastard. FDR and Wilson both fit the bill for them. Plus, they got to kill and rape Germans (both during and after the war).

  2. By late spring Covid19 will technically speaking have blown through. Delaying dole money just makes the damage more complete. February is going to be rough as hell.

  3. Well, communists are in power now and Joe must do what they want, not what 80% of people want. Absolute majority of communist actions are extremely unpopular and polarizing but communists doing those things anyway.

  4. Is Richard Spencer opposed to anti-white post-1965 Immigration Policy….Or is Richard just a ski-bum in Idaho?

    How about that Sihk legal immigrant…Jarmeet Singh….waging Sihk RACE WAR against Native Born White Canadian Males in Canada….Does this bother you Brad and Ski Slope Richard?

  5. They are coming for gropyer accounts now thanks to Fuentes guilt by association and Rudy Guilani gropyer disavowal

    that_gropyer@ Quite possibly one of the first gropyers has recently been banned from twatter. I bet you he doesn’t think those Rudy guilani cigar memes aren’t so funny anymore…

  6. Every politician has defects (some more than others), not only because all of us have defects, but, so, too, do all constituencies.

    That said, President Biden belongs to an elite group of politicians who took a ton of money, from alien sources over a span of decades, to design and carry out the shipping out of the US economy out of the US.

    That so, it is kind of hard to expect that these same people, so very obviously bereft of sympathy for their fellow countrymen, could be expected to remedy the toxick and mortal effects of their pillage.

    People like President Biden, as normal as his mannerisms may make him seem, have a deep disconnect with their fellow man, something which they spend a lifetime of mastering rhetoric and campaign strategy to obscure.

    Yet, their policies inevitably bely their artifice.

    • “President Biden belongs to an elite group of politicians who took a ton of money, from alien sources over a span of decades, to design and carry out the shipping out of the US economy out of the US.”

      This is the “Beijing Biden” narrative created by Conservative Inc., Phase Two, Steve Bannon edition.

      Biden has been a politician longer than many of have been alive. He has a decades long track record of being in the pay of financial companies.

      But Steve Bannon doesn’t want finance, Wall Street, to be an issue. Instead, Bannon and “Con Part 2” want to whip of rhetorical bullshit against “The Communist Chinese Party.”

      So don’t say “Joe Goldman Sachs Biden” – remember, Bannon is Goldman Sachs – instead say “Joe Beijing Biden.”

      Republicans get paid by Goldman Sachs to shift the attention away from them.

      Plus right-wingers are stupid and easily fall for the Foreign Devil gimmick.

      • @Banned…

        Thank you for your thoughts.

        I take your view on Bannon into consideration..

        As to Biden, I have been following him for a very long time, decades before I knew of a Bannon, and my opinion of him remains – a Neo-Liberal/Neo-Con Centrist mercenary in the service of credit card companies, the Chinese Communist Party, and, I am sure, many others whose identities remain obscure to me.

        As to the postulation of a foreign devil, the observation is inapplicable to my comment, this because the Devils, Biden and politicians like him, are a domestic variety.

        As to China, one would expect them to pursue their own interests.

        • “Biden (…) in the service of credit card companies, the Chinese Communist Party”:

          Biden is serving the former, but not the latter. You are confusing Chinese billionaires with what little is left of communism in China, barely enough, which is all that restrains the billionaires of China from acting exactly like Western billionaires. The common Chinese people still seem to benefit from allowing capitalist behavior. It is called “capitalist road to a socialist destination.” But I say it is a deadly-dangerous road that never needed to be taken. If capitalism gains the upper hand over the people’s party, China will fall to globalism.

          • @Anonymous…

            ““Biden (…) in the service of credit card companies, the Chinese Communist Party”:

            Biden is serving the former, but not the latter. ”

            No, absolutely not.

            President Biden is, as was Senator and Vice President Biden – the most highly placed, powerful, and influential servant of The Chinese Communist Party, and the Globalist Cabal, of which they are are major part, outside of China.

            For all intents and purposes, China conquered this country without firing a shot, and their appointed governor now sits over us – just as New England Yankees picked Republican governors to sit over The South in the 1860s.

            That said, conquering a country is one thing – successfully occupying it is quite another.

    • “People like President Biden, as normal as his mannerisms may make him seem, have a deep disconnect with their fellow man, something which they spend a lifetime of mastering rhetoric and campaign strategy to obscure”:

      There is a much higher than average incidence of psychopathy and sociopathy in career politicians, as well as corporate CEOs, clergy, financial and other sales professionals.

  7. Brad

    I thought you and Richard were going to do a two hour show about the Black Police Officer….BLM inspired…who beat a young pregnant White Woman to a pulp a week ago…Striker has the video…….What gives with you and Ski Slope Richie?

  8. I’m not so sure Democrats would mind throwing the Republican Party a life line in order to try to give the two party system some sense of legitimacy. Biden said he wants to see a strong Republican Party. In the same way the Republicans don’t want anything close to total power for fear of showing themselves for the whores they are, the dems don’t have much interest in giving the people what they want, and by delaying real issues, and focusing on divisive ones they can help re-legitimize the Republicans, and never have to deliver.

    • It is like a tennis match.

      One side serves the ball and hits it over to the other side. They hit the ball back. And so on it goes. Nothing is ever accomplished and political theater and performance art is used to distract the public which becomes ever more angrier and polarized.

  9. The Democrats are far from FDR in 2021. All because the party is stuck on Black, Mexican, Feminist, and Gay Identity Politics. Everybody but White People are welcome in the Democratic Party now. I’d say the party has no interest in ever representing White People again. Sure they get on a few good issues which I like. However “Identity” politics rules the day with everything they do. When the Democrats come up with great ides like another stimulus check….it gets about 5 minutes of attention while Identity Politics on the left wing rules the rest of the day. Oh but the Republicans are no better. What the Republicans do is pretend they care about Law & Order but look the other way when a bunch of Violent Thugs vandalized our Monuments and many of them removed. Oh and I didn’t see a single business get a penny of Government money…those businesses that was looted or burned by the Violent Thugs of the left wing. Republicans only care about the Jews and the Super Rich….many of them are Jews. I think Putin said it best….America’s problem is Individualism and Russian on the other hand thinks about the Collective. We should do the same in the White Nationalist Movement…focus on what’s good for all White People…not individual White People. Deo Vindice !

  10. In a post racial Nation, nostalgia is but a narcotic, as is political socialism. Just how many $2,000 checks do we intend to send out on our way to racial, cultural suicide? It’s nothing but economic, palliative care for Whites. $15 per hour? Why not $100 or $1000? Until we focus on the real enemy, we are merely selecting more comfortable coffins for ourselves. There’s still time to turn the lights on and to open the eyes of our White family. Time is running out however, it a race now to the (maybe our) finish).

    • MPO,

      A sustained White strike across the country would shake this Frankfort school social engineered abomination to its core, but Whites, most especially White normies would not allow themselves to lose a paycheck or two in order to demonstrate how much anti-Whites are the privileged ones to live among us.

      Critical Race Theory and other marxist indoctrination would be seen for the venomous jewish racial hatred towards Whites that it always was.

  11. Biden and FDR have a lot in common, they’re both socialists. FDR’s mother made him wear a dress until he was 6 years old.

    • Neither one is socialist. FDR was fully capitalist, a capitalist reformer by necessity. His VP Henry Wallace was closer to socialism.

      Six years is a little long but it was common practice to put dresses on little boys being potty trained, and for awhile thereafter, followed by knickers.

    • @John,

      Lindsey “Lady G” Graham is known to fancy a dress and heels, and he is 65.

      J. Edgar “Mary” Hoover would wear a dress for his paramour Claude Tolson.

  12. The author of this blog seems to have a fundamental misunderstanding of the Democrat policy agenda.

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