Thomas Frank: The Elites Are Coming Together

The flexing of all this hard power by our corporate ruling class in the name of Trump hysteria is already making lots of people who are traditional liberals from Thomas Frank to Glenn Greenwald to Tulsi Gabbard extremely uncomfortable. The Blumpf threat was wildly exaggerated.

We thought he was a joke. He sat in the Oval Office eating McDonald’s and drinking Diet Coke, tweeting empty threats, yelling at the “shows” on television. Even when Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioted for months all across the country, Trump the “fascist” did nothing. Is there anything more “authoritarian” than the power these unaccountable corporate elites wield to censor and cancel people for having a different opinion or their pathetic little minions who relish destroying the lives of ordinary people?

In the end, they couldn’t resist revealing themselves and showing Trump who is boss. Love him or hate him, Blumpf was the president and he was relatively powerless compared to this cabal of elites.

Note: Check out the full interview.

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  1. At a recent Entomological Conference Entomologist announced the following scientific discovery:

    Joe Biden is a filthy fucking cockroach

    Kamala Harris is a filthy fucking cockroach

    Donald Trump is a filthy fucking cockroach

    • I never remember seeing an Indian or Pakistani outside of a convenience store 20 years ago. Now they are almost all I see outside of Central Americans and black people. Black people and Indians seem to have a lock on government jobs because every postal worker etc is defintiely not white.

      I asked a few of them about the convenience store racket and he was very open. something about pooling family money, low interest immigrant friendly loan and either no taxes or a massive break for seven years. Then you sell the business to your brother and he gets another seven years

      • I saw this browning-out all throughout Ohio, where I hadn’t been since young adulthood. Not just Mexicans and South Americans — India Indians. Now, even in small nothing towns in Indiana. It’s over.

  2. Back in 1965 a 90 percent Native Born White America should have remained labor self-sufficient:No Hindu Legal Immigrants….No Chinese Legal immigrants. The Elites wanted a massive labor subsidy….And lets not kid ourselves:Thomas Franks always wanted to give the Elites a massive Labor subsidy as did Noam Chomsky.

  3. Black Lives Matter has engaged in ten years of racial intimidation of innocent White Americans….think about it:RACIAL INTIMIDATION….

    BLACK LIVES MATTER is funded by multi-billionaire Elites such as Jeff Bezos…Bill Gates…Mark Zuckerberg…

    The FBI acts as the Gestapo for BLACK LIVES MATTER…….Think about it….

  4. What does the slimey Matt Taibi stand for? Nonwhite Legal Immigrant Labor subsidy for the Billionaire. At thee nd of the day, this Matt Taibi’s moral code…Matt Taibi is another creepy shit….

  5. “””….making lots of people who are traditional liberals ….extremely uncomfortable…””

    You know, butcher really does not care about sheep’s comfort.

    Donald was your last line against full communism Now communists are in charge and enforce their will. They just do not care about someone comfort.

  6. As even the semi-mainstream Real Clear Politics site says,
    ‘Democrats Have Released a Roadmap to One Party Rule’

    Biden-Harris have their ‘Commission on Supreme Court Reform, i.e., packing the court, in the works

    Legislation going thru Congress to mandate vote fraud tools in all states, things such as:

    – Making it illegal to check identity

    – Stopping ‘cleansing of voter records’ to eliminate dead people, people moved away, old names of people who now, e.g., have different names thru marriage

    – Fully endorsing ‘ballot harvesting’, where ‘volunteers’ go into poor and minority neighbourhoods, and ‘collect’ ballots from individuals who ‘aren’t going to the polls’, with ‘no limits’ on how many hundreds of ballots these ‘volunteers’ can ‘assemble’ in this way, after they ‘witness some signatures’ … with questions about these people discouraged or penalised

    One should recall that Facebook’s Zuckerberg spent $400 million ‘assisting poor city people to vote’ and helping throw the election to Biden

    Hunter perhaps is biased against the vote fraud narrative because of confirmation bias for his prediction that Trump would lose … but in fact it seems quite a thing, its ‘winning’ techniques now to be much expanded

    • The electioneering by the tech giants, party, and traditional press was “sharp” to put in mildly. It didn’t feel like a democratic process. I’m no fan of mail in balloting unless you really can’t be in town to vote. Also the rioting! sponsored by the Dems on the sly, the strange behavior of the technical medical class and the public health officials during Covid19 flipping recommendations on various theraputics and cautionary measures as it suited them to contradict Trump as much as possible.

  7. Trump getting de-platformed has had the unfortunate effect of reinforcing the falsehood that he is not one of the elite and that he is somehow anti-establishment. He is a billionaire with Jewish grandchildren. He played gold with Bill Clinton and Michael Bloomberg. He has the Prime Minister of Israel as a guest in his apartment. He is about as elite as it is possible for a gentile to be.

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