Ricky Vaughn Has Been Indicted By The DOJ For The 2016 Meme War


Tucker Carlson addresed Ricky Vaughn’s arrest at the top of his show.


We need to wait for more reporting on this issue before jumping to conclusions.

This is a grotesque abuse of power.

While I don’t care for Ricky Vaughn (we were targeted by his “wignat” psyop after Charlottesville), nothing that Douglass Mackey has done on the internet is nearly as worrisome as the DOJ prosecuting him for “conspiring” to share memes on the internet to “influence” an election. The indictment alleges that Ricky Vaughn accumulated a larger Twitter audience than NBC News and Stephen Colbert and that constitutes election interference. This reeks of political retaliation and butthurt over the 2016 election.

Baked Alaska and Microchip are allegedly being charged as Ricky Vaughn’s “co-conspirators” based on a BuzzFeed article. What about the people who banned the president of the United States and hundreds of thousands of his followers from social media? Is that election interference?

Note: It is unclear whether this case was already in the pipeline during the Trump administration. The FBI was already working on it before the 2020 election.

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  1. The abjectly corrupt DOJ and their FBI thugs are at it again. No surprise. Next, I’ll be indicted for petting my cat too much. This world has gone full retard.

  2. Ricky set up a phone number for them to text to, thus losing his social media protection.

    I visted Ricky when he was still on twitter. He tweeted like a machine or man possesed, but it was contard bullshit with red meat thrown out for WN. If Ricky is convicted then the entire Republican Party should convicted on similar charges. The Republicans run on popular issues like immigration restriction, and when in office only do tax cuts for the rich, and free stuff for Israel. Is that not fraud and theft of legitimate votes?

  3. He is in many ways the perfect lamb to take to the federal slaughter; the first of many to come.

    He is the “perfect sacrifice” because his alleged “crime” was keeping black people from voting.

    This unique thought crime will make sure that NOT ONE REPUBLICAN, Libertarian, or white male in the Congress or Senate will object to this. Don’t look for Rand Paul to make a fuss, or the ACLU.

    He is accused of preventing 4,900 low IQ Zulu tribesmen from voting for Clinton.

    In 2021 Woke America this is akin to being accused of having sex with children. (Actually it’s worse, given the acceptance of drag queens with toddlers on their laps at the public library during “Drag Queen Story Hour.”)

    Black people are the NUMBER ONE protected class in a America. If you mislead them, ridicule them, question why they commit so many crimes, you are risking prison or worse.

    Had the meme been about White Germans texting their vote for Trump “the Nazi” there would have been no problem.

    I was born in 1959, this is not my America anymore. I don’t recognize the land of the free, the home of the brave, that I was raised in during the 1960s.

    • “Had the meme been about White Germans texting their vote for Trump ‘the Nazi’ there would have been no problem”:

      Yes. There is plenty of “free speech” within clearly marked bounds. In fact a “lively political and cultural discourse” is encouraged, within the strict, clearly marked bounds. But anyone who “goes off the reservation” without punishment has to be rich or wealth-connected and protected.

    • @Mortal This is a great comment and surprisingly hip to the state of thing for a man in his sixties. You might have twenty or so years on me but this was more on point than majority of thirty and forty some things who still cling to the last remaining shreds of normalcy. I would only add that blacks are not protected because those in power care anymore about them. They just serve as a weapon to be used against whites physically and emotionally seeing that eight percent plus of whites feel some sort of guilt for either things they didnt do or pure fantasy they were taught by school and media

      • Thank you! I have seen a lot in my time.

        I was still in my early teens when…..

        Cops carried 6-shot, .38 revolvers WITHOUT any body armor or vests.

        Marriage was expected and socially enforced. It wasn’t “cool to shack up.”

        Homosexuality was illegal in most places and they were often arrested.

        Race-Mixing was considered sick and against nature. Those who did so were excluded from friends and family.

        Cops enforced “unofficial” racial boundaries in cities, keeping the races apart and crime contained.

        (Note: as late as 1989, I saw an episode of “COPS” where this White Tampa, FL. cop finds a White kid in a black area trying to buy drugs. The cop says, “I’m the only White face you will ever see in this neighborhood, don’t you ever let me catch you down here again trying to buy dope. Stay out!” )

  4. “Note: It is unclear whether this case was already in the pipeline during the Trump administration. The FBI was already working on it before the 2020 election.”

    Doesn’t this answer itself?

    Anyhow, fuck Ricky Vaughn. All he ever did was make memes and crappy arguments. I’m a midwit and even I tore him up back when I bothered to use Gab.

    Intentionally trying to be a “social influencer” on social media in current year, even current year minus 4 is enough to make me doubt his intentions. Dude turned out to be a republican operative anyhow, so if anybody was gonna be on top of the shit list, it would be the slow wildebeest in the herd of republican operatives and climbers that were trampled and left behind by Trump.

    There’s no bad thing too bad that can befall this dude imo. He’s a pure opportunist and cynic.

    Anglin is gonna be in the crosshairs. He was a major public proponent of “Storming” the capitol. He can get vanned too for all I care. You won’t catch me clutching my pearls and making gay libertarian arguments for why “muh civil liberties” or “muh principles” should mean I dont want to see these tools get destroyed in unjust or unconstitutional ways.

    They have earned their fates.

    • Gab is so dumb, it’s really beneath my dignity to post anything there. As far as Lil’ Andre goes I agree with Pastor Lindstedt, he’s not in some heavily-guarded compound on the outskirts of Lagos, he’s hiding in the basement of one of his dad’s rental units in East Columbus.


    You’re being to nice Brad you want the screenshots of what he use to say about you? Reminder he was a big part of the dox of right wingers, the faggot got multiple of our guys arrested.

    He deserves everything he’s going to get. He’s going to find out true “White Identity” (remember he said it doesn’t exist) when he has to join the White Knights in prison just to survive.

    Fuck him, Karma.

    • I don’t feel the least bit sorry for Douchebag Douglass Mackey. He’s a spoiled, arrogant frat boy who stupidly attempted to turn the “alt right” into just another wing of the GOP. I’m guessing this investigation began during the Trump regime, but ZOG-FBI sat on it until a liberal Democrat administration came to power. If he goes down does that mean his faggy boyfriends Anglin and Assholemador go down with him?

  6. How DARE anyone, even an American citizen, who is not duly authorized DARE to try to influence any election in the exceptional “nation”/empire! “Free” speech is NOT free, so now he must PAY for it! He’d better be able to afford to pay for his “free” speech. This isn’t China. Freedom in the Empire of the Dollar exists in direct proportion to personal wealth.

  7. We are in exactly the same place as we were prior to Trump coming down the escalator. The “alt-right” used to rely on independent websites and podcasts, NOT social media and youtube. That was aTrump phenomenon and died by the end of the Trump era. I suppose it was four wasted years, but probably a necessity given how fast the so-called alt-right was growing. Transcending both parties with populism is the way forward. That has never been more clear. It’s the only way.

    Even though these people that get used and abused by the GOP DOJ are not our friends (they started the “wignat” label), this is still a travesty and a blatant overreach.

  8. Remember,Biden pick to Run the Civil Rights division of the DOJ,Kristen Clarke,is some sort of We wuz Kang believer,so no surprise.

    • They didn’t just roll this out in the last week. It was obviously in the works under the Trump admin, but they were just waiting for him to leave office before dropping it. Biden’s crew most likely had nothing to do with it.

  9. What Ricky was mostly doing on Twitter was recycling Trump press releases using his own wording. An old PR trick. A few other characters were doing that too, and attracting huge followings.

    How dumb would you have to be to take a character like “Ricky Vaughn” seriously. Is the FBI saying Blacks really are that stupid?

  10. I am just waiting for a comment from longtime OD commenter Buttgoy Ricky Vaugh so I can have a good laugh. Fighting for Trump really has paid off. The meme warriors are being jailed, the My Pillow guy is in limbo, thoudands of followers are waiting federal charges and a billion dollars light in donations. It really worked out well for team Maga

  11. Seems like it was inevitable that restrictions which previously applied to other forms of media would start to be applied to the internet and social media.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if there actually was a law against the kind of memes he posted, if say a newspaper had published them in earnest. He might have been kidding but the system doesn’t care about the ironic or “just kidding” aspects, they would tend to treat it as an earnest attempt at voter suppression. They have been closing off “clever” ideas like that since the 1960s and they’re quite thorough. Many, many things are already illegal but not commonly enforced online.

    This seems like another in a long line of incidents where the online right decided it was a good idea to “meme” “ironically” about questionable stuff that ended up amounting to evidence that could be used against them.

    Seems like “standing in solidarity” with MIGA as they experience the consequences of their self destructive actions is not a strategy that leads anywhere, except back to the GOP.

    You aren’t going to capture that energy, the GOP will, that’s what they plan to run on in the next few elections.

  12. Who exactly is this Ricky Von? A racial nationalist? A civic nationalist? Pro-Trump I guess. What you call “amnats?” With Nick Fuentes? What did he believe? Anyone fill me in?


  13. Good. Warms my heart to see Republican party operatives sent to the big house. Hopefully many more members of their party will join him.

    • @Dart

      The Democratic party should declare the Republican party an illegal terrorist organization, then arrest the top GOP ring-leaders and send them to prison.

      That would be great – I would vote for that. GOP Delenda Est.

  14. Memes for me but not for thee. The US govt uses them all the time to attack their opponents. The hypocrisy is out of control.

    • The FBI and DOJ are the enforcement arm of ZOG and the j-bag oligarchs – notice how heavily the goons-with-badges come down on Whites but the hebes and bootlips get the Kid Glove Treatment.

  15. So let me get this straight:

    Every MIGAtard who insisted that “wignats” would ruin your life and lead you to prison…is now having their life ruined and being sent to prison?

    I’m OK with that.

  16. The fake nationalism of the MIGA movement is a far more insidious enemy than the open neoliberalism of the Biden administration so I welcome the persecution of Mackey and his fellow meme-warriors. As pro-White activists we should reserve our most forceful condemnation for little worms like him who steal our talking points for the purpose of electing Zionist politicians. Every time a Tucker Carlson or a Douglass Mackey says something that resonates with us we must remember that these people are engaged in a cynical attempt to take our audience and lead them up the dead-end path of kosher conservatism.

    The left cracking down on the MIGA movement is a positive development because it clears the stage and removes fake opposition. The choices become increasingly clear: It’s either neoliberalism or explicit White Nationalism. I look forward to Mackey attempting to appeal on the grounds of ‘irony’ lol. Something tells me his opponents wont get the ‘joke’.

    • I normally don’t revel in the misfortune of others but in this case I shall proceed to chuckle 1,488 times.

    • @Ricky Butt-Goy Vaughn

      “As pro-White activists we should reserve our most forceful condemnation for little worms like him who steal our talking points for the purpose of electing Zionist politicians. Every time a Tucker Carlson or a Douglass Mackey says something that resonates with us we must remember that these people are engaged in a cynical attempt to take our audience and lead them up the dead-end path of kosher conservatism. ”

      This 100%.

      Come the revolution I call dibs on pushing the button to gas Tucker Carlson, in revenge for what he did to the families of the victims of the 9/11 attacks.

      • I seem to remember TC as a bow-tied frat house boy at the Weekly Standard and CNN’s Crossfire, arguing for the rape of Iraq and Afghanistan. Or am I being unfair?

  17. The mainstream media EXISTS for the purpose of influencing political thought, and is funded and controlled by… who do you think?

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