Huey Long and Charles Coughlin Speak In 1935

Editor’s Note: I’m experiencing déjà vu.

Do progressives have any good ideas which weren’t originally our ideas which they have since mixed up with toxic garbage like open borders and political correctness?

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    • Populism also served to pacify the population. BOTH capitalist reform movements, the Progressive AND THE POPULIST movements, served to steer the population away from voting for, or even thinking about Socialism/Communism. Anything short of completely changing the system is a mere temporary reform, to be followed by a doubling-down of exploitation.

  1. The dems/reps were as useless in the 30’s as they are today. Fr. Coughlin had similar orator qualities as the man in Germany at the same time.

    • “The shame state of today oppressing the working class and protecting the pirated gains of the bankers and stock exchange speculators is the area for reckless private enrichment, and for the lowest political profiteering.”

      – A. Hitler

      • Hitler may have lived with his half brother Patrick in Liverpool for several months during the year 1912, O.D.

      • As a native Austrian, Hitler’s German speaking accent was essentially a little bit like the way a Scot, Welshman or Irishman sounds to an Englishman. Misty, windswept, rugged, romantic like the mountains, glens or valleys themselves.

        That’s what a former Hitler youth girl said about his voice when I asked her about her childhood in Germany. The voice evoked a place.

      • An earlier Southern populist, Thomas E. Watson, understood the evil of Catholicism and would never have travelled with a priest. The Papacy is the enemy of every people, every nation. Many of Huey Long’s Louisiana constituents were Catholic and they were, no doubt, pleased that he took up with Coughlin. But he should have led them out of their superstitious imprisonment instead of supporting it.

        • Didn’t the Klan have a Catholic chapter in Louisiana called the Knights of the White Camilla or something like that?

        • @anonymous,

          The British and American Protestant elites and no so elites have been intertwined tighter than two coats of paint with jewry. No other people to this very day have been in service to international jewry. That’s not just my opinion, but irrefutable historical fact.

        • Yeah, the Roman Catholic Church is a cult like Judaism. Watson had the Roman Church figured out, and his essays on Roman Catholicism are excellent and factual. The Catholics even managed to have his newspapers, and magazines banned from the US Mail twice. No small political trick in those days.

          Things will not improve for White Americans until White Protestants start standing up to Catholic politicians, and working to break up the Judeo-Catholic alliance in Congress, the State Houses, and Big City government. When Paddy, Tony, or Stush start getting fat lips, things will change for the good!

          This being nice to the Roman Catholic politicians has got us nowhere. No matter what the Catholics promise they are liars.

  2. I can’t wait until HW discusses the German-American Bund, along with the antiwar activities of great Americans like Mrs. Elizabeth Dilling!

  3. Re: Coughlin’s “National Union for Social Justice” rhetoric:

    All those nice words about nationalizing resources and sharing the wealth don’t impress me at all. They were propaganda to gain support for a Catholic fascist movement, to replace the New Deal “democracy,” that would have further oppressed the population. Coughlin consistently opposed genuine socialism. and he kept it up long after the “de-platforming” in his widely-read Cold War anti-Russia, anti-China newspaper columns up to his death.

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