Luke O’Brien: Ricky Vaughn Was Like a Field Commander In The Assault On Our Democracy

The notorious edgelord and shitposter known as “Ricky Vaughn” shared saucy memes on the internet in the 2016 election and accumulated a larger audience than NBC News and Stephen Colbert by making fun of Hillary Clinton. After all these years, Ricky’s assault on our democracy has not been forgotten. No one who has the wrong political opinions should ever be free to communicate or share their views on the internet. It is simply too dangerous. We barely survived Donald Trump’s fascism.

Meanwhile, these people have Big Tech colluding to wipe the president of the United States and tens of thousands of his followers off the internet, the Justice Department arresting Twitter social media influencers for sharing memes, the National Guard occupying Washington, DC and have constructed a razor wire fence around the U.S. Capitol. They are also comparing millions of American citizens to ISIS and al-Qaeda insurgents and have instructed the DOJ, FBI and CIA to treat them as “domestic terrorists.” Apparently, the United States has been transformed into Iraq or Afghanistan since Joe Biden was sworn into office, which is why it is necessary to establish a woke totalitarian police state.

Strangely enough, there doesn’t seem to be any public support for it. Most Americans would rather see the Democrats focus on containing COVID, delivering their $2,000 checks and rebuilding the economy. They also want Congress to do reasonable things for workers like reduce health care costs, not stir up more political polarization. CNN is way out over its skis on establishing a dictatorship.

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    • If the FBI/DOJ makes fools of themselves by persecuting Mackey, they will find that all he did was re-write Trump press releases and add a little punch to them. Nothing really controversial, just Babylon Bee style humor.

      This could turn out to be a big payday for Mackey, and he is making a real name as a journalistic great!

      During my career, I wrote a lot of press releases, and letters, so I caught on to Mackey early in the game.

  1. I am telling you, all the assaults on free speech are being done for one purpose and one purpose only, to silence Christ in his second coming. The salvation of human kind must no be hear and the Jews will do everything they can to stop it.

    • I will bite. The Jewish desire to return to Israel is to bring about the messiah. In Christian eschatology that triggers the final Judgement of Christ on humanity. Would seem the Jews are intent on apocalyptic goals.

      • cf. the radical Jewess (((Nina Paley))). An advocate for

        the (((Human Extinction))) movement. But in general, Jews

        merely want to extinct the Whites. And are doing so quite efficiently.

      • Robert, Captain. You both are operating from a false premise.
        1) Robert- Christ has ALREADY come- read Matt. 24. ‘THIS GENERATION’ now living- not some future people. There is not going to be a ‘future Second Coming’ per the idiots that read the “Left Behind” crap. It’s FICTION. it’s also a heresy. Dispensationalism is the great JEWISH-SPUN attempt to defang Christianity from realizing that ALL POWER AND AUTHORITY is ALREADY GIVEN. You’re mired in an eschatology of defeat, and not the Biblical one. Which is why the Jews are in control!
        If we all realized that White, Christian Europe IS the ONLY ‘Israel’ God gives a damn about, we could rule the world.
        2) Capt. Jews do not WANT ‘the Messiah.’ Talmudic thought (which is the foundation of all contemporary Judaism, even the Hassidic kind) believes the JEWISH RACE to be its’ OWN Messiah.
        THey could care less for YHWH to send THE Messiah. In fact, the Jews crucifed that one, and are in a 2000-year DENIAL of the crime of killing Christ.

    • I also believe Orange Jesus second coming.

      This is the only logic explanation to the current planet wide hysteria. In EU they also scream that Donald permanently damaged the democracy.

      Maybe communists are right and he did. This explains pointless and brainless things and repressions like Hitler did in spring 1945.

    • Browning: If Christ didn’t return after the Plague of Justinian in 541 what makes you think he’s coming back now? The truth is he was never here in the first place.

      • If he never existed then why all the hatred for him in the Jew heart? 2,000 years is an awfully long time to hate someone who never existed, even for a mentally and emotionally maladjusted schizophrenic that is your typical run of the mill Jew.

        Have you even seen one of then walk by a church and spit on the ground as if they are spitting up a lung?? You kind are hilarious you know that kyke?

          • Why kill an innocent man who did no wrong? Only an animal persecutes and torments the weak and the innocent. If the Jews are human then they should have a reason, no kyke?

            I will tell you why kyke, Christ was the son of God, the Jews believed Christ was the son of God. The Jews took Christ hostage. The Jews wanted God to meet their demands and expectations. When God refused the Jews killed their hostage.

            How can you be anything but revolting garbage in the eyes of God? You are not even human kyke. You are an animal and animals can never rule over human kind. Get it through your thick skull, kyke.

          • Spahn & Goddess on point. How are you going to merely survive Jews tireless dedication to make Aryans extinct if you truly believe (claim you do, i was born in it too) that the king of kings, the creator of creation, is a friggin Jewish volcano demon who spawned a rabbi son who died to save us? Yeah, right, he wasn’t a Jew.

            So long as it doesn’t threaten to make my people extinct with insane & God-awful advice with “holy” mandates like “love thy enemy…turn the cheek…resist not evil..” AND come from a hostile alien subspecies intent to torture all your people to death in the most sadistic ways that probably none of us could even imagine if we were left to our natural devices, I dgaf what you believe or worship. It’d be one thing if this desert death cult came from Iceland, it didn’t.

            It’d be one thing if it were explicitly solely for Aryan people (like ancestor veneration, which Aryan’s practiced until this (((Cult From Judea))) destroyed) and actually protected us. It didn’t, it doesn’t. Ever hear of “Court Jew”s? Look it up, dare ya.

            Well aware that today Aryans are a minority outnumbered by mudbloods in this once “based” cult. This cult that, supposedly – was all that held Aryans together and so on, but the early “pre-subverted” Cult From Judea in truth forbade Aryans from doing usury, but it allowed Jews to loan at interest. Allowed to loan at interest to Aryans who belonged to the cult!

            The whole damn reason that the Aryan aristocracy took loans from Jews in the first place was because Aryans were not allowed to do usury, period. The early “based” cult from judea helped enrich the Jews even more! And always protected them when the Aryan plebs were so sicj and tired of the relentless terrorism & torture by Jews that they wanted to round them all up to eliminate them. Read the (((Cult’s))) apologist E.M.J.’s “Revolutionary Spirit..”, over & over the “pre-subverted” trojan horse cult intervened to save the Jews from the outraged & abused people. Told them they needed to drip water on the Jews and bring them into the cult, but not by force, so pray…trust the plan.

            How are you going to rally to fight an already uphill struggle against “people” you believe have “souls of inestimatible value created by God”? You won’t. Why did Jews never use the same merciless ruthlessness to destroy the cult you are so convinced they “hate” (sooooo much) the same way they destroyed Nazi Germany? Why is it allowed on radio and everywhere else? Why did the cult literally side with commies to try to stop Hitler from coming to power? Why do Jews happily fund the cult to help them build more cult gathering dens? Why were almost all the traitors who Hitler failed to purge who methodically sabotaged the German war effort, and who tried to kill Hitler, members of this cult?

            Almost every traitor like the July 20 Plot plotters were explicitly motivated by the teachings of this cancerous coward breeding cult. So too were the other misguided traitors who thought it was the worst thing ever to have a nation of their own run by people who were looking out for their best interests, who were appaled by the idea Jews shouldn’t be able to rule & plunder & torture & kill their people. The cult hid a lot of Jews to prevent them from being deported.

            Soul equality=liberalism, and individualism. And “pathological altruism.” The cult is the core of the Jewish subversion, and you’re a joke of an Aryan loyalist if you don’t oppose it even though it’s members will lust for your blood & wish to burn you at the stake. It’s killing us. It got us here. It keeps us stuck here. It forbids us from fighting back. With it’s corrosive madness, it’ll be a miracle if we can even deport the Jews (which works SO WELL, only at least 109 times, but heh maybe this time it will really truly be different…pathetic). Libtards are merely cult members who focus upon the cult’s ethics without all the theoligical supernatural nonsense none of you truly believe.

            Who gives a damn about refusing to fight to protect their children & grandchildren when he thinks he will not only avoid eternal damnation but also be rewarded with endless bliss for doing so? What’s this life/world compared to that? It’s a sick death cult designed to create slaves. And nothing including burning me at the stake will change that!

            A real & just God wouldn’t damn you eternally for defending yourself or your children from a hostile subspecies nor would he reward you for selling them out & just praying harder. Believe in fairies, leprechauns, goblins,…whatever rocks your boat so long as it’s not a threat to our entire people’s existence (much less the most potent threat) and Jewish to add insult to injury.

        • Pet theory is that we are dealing with a literary construct. Probably an anti Semitic Greek lampooning the Jews. If all roads lead to Rome, all the receipts and invoices led to Jerusalem.

  2. Imagine being the main shill and shit-stirrer for Trump, and then have it turn out his DOJ was investigating you for a felony.


      • TJ I see it everyday. These sad lost people gloating that “people now see the mistake they made not supporting the best American president ever. His sin was loving the people too much”.

        It is scary on so many levels. They learned nothing and would march for him again

        • @Captain Shill,

          Amazing and terrifying at the same time. I’ve heard those same words and sentiments from cultists of MAGA too in the aftermath of the November election and biden’s inauguration. In my opinion, the Svengali hold trump has over these delusional fools is more contagious and dangerous than COVID-19 ever was or will be. He is their Jim Jones.

  3. Politically Incorrect speech will not only get you banned, defamed, jobless and physically attacked; it will land you in the slammer. Welcome to the emerging Anti-White American police state.

  4. “Ricky Vaughn Was Like a Field Commander In The Assault On Our Democracy”

    This sounds so stupid.

      • Mackey would probably get “fragged” by his own troops. That happened a lot during the Vietnam War.

    • I’m so tired of people using the rhetoric of pretending that they are “democracy,” and using that rhetoric in whatever culture war you want. And pretending in your own delusional world you speak for the entire collective society, “our democracy,” “our rights,” or “our liberty.” Bitch, he’s part of that democracy. The fact is that democracy has different sides waging their own little wars to gain supremacy. That is what democracy is.

      “An assault on our democracy.” Give me a fucking break. It’s so tiresome.

  5. He knew he was collaborating with Israelis. He thought it was a game, a sport, a contest. Just like the student president election, or a local alderman.

    But he collaborated with a foreign state – Israel – to interfere in the US elections. He probably had no idea how serious it was.

    Obviously he is a scapegoat.

    Sadly no one told him what happens when you collaborate with Jews, Israelis, Zionists, etc. You will be the scapegoat. You will be thrown under the bus.

    Shabbos Goyim pays well but it’s a temporary position.

  6. The question for all the feds and glowies tho …

    Are they gonna do a federal indictment against Kristina Wong, the Twitter user who in November 2016, did the EXACT SAME THING Ricky Vaughan did, except that she was targeting Trump voters to text their vote, or alternatively vote (too late) on ‘Super Wednesday’ the day after the election?

    Twitter is still showing the tweet, with video of Kristina Wong herself verbally engaged in what the feds must agree is Ricky-Vaughan-type attempts to ‘violate civil liberties’ etc ..

    In case it gets zapped, the tweet says –

    Hey Trump Supporters! Skip poll lines at #Election2016 and TEXT in your vote! Text votes are legit. Or vote tomorrow on Super Wednesday!

    — Kristina Wong (@mskristinawong) November 8, 2016

    • It might seem ridiculous on the surface but memes are serious business, they are literally tools of war. What are WWII propaganda leaflets if not pre-internet memes? And let’s not forget the biggest most destructive meme of all, the meme of the sacred 6 million.

      • English Civil war started because of cheap dreadful illustrated atrocity porn about the Irish killing plantation prots.

      • I disagree, brother. Those memes didn’t work out so well when Trump was depicted as a savior, another Hitler and going to gas the jews when he was running in 2016 and 2020? Memes don’t always equate to reality and might work well in a propaganda war but we are well past that now. I believe in action, not shit posting. That’s just me.

        • The memes depicting Trump as Hitler were likely made by Zionist Jews trying to get White Nationalists to start voting Republican again. Only a Jew could have the chutzpah to depict a billionaire friend of Israel with Jewish grandchildren as the savior of the west.

  7. Good comments, Spahn, Goddess & PsychelonB. Xtianity is spiritual curare for the White race in a real world filled with predators & parasites united in their hatred of & longing to destroy us.

  8. Be careful you don’t fall into the perilous trap of feeling sympathy for your enemies Brad, these kosher nationalist types, which Doug Mackey was the leader of, are the antithesis of White Nationalism. Where we want self-determination for European peoples they want to strengthen the Jewish stranglehold on our institutions. This is not a dangerous precedent for us because we are already at rock bottom in the eyes of the establishment. What is going on here is a civil war between two Jewish ideologies: that of Jewish neo-liberalism and Jewish neoconservativism. Both are absolute poison but the neocon side is worse because it pretends to be secretly pro-White when it is not.

    Remember Mackey compared White Nationalists to Islamic terrorists and said our ideology comes from sexual frustration because we are losers who cannot get laid. He represents all that is wrong with the alt-right and the phony populism of 2016. Just sit back and enjoy the progressives taking out the controlled opposition.

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