Thirties Nostalgia

We spent several months last year on the 1920s.

I’ve been enjoying continuing my research into the 1930s. It has been interesting reading about Huey Long and Father Coughlin. We haven’t seen their style of politics in our lifetimes.

Neoliberal Joe isn’t FDR. He is dialing up the culture war rhetoric. In contrast, FDR presided over the repeal of Prohibition – the most divisive culture war issue of his times – in his first year in office. Immigration had been settled by the Immigration Act of 1924 and was pushed to the backburner by the circumstances of the Great Depression. FDR got 15 major bills passed in his first 100 days, realigned our politics and built a coalition that endured until the 1970s. If Joe Biden tried to do something similar today, he would be accused of “collaboration” with the “far right” and “white supremacy.”

FDR’s base was the Solid South. He literally “collaborated” with white supremacy. The Glass-Steagall Act which separated investment banking from commercial banking and which endured down until the 1990s was sponsored by two Southerners, Carter Glass of Virginia and Henry Steagall of Alabama. Conservatism had been reduced to a rump in the Republican Party supported by the business community and the American Liberty League which is why the Wagner Act was passed in 1935. Virtually all the progress that happened in the 1930s and which led to a sharp decline in economic inequality was due to “collaboration” with “white supremacy” and putting polarizing issues on the backburner to get things done. Jim Crow ceased to exist over 50 years ago, but “white supremacy” is still thrown around as a buzzword and is used more frequently the further away in time we get from the Jim Crow era.

Note: Political correctness or wokeness is the modern day equivalent of Prohibition. Abortion could be left up to the states. Immigration could be restricted again.

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  1. I have always been a Father Coughlin supporter since my grandparents told me about how the entire neighborhood was glued to his weekly radio show. The problem came after Roosevelt had him removed from society in effect using everything in his power to slander and censor him. He is a very interesting man you will enjoy learning about him. The problem is most books on him tend to have a negative slant the best thing to do is get your hands on his weekly speeches. You can judge for yourself without extra input

  2. FDR new deal is synonymous with the lefts green new deal which increased govt overreach and more govt bureaucracy. Obama idolized FDR and it was FDR that instigated the war with Hitler and sided with Stalin and his murdering jewish bolsheviks.

    • “FDR new deal is synonymous with the lefts green new deal which increased govt overreach and more govt bureaucracy.”


      “it was FDR that instigated the war with Hitler and sided with Stalin and his murdering jewish bolsheviks.”

      Sure, FDR is responsible to why we live in the paradigm we do. He did want war (and was sending aid). However, Hitler declared war when Japan was stupid and attacked Pearl Harbor. Most of the country was against the war. And even when Japan attacked, it was contained to just the Pacific since most of the populace as well as Congress was going to go to war with Japan. It was Hitler that came to Japan’s aid and declared war in response (no idea why though. it’s not like Japan was very cooperative. Hitler wanted Japan to help against the Soviets and Japan declined and decided to go South into the pacific for resources there along with fighting the Chinese Nationalists and Communists who were losing badly and under Imperial Japan control).

  3. That video America in color is so fascinating. Really makes the time period come alive.

    It’s amazing that FDR is closer to me policy wise than I realize (although a lot milder in many ways). Knew about the New Deal but still.

    My grandparent’s generation is so fascinating.

    Thanks for sharing the video!

    • I think my favorite shot in that entire video is with the San Francisco bridge and a battleship beneath it. That was incredibly cool to see colorized.

    • If your criterion for “the greatest president” is the complete takeover of Europe and the US by International Jewry thanks to the annihilation of the Third Reich then – yes – FDR is your man.

      • Deo Vindice! is obviously not playing with a full deck. FDR could have done a few good things as president, such as establishing a national healthcare service and building the Interstate highway system. Instead he foisted the Jew Deal on us, which did absolutely nothing to bring America out of the Depression. So he decided to provoke Germany and Japan into going to war against us instead.

          • Are you suggesting without Sinclair, Long, and Coughlin then FDR would’ve never carried out progressive economic reforms? Where’s your source? I doubt FDR would’ve kept the status quo during the Depression because he knew that would have doomed his reelection.

          • It’s quite clear from the records that FDR was a blue blood sent to ensure the new forces in US politics, unleashed by the crash and depression at the time didn’t blossom into fascism and pogroms. Source? Familiarity with the era.

          • FDR “did some good things domestically because he was pressured by people like Huey Long and Father Coughlin”:

            Some of the “people like” you do not mention include leaders of the 1930’s (Red Decade’s) large and still-growing socialist and communist parties in the U.S., the legacy of great pioneering late nineteenth – early twentieth century socialists including Eugene Debs:

      • Thank you, CD. My mother LOATHED FDR- If she had had the guts, and a gun, she would have shot the bastard. But agonizing polio was a good second choice for the wrath of God on him, frankly.

        His damage to the White American was immeasurable. We’re only figuring it out now, almost a hundred years later. Pace, you better have been kidding….

    • “FDR’s base was the Solid South.”

      “FDR was the greatest president in US history.”

      I rest my case that whether “yankee” or “confederate” they are two wings of the same of the body of the american AngloZionist Empire.

      Both union and confederate joined their judaized british brothers to crush the saviors of Western civilization, in order to allow jewish hegemony and dominance in every aspect of Western nations.

      When one steps outside echo chamber the Anglosphere, nationalists in our homelands in continental Europe understand the Anglos betrayal.

      • @November, yes indeed.

        There are a few exceptions within the hyper-Judaized Anglosphere. Linder is one. Sadly, Cesar Tort is correct in that Amerikwan “white nationalism” is a club for women, rubbish (though there are of course exceptions, which don’t repudiate the rule).

        Rarely if ever discusses the evil’s of the All-lies (the Hellstorm inflicted upon Europe, especially Germany), the real holocaust that was inflicted after the German military surrendered (Eisenhower’s death camps), or the desert death cult from Judea- which is the most dangerous topic to try to discuss among self-avowed Aryan loyalists.

        Only when they start rounding us up or when there’s a major loss of wealth will “white nationalists” start to change their tune.

    • FDR: greatest President? Surely, you’re joking. FDR was a member of the elite International Banking set and did have jewish ancestry. No, no, not the religion, not religion — BLOOD! His mother was 100% jew! He wanted to backdoor America into war with Hitler. Not so much because Hitler threatened a bunch of poor little Eastern European jews, but because Hitler (and Japan actually) made their economies completely successful without having to resort to International Jew money. Hitler threw out the jew banks and their parasitic managers.

      FDR’s jew-infested cabinet, yes, jew infested, yes, jews surrounding an American President even back then, managed to set the course of foreign policy AGAINST both Japan and Germany while maintaining a false, official stance of neutrality. Instead, FDR and his jews took definite sides, by giving foreign aid and military aid to the enemies of Japan and Germany. They manned a ‘volunteer’ fighter squadron in China; the US fired on German ships on the high seas; the seaplane that found the Bismarck, before it could reach the safety of Brittany, was an American PBY Catalina piloted by an American Naval officer. The President stopped the oil trade with Japan, shipped military aid to China, and provocatively moved the Pacific Fleet from California to Pearl Harbor.

      Although FDR desired to directly involve the United States in the Second World War, his intentions sharply contradicted his public pronouncements. A pre-war Gallup poll showed 88 percent of Americans opposed U.S. involvement in the European war. Citizens realized that U.S. participation in World War I had not made a better world, and in a 1940 (election-year) speech, Roosevelt typically stated: “I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again: Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars.” World War II couldn’t start until Roosevelt lured the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor after the U.S. cut off Japan’s access to oil.

      So, how did it all work out? Thanks to this war, World War II, the total population of Europe was reduced by 150 million, from 542 million in 1940 to 392 million in 1950 — the slaughter of over 100 million Whites by other Whites. Certainly, we Americans, and the ALL-LIES, Americans & Brits, allied with the communist butcher of millions, convinced those Germans to be like us, to kneel and bow in the presence of the “chosen”.

      The nerve of those Germans, to want racial pride, self determination, and to rule themselves free from jewish domination. How dare they free themselves from Communism, drugs, poverty, usury, race-mixing and the catastrophic problems jews bring to any society they settle in — the pornography, faggotry, pedophilia, unlimited immigration, drug addiction, crime, child abuse, obesity, sexual deviancy, and everything else we Americans are accustomed to today are thanks to our jew masters and manipulators, who control every institution critical to America’s existence.

      Now, Germany, in fact, all of Europe, Canada, and Australia, virtually all White homelands, and only White homelands are in the same boat with America … up schitz creek without a paddle.

      • Can you give me a link on the drop in European population from 1940 to 1950. I’ve never seen such a good counter holocaust, anti war data set if it is available.

      • Your history lesson is accurate and important. Few people know of the FDR administration’s war before the war, including military aid to the Western puppet regime in China, assistance in sinking the Bismarck, sanctions and blockades, actual bombing, etc., while promising voters not to enter a war. But that is how all U.S. administrations operate. The U.S. has always been an empire, on a first steady and now accelerating trajectory to complete global hegemony, from which it cannot turn back.

      • @ dicarlo, the young give us hope , their gamestop, reddit activity the other day was impressive, our young soldiers are do’ers’ , they are not interested in just sitting around wringing their hands, i for one salute them and i am encouraged by them, continue on young soldiers and do great things.

    • @ mr.pace , a.jackson .hands down, man for man, in a class of his own, we need a man of his heart, will and courage at this moment, more than we ever have.

  4. The Federal Reserve caused the Great Depression by withdrawing massive amounts of money after the 1929 crash, turning a bad stock crash into the Great Depression. This was the “conservative Republican” policy. The Populist movement was started to wrest control of money from “the Bankers” which is why they demanded the monetization of silver, because America had plenty of silver, so there would be plenty of money.

    FDR used this opportunity to turn the United States into “Communism Lite.” FDR’s National Recovery Act was based on the Federal Reserve Act, and the NRA cartelized industry in the same way that the Federal Reserve had cartelized the banks.

    FDR did everything he could to drag the USA into the various wars, but had to purposefully allow the Pearl Harbor attacks to generate the required public outrage. Then, a full Totalitarian Police State was instituted. The Feds raided the offices of Walt Disney, a media company that was not part of the monopoly and not sympathetic to FDR. Ron Unz has done a great job documenting the astounding level of repression. FDR’s Democratic party was intimately connected to the Jewish “Supermob” – Meyer Lanky’s “Chicago Outfit” – which were the driving force behind the internment of the Japanese and the confiscation of their property, which was turned over to the Chicago Outfit’s collaborators.

    The most famous authors, journalists, speakers, artists – right, left, and center, were “unpersonsed” just as effectively as under Stalin.

    I say to Libertarians, Capitalists, and conservatives – you have only yourselves to blame for FDR. If capitalism “worked” no one would have supported FDR’s tyranny. If the mass media of the time, especially radio, was not immediately sold off to a Jewish cartel, they could not have gotten away with it.

    And if the Progressives had been effective, there wouldn’t have been so many desperately poor people to vote for “big government.” But let’s not forget, America has always been a slave society and it was not just the blacks. Poor whites around the country were more-or-less “indentured” in one way or another – slaves at first, then “debt slaves” then “wage slaves.” There were plenty of white sharecroppers – sharecropping being barely a step above slavery, and sometimes with worse living conditions than slaves.

    “Then one day, for no reason at all, everyone voted for FDR.”

    The same thing is going to happen again but this time the tyranny will be ultra-high-tech and ultra-woke.

    • The Depression was caused by the Jewish Central Bank severely restricting the amount of dollars in circulation, which is called deflation.

  5. In the 1930s, the south was still predominantly rural and most of the southern whites were very poor. The WWII brought wartime industries and economic prosperity to the south. Today, there is a large southern middle class population that didn’t exist back then. This is the main reason why there are no southern populist politicians today like they did in the early 20th century. They is simply no appeal for them anymore.

    • Starc,

      The south is still the poorest, least healthy, and score the lowest on national academic achievement testing region in the USA.

      So basically, your grandparents took 30 pieces of silver in exchange for being the janissaries for world jewry.

      It should be added that christian southerners are the most zionist, and fight and die for “our greatest ally” more than any other culture and region in america.

      • November hates Americans just like Jews do.

        You see how, just like Jews, he conflates various social statics about Blacks with White Southerners – on purpose.

        November is an enemy, of course. He’s also not really a German – he’s a role player. I bet he doesn’t even speak German.

        I bet he wasn’t even alive during WWII, and in fact became a “Nazi” because he thought the uniforms were cool. Fake … and gay.

        So, a LARPer that hates the South – what is he doing on a Southern Nationalist forum? He is doing just what Jews do – expressing his hatred and trying to prevent us from organizing.

        Fuck ’em – we don’t need his kind any more than we need Jews. 90% of American “neo-Nazis” have been Jews and Feds anyway.

        • BannedHipster is triggered. I must have hit a nerve by a direct hit.

          Dude, the truth hurts.

          Of course, I wasn’t born during or beforeww2. I never claimed to have.

          I do speak some Deutsch. I took four years in high school and two years in college.

          I don’t hate the south. That’s your own jewish projection. Tell me how anything I wrote is in error.

          You just don’t like the dirty laundry of the AngloZionist alliance and their pernicious deeds to advance their selfish goals exposed.

          I’m definitely not a Larper. I’ve been this way for almost 30 years. The more historical facts exposed, removed from wartime propaganda, the more apparent the betrayal.

          Yep. My bad. Dixie is the healthiest, wealthiest, and scores best in academic achievement in the USA. LMAO!

    • “In the 1930s, the south was still predominantly rural and most of the southern whites were very poor (…) Today, there is a large southern middle class population that didn’t exist back then. This is the main reason why there are no southern populist politicians today (…) simply no appeal for them anymore”:

      That is called the comfort factor. The population is just comfortable enough to be satisfied with the status quo or pace of the trajectory. Now they’ll need a few $2000 checks to keep them comfortable.

    • The TVA and Rural Electrification Authority were two good programs to come out of the New Deal. HW will discuss them both in his next thread.

  6. Eugene Debs would have been better than FDR, and Henry A. Wallace far better than Truman. I supported George Wallace in 68 and George McGovern in 72. By

      • I thought, an interesting growing-up-in-the-1930’s story, but a mixed-bag musician with poor quality American-debased lyrics, not up to the standard of British or Welsh folk music. His background seems to be White, but he married, the second or third time, into New York Judaism: “Marjorie Mazia was born Marjorie Greenblatt and her mother, Aliza Greenblatt, was a well-known Yiddish poet. With her, Guthrie wrote numerous Jewish lyrics. Guthrie’s Jewish lyrics can be traced to the unusual collaborative relationship he had with his mother-in-law, who lived across from Guthrie and his family in Brooklyn in the 1940s. Guthrie (the Oklahoma troubadour) and Greenblatt (the Jewish wordsmith) often discussed their artistic projects and critiqued each other’s works, finding common ground in their shared love of culture and social justice, despite very different backgrounds. Their collaboration flourished in 1940s Brooklyn, where Jewish culture was interwoven with music, modern dance, poetry and anti-fascist, pro-labor, classic socialist activism. Guthrie was inspired to write songs that came directly out of this unlikely relationship, both personal and political; he identified the problems of Jews with those of his fellow Okies and other oppressed peoples”:

      • “g.wallace in 68 but not 72?”

        All the candidates were part of the system, so the choice was simply which one seemed to be the least warmongering at the time, not about the segregation issue, or sympathy for underdog status or opposition to the two-parties system. However in ’68 George Wallace did receive a lot of votes on the basis of segregation in these northern-Appalachian counties that were still 100% White, all from blue collar workers and members of the Klan and Klan-related organizations.

  7. In the Western Europe happened something similar. They created welfare state for a few decades and until gullible ignorant population enjoyed good life, they build up shadow communist state inside the institutions.

    This is the terrible problem with democracy. Gullible mass enjoys the life but wise enemy think decades ahead and understands that today decisions work properly out after 20 or 30 years.

    FDR won the Nazis. And normalized the witch hunt. After Nazis came racists and white supremacists and homophobes. Now here we are. When you already called with magic word, then chain reaction follows and not a single argument does not work. Weasel words and madness driven society is here to stay.

    Only good thing is that people who put up this system are very authoritarian and very old. And they refused to grow next generation of real leaders. So it is very big chance that when some of those wise elders die, system dies with them.

    Like Stalinism went down with Stalin or hardcore communism went down when Stalin appointed manager class got old and died.

    • “So it is very big chance that when some of those wise elders die, system dies with them.”

      That is at least, a hopeful sentiment. I’ll believe it when I see it, though.

  8. The main I miss is the ability to act quickly. For example if they’d had a working vaccine for Covid19 that was performing okay in the trials they’d have expanded the trials a great deal to include millions of people. The governments have been sitting on the vaccines since summer. One big scandal is the number of journalists who’ve received vaccinations as part of Moderna and Pfizer trials. Walter Isaacson let the cat out the bag. He’s been vaccinated since summer ended. His Time magazine article let it slip he’d been on trials and had a dose rather than placebo.

    • Re: “I miss the ability to act quickly”: Captain, the entire population of Cuba will be vaccinated soon with the conventional attenuated virus vaccine developed by the people’s health service. Unfortunately no vaccine in development or deployment may be effective against some of the new mutations coming out of South Africa, Nigeria, Brazil, U.K. etc. An interesting thought is that since genomic studies of virus variants prove the U.S., not China, was the source of original infection for all of Latin America, most of Africa, and some parts of Europe, it is a sort of justice that the U.S. is now receiving deadlier more infectious variants back from some of those places.

  9. There were a lot of really tough White labor leaders in those days like John L. Lewis, Phil Murray, Walter Ruther, Jimmy Carey, Jimmy Hoffa, and many, many others who were interested in helping White people get real gains and improvements. No communist socialist pie in the sky, save the world, bullshit like we have today!

  10. America had a super White majority population in the 1930’s. The commies and their fellow travelers were busy trying to start (unsuccessfully) a class war instead of a racial war. The 1930’s monoracial democracy was far more stable than the multiracial one we are plagued with today.

    • “1930’s monoracial democracy”:

      The U.S. was very mixed, even then. Mixing peoples from the very beginning, the U.S.’s percentage of British descent, English and Welsh, kept declining, from the very beginning. The romanticized “monoracial” U.S. of the 1930’s was thoroughly multi-ethnic, and also, very multi-racial, although not to the extent of 2020.

      • Not really bro.

        What “more of the same” said was correct.

        The country was mostly mono-racial. Racial demographic statistics bear this out. Learn the difference between race and ethnicity. Early there were less ethnicities as well. Plus or a long time even earlier the country had bans/limitations on certain European ethnicities (like Irish or Italians till the early 1900’s).

        • @ aspiretothestars, good point made, i believe it was actually very similiar to this day and age, the metropolitan areas were very racially mixed, but thee rural areas, small towns have always been and still are, demographically our’s. Meaning white, white flight, suburban sprawl have complicated and blurred everything.

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