Pankakke Wasn’t The Bitcoin Fairy

We know.


“Furthermore, the network of wallets used for the 2017 donation has shown no movement or transactions since then.

Both Bambenek and Kennedy acknowledged that it is impossible to rule out that Bachelier may have utilized completely different wallet networks, crypto services, and transaction patterns to conduct both donations. But both make clear they believe such a scenario is extremely unlikely. 

To them, the identity of the 2017 donor remains a mystery.

While there may be some far-right figures who believe they have discovered the identity of the original Bitcoin Fairy, there appears to be little evidence to suggest that they have. …”

Laurent Bachelier seems to have been a legitimate patriot. He wasn’t the Bitcoin Fairy of 2017 fame. He was just a guy who was in poor health, committed suicide and left behind a bequest to various influencers which he transferred through cryptocurrency. It was a highly suspicious series of transactions, but it appears legitimate and there is nothing usual about wealthy people dying and leaving behind a small fortune to fund political causes. I’ve never heard of anyone doing that through Bitcoin before.

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