Alexandria Ocasio Smollett Trends On Twitter

Big, if true.

Yesterday, Sandy was claiming to be a survivor of sexual assault and to have been traumatized because a U.S. Capitol police officer gave her a dirty look on January 6th.

Note: As someone pointed out on Twitter, Theodore Roosevelt once continued giving his speech after he had literally been shot. Progressives aren’t made of the same stuff they used to be.

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  1. Remember that photoshoot AOC did with the fence? She was pretending to be looking at illegals feeling sorry for them. Then another angle of the photoshoot showed she was in an empty parking lot faking it. Mental and dumb.

    • Woild love to see if she was ever a candidate in the CIA applicant pool. Something strange about her thespian Goncerns.

  2. Absolute CIA. Would be interesting to see the BU transcripts and see if she was also taking class in the drama department as she completed her International Relations degree.

  3. It is timely that you are doing research on the 1930s.

    During those times in the 1930s, there was NOT ONE congressman or senator who was a “drama queen” or some lunatic that questioned the very nature of reality itself.

    AOC and others like her, are a product of our time. Like America herself, they are narcissists, and shallow; seeking only attention, money and power.

    The 1930s were serious times, that produced serious men: Not drama queens and clowns.

    As recently as the early 1960s, we were still a serious nation. Love them or hate them, but the LBJs and JFKs and other members of congress were serious people who acted from deep-seated convictions and had (in their own way) a love of America.

    Those days are gone.

    • Right on. It’s been all downhill since the ascendance of the Jews in the 1960s. We’ve become a nation of weeping Freudians, professing every hue of perversion, while demanding our Marxian rights and neglecting our duties. We don’t produce Roosevelts, Eisenhowers or Trumans any more.

      • “We don’t produce any Roosevelts(got us into WW2 on behalf of the jews to destroy Hitler and Germany), Eisenhowers(genocide of German POWs and citizens after WW2) or Trumans(president that recognized Israel as a legitimate country) any more.” – thank God. TBH Andrew Jackson was probably the last president that was worth a f***.

        • c d,

          You beat me to it.

          Truman also desegregated the US military, Eisenhower sent the 10st Airborne to Little Rock Arkansas to integrate Little Rock High School, and crazy cripple FDR and his (((advisers))) set in motion all the anti-white events that have occurred to the present day.

    • Hispanics are by nature hysterical, neurotic and unreasonable.

      You can’t expect from these people such Anglo-Saxon courage and dignity Theodore Roosevelt displayed when he continued giving his speech even after he had been shot.

    • “Hispanics are by nature….”

      White-“RACE”-ism includes the Hispanics/Latins/Mediterraneans, whereas British or Welsh ETHNIC nationalism excludes them.

      • @anonymous,

        The British aren’t exactly well liked in our circles, and the Welch are too few for their opinion to mean more than a tribe in the Amazon rainforest. In other words, no one give a shit what these two groups think or believe.

    • Most of these false stories get recycled over and over, only changing names and places, and the public never catches on. The incubator story was unique though.

  4. She’s a one term politician from the most hilariously over-the-top “Social Justice Warrior” town in America: Brooklyn, New York. She beat the establishment Democrat because Brooklyn had been gentrified, the blacks and browns pushed out by rich young white and white-adjacent hipsters.

    She wears big fashion glasses and does emotive Tik Tok videos about her personal emotional mini-dramas. Sometimes she cries. It is only marginally to do with political policy.

    As her actual record shows, she just votes however Nancy Pelosi tells her to vote. The media loves her because she’s young from the “social media generation.”

    She’s the liberal female version of Donald Trump. It’s all reality TV now.

    The lobbyists write the legislation in advance – if you are interested in politics, you don’t pay attention to “political news” – you read the Wall Street Journal which previews the new regulations as they are negotiated.

    Everyone loves to get worked up about the trannies – but that is the whole point. It’s a silly thing you can argue about so you don’t pay attention to the actual powerful.

  5. I think I am going to die. I think I am going to die. I think I am going to die. I am starting to feel light headed and dizzy from laughing so hard.

  6. Typical liberal behavior. Psychopathy at it`s bets. If we could only admit that mental problems are rea, we could smoke out such people and block them from every last important place.

    There are 2-4% of such people in the society but their perfect social manipulation and clinical liar skills help them rise to the top.

    • Rioters……WHAT TOTAL BS !
      That was one of the most orderly spontaneous crowds I’ve ever seen.
      No looting, no fires, no vandalizing of pictures and historic statues.

      “Up is down, black is white, hot is cold” (((U.S.))) media

      • Liberals have different brain structure, they see the world upside down. This is not only US media, this network of psychopaths’ is global.

  7. The house face cunt wasn’t at the capital. She made it all up to get get attention just like all the other attention whores. She should be thrown out of office but since she is a woman/Hispanic, she is safe as a lion in a dear infected land.

  8. This alleged “socialist” needs to stop crying and talking about her trauma and start agitating for things that matter, like giving us healthcare and free money.

    Nobody cares if some drunk guy copped a feel on her without getting a consent form notarized first.

  9. Well, if she loses her congressional seat in the mid-terms election, she now has the lack of credibility necessary to co-host a fake news show with fellow liar Brian Williams on msnbc.

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