The Atlantic: The Knives Come Out For Josh Hawley

UPDATE: Josh Hawley is on FOX News right talking about breaking up Big Tech monopolies with antitrust laws. Sounds great.

I haven’t given much thought to Josh Hawley lately.

The more interesting story is this transformation of Donald Trump’s base which appears to have changed over the last year or so. I would not have assumed that 64% of Trump voters now say that their race is important to their identity or that 87% are concerned about growing anti-White discrimination. This appears to be a sea change in racial attitudes. Trump voters aren’t growing hostile to non-Whites. They feel under siege because the political correctness has been cranked up a hundredfold. The only thing that is more unifying among them is their hatred of the mainstream media.

The Atlantic:

“How did Hawley become the most hated man in Washington? Sometimes, ideological allies turn on one another because they don’t want to admit their collective sins, and they need somebody to blame. …

This became a pattern. Each time Hawley took a stand, he didn’t just earn headlines and attention—he rebelled against one of his mentors. When Roberts voted to overturn Louisiana abortion restrictions this summer, Hawley complained on Twitter. When another Supreme Court decision significantly expanded LGBTQ rights, Hawley launched a thinly veiled attack on the Federalist Society, arguing that religious conservatives had gotten screwed. Hawley even teamed up with some of Congress’s most dreaded socialists to commit heresies. He backed antitrustenforcementHe argued against free trade with China. He urged the government to subsidize workers’ wages. In December, he stood outside the Senate chambers with Bernie Sanders, conservative enemy No. 1, and told reporters that Congress needed to approve another round of $1,200 stimulus checks. …

What was truly unforgivable is that the organization spent $3.1 million on Hawley’s 2018 Senate race, and he’s not the guy the group’s leaders thought they were electing. “We’ve at this point concluded he’s no longer the type of free-market, limited-government candidate that the Club would want to support,” McIntosh told me. He sees Hawley’s Electoral College intervention and his turn toward populist economics as outgrowths of the same “misdirected ambition.”


“WASHINGTON – White House and Pentagon officials are defending decisions to conduct in-depth reviews of the dangers posed by domestic extremists in the United States, pushing back against criticism that the measures will result in a so-called political litmus test.

Nascent anger over the new efforts to look at domestic extremism in the wake of the Jan. 6 siege of the U.S. Capitol building has been growing in recent days, touched off by a decision by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to order a military-wide stand-down to determine the scope of the problem. …”

My guess is that the conventional wisdom in Washington is that Josh Hawley is the most potent threat to run in the “populist lane” in 2024. He is on the upswing in the polls.

Personally, I don’t think anyone gives a shit what conservative elites or the Republican establishment thinks anymore. We’re a long way out from 2024 and the ground is shifting so radically on the Right that all politicians will be forced to adjust to the new reality. We also haven’t seen the political impact yet of Neoliberal Joe’s plan to launch a domestic “War on Terror.” How will Trump voters react to drone strikes by the U.S. military on anyone who MSNBC identifies as a “domestic extremist”? Could something like that accelerate these trends and heighten this siege mentality even further?

The midterm elections are coming up in 2022. Maybe someone we haven’t seen yet will pop up in the interim. Obama went from being a U.S. Senator to president of the United States in four years. Trump was an even bigger bolt out of the blue and wasn’t even holding elected office. At the rate we are going, Josh might be too milquetoast and polished to win the populist vote in 2024.

Note: Marjorie Taylor Greene recently spoke out as a White woman who was under attack by the media on the basis of her racial identity. Trump NEVER did that. I didn’t see that one coming. Huey Long was elected governor of Louisiana in 1928 and to the U.S. Senate in 1930.

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  1. He is certainly a front runner. If he plays smart he’s got the nomination sewn up.

  2. Hawley is a weak man. Just take a look at him. His face never developed adult characteristics properly, which only occurs in men who are raised to be childish and weak.

      • I agree. He’s a lawyer, he’s a Midwesterner with a top university degree and he’s at least seen BLM at every level from his days as Attorney General in Missouri. He also taught at St Paul’s in London. He’s not Trump.

        If he’s a little like Truman it’s a good template. He strikes me as fake on some level but he’s a good all round candidate.

  3. Josh “I’d go out on a slab for Israel….and we need another 100,000 H1b’s”

    is definitely the next Great Populist Hope. There

    is no limit to White stupidity.

  4. Hawley already has or will have donors of the same tribe trump did. Enough of elections and zio-koshervative politicians.

  5. Some elements of the GOP will be “based” for the next 2-4 years… at least, they’ll say some based stuff and do some failure theatre.

    They may actually stop Biden from doing some bad-sounding-stuff in order to justify their existence. The system works fine with partial gridlock.

    Then they will get back into power and they will play the same game Trump played, but more skillfully. They may not make the kind of explicitly racial appeals that Trump did, but they will make plenty of implicitly racial appeals.. and they will offer people relief from the intentionally unpleasant aspects of the Biden administration. They will use that power to do stuff for rich people and Israel, but they will maintain the loyalty of the plebs with culture war posturing.

    Normie Whites will fall for it and so will most of the dissident right. And in some ways Trump was bad at this game, a more skillful GOP shill could have avoided some of the obvious disasters he walked into and kept the fake nationalism game going for a long, long time.

    Not sure how this trap can be avoided. The system is pretty stable.

    But there is really no point in having an “alternative right” that effectively just exists to get Zionist fake nationalists like Josh Hawley or Tom Cotton elected.

    • He will be interesting to keep an eye on. Might be good enough to have a GenX character in there.

  6. His wife has great optics. Unlike a lot of political couples, they seem like normal straight white people that have normal sex and babies unlike so many Republican politicians who are clearly homosexuals with “cover wives.”

    The wife looks the part of a conservative white mom, the kind you would expect to be leading a women’s conference at her church or running the school board.

    Hawley is apparently both a complete traitor working for the foreign occupation government as well as an “anti-semite” who is attacked for using “anti-semitic code words” like “globalists.”

    He is a Republican, though, so the safe bet is he probably DOES like little boys and is being blackmailed. That pretty much goes for the majority of Republican politicians – I mean look at Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. Or Dennis Hastert.

    The Zionist infiltration of Republican Texas is astonishing to behold – I’m curious what they have on Ted Cruz.

    Fun fact: Benjamin Netanyahu’s parents moved next door to Condoleeza Rice’s parents when she was growing up. A lesbian, she was groomed to be a Black Token for Zionism since she was in high school.

    That is how the “Mishpucka” – Jewish organized crime – works, but finding “goys” with secrets, personal issues that put them outside of mainstream society, and grooming them. As Peter Thiel, the Jews will offer personal “understanding” to these types, flattering them that they are actually an “elite” that the “majority” discriminates against.

    White people are going to continue to be slaves to Jewish crime until we understand this problem.

    First thing to do? Make a list of all Jews in your political district and pay close attention to anyone collaborating with a Jew. Know to avoid those people and work tirelessly to make sure they never come close to power.

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