Dr. Ibram X. Kendi Is Horrified By His “Trans” Son

If you are fortunate enough to have never heard of Ibram X. Kendi, he is the darling of Corporate America and White upper middle class progressives and is the main guy who has redefined “antiracism” to mean anti-whiteness in recent years. He is the reason that the Biden administration sees virtually everything that happens in the world including COVID through the lens of “equity.”

Note: I’m nowhere near as obsessed with race as these people.

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  1. These are little trees of horror that distract us from looking at the forest – the much more horrifying big picture worldwide. Foreign policy is much more important but much harder to learn about than silly identity politics being constantly promoted.

    • the Persians were maybe onto something…..
      castrate the slaves and just go buy more when they are too old.

      Yeah, how very racist that the Middle East (who also partook in the colonial era slave trade with Jews) doesn’t have EVERY single one of their cities filled with descendants of African slaves and their typical dependence , tribal warfare and destruction that they bring with them every place they exist.

  2. I did notice not one member of his race or any of his political allies stomped him out for “transphobia”. They all defended him either claiming misinterpretation or straight up a right to his opinion. But I do here normal good people still fighting for Trump and republicans like Desantis who is my early pick for 2024 nominee. He has real support amongst core republicans.

    Imbrahim X Kendi Moofoo Hoowoo Watson the second junior is really very dumb. I dont say that as an insult of someone I dislike but instead someone whom is actually about an 85 in terms or I.Q. I had the great honor to attend a small social gathering type event where teachers and intellectuals asked him questions about his books and racism. Seeing actual very intelligent people grovel at this mans feet and treat him lile a high priest felt like a movie where i asked someone if they really felt he was a gift from God as kept getting repeated. They told me he was absolutely brilliant which didnt match with the meaningless but colorful negro spiritualism and mishmash of woke terms or subpar writing.

    He was polite I can give him that. He seems to believe what he is selling and didnt give the impression he hated me

    • Did he buy those books behind him at flea markets to try to impress people with his book learnin’?

      Axin’ for friend.

      Also, is Sen. Chuck’s new negress Secretary of the Senate from Alabama a friend of Hunter’s?

      Axin’ for a friend.

      • 12AX i wouldnt have watched that clip if you hadn’t mentioned it. Ann’s really name is “SONCERIA” not a name I have ever heard before I guess it is Haitian or Caribbean in origin. She seems like a nice older black lady whose job will be to make sure senators get paid, get their notes and office supplies. Still as you imply all these positions are done to piss on white men. Chuck takes a lot of pleasure in this job as well.

        Kendi is a straight diversity hire. Sonceria is probably good at Her job but Kendi exists to make angry white women feel good about themselves. I have forced myself to read his books and they are laughable. The closest comparison is Miya Angelo. Child like writing they tell you is above you

  3. Good. I hope his daughter does become trans. Kendi is a low-iq, run-of-the-mill black supremacist hiding behind woke language, so it is beautiful when the woke language comes back, bites him on the ass and destroys his world.

  4. Why are Jews so obsessed with race? Jews are descendants of neanderthals and they are so so different from us homo-sapiens. They will never fit in they will never belong,no matter what.

    • Wrong. Every non-African human has some Neanderthal DNA. Could be that their Neanderthal DNA is lower than Whites’. Did you know pale skin and red hair likely came from Neanderthals? Jews are obsessed with race, or at least their in-group, because they know it is extremely important. It has served them well.

  5. If he was white and said those words (he’s right), he would be crucified by the Cheka but since hes black, he is shielded from criticism. Black/jew alliance

  6. Good. I hope this asshole’s kids turn out to be trannies. Poetic justice. Let him suffer. Hopefully, he gets devoured as a transphobic bigot. You know what they say, “revolutions devour their own.”

  7. Why do you condone such people even LIVING in your nation?
    Start somewhere, stating the emperor has no clothes.
    Because he doesn’t…

  8. I think he wrote a book called How To Be an Antiracist. Regardless the sickness they push on us will infect blue state liberals to. Just like a virus infects all.

  9. @0:54 the darky implies that its “wrong” for white kids to be glad to be white.
    Fuck you and sodomite sproglette, knuckle dragger..

    I hate these people with Gods own implied “perfect hatred”.
    I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.

    This is a war, not “politics”…
    Besides, politics are useless for European people in our own homelands built by our own people because of our (((viral parasite))) we have…

    A parasite that ironically is very similar to how our body’s own immune system won’t attack certain viruses it doesn’t or refuses to recognize.

    Jews are literally parasites.

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