The YouGov Survey Is Wild

Editor’s Note: This is a YouGov survey of Trump voters from January. Republicans who didn’t vote for Trump are not included in the poll.

You got to take a look at this.

If not “White Nationalism” which I would define as racial separatism and advocation of an ethnostate, then something like “White Populism” is very much alive inside the post-Trump GOP.

AEI/YouGov Poll:

Muh Republican Civil War.

Sen. Ben Sasse is getting censured by the Nebraska GOP. Liz Cheney nearly got drummed out of the GOP after voting to impeach Blumpf. Trump has decisively won the “civil war.”

Donald Trump has transformed the GOP on trade and immigration.

I don’t see any hope for Jeb 2024.

The consensus within the GOP among Trump voters is Build the Wall and deport them.

89% of Trump voters see Christianity as being under attack.

87% of Trump voters see Christianity as essential to American greatness.

87% of Trump voters are concerned about anti-White discrimination.

80% of Trump voters reject white privilege theory.

92% of Trump voters see the mainstream media as being identical with the Democratic Party.

77% of Trump voters feel muzzled by political correctness.

68% of Trump voters reject the systematic racism conspiracy theory.

79% of Trump voters say that their religion is extremely important, very important or somewhat important to their identity.

64% of Trump voters say that their race or ethnicity is extremely important, very important or somewhat important to their identity.

92% of Trump voters rank Antifa as a high or severe threat.

38% of Trump voters rank White Nationalists as a high or severe threat.

30% of Trump voters do not see White Nationalists as a threat at all.

How should we interpret this data?

The mainstream media narrative has always been that “fringe groups” and “hate groups” and the “far right” are like this tiny group of people. We know that is not true because the polling on the Alt-Right back in 2017 showed that millions of people identified with the movement. It was not an “extremist” movement and represented a large swath of the American electorate.

There was also a much larger Alt-Right adjacent group at this time.

It was anywhere between 1/4 to 1/3 of the White population of the United States. 1/3 of Republicans were reporting strong feelings of White identity and discrimination.

Here is my theory of the case:

The GOP was until very recently composed of two groups of voters: the classical liberal or Free Marketeer wing and the social conservative wing. This changed in the 2016 election when these two other groups of voters which had previously been in the Center moved into the GOP behind Donald Trump.

The Voter Survey Group found four distinct clusters of Trump voters:

This group which the Pew Research Center has labeled the “Disaffected” or “Embittered” or “Hard-Pressed Skeptics” and most recently the “Market-Skeptic Republicans” is racially conscious, nativist and strongly populist. The Voter Study Group found this same cluster of voters and labeled them “American Preservationists.” These are different names for the same people. This group traveled into the GOP with a second distinct group which had been previously labeled “Libertarians” or “Upbeats” or “New Era Enterprisers.” They were kind of populist and nativist, but not racially conscious.

What do you get when you indiscriminately use a bazooka to smash a flea? In my view, the explosion of wokeness, censorship and violence from the Left under Donald Trump and the hyperbolic attacks on Whites has backfired and has created a siege mentality among Trump voters. It has raised the salience of White racial identity among Republican voters in general because they are all being attacked non-stop by the media. It is like saying “all Muslims are terrorists.” It is not that “White Nationalists” or the “Alt-Right” have become more influential or that “metapolitics” has transformed the Republican Party. It more like all Whites are being targeted as “racists” and “white supremacists” now and that appears to have had a tremendously positive effect on boosting White identity.

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  1. That Greene woman retweeted the Mossad had JFK shot theory over Kennedy’s objection to Israeli nukes. She’s absolutely based.

  2. Republicans could pick this up and win with it, but they won’t, because they will face resistance from the Jewish lobby.

    Why the Jewish lobby? Because Jews are the number one enemy of basic Americanism. Jews, being a minority, follow the minoritarian strategy, to form a coalition of minorities against the majority. There are other groups, like “LGBT,” which have a similar strategy. There are Blacks, which vote as a block for the Democrats. There are the weaponized “SJW” types.

    But none of those groups have the money, the organization, and the raw power in the mass media and corporate America that Jews do. LGBT will oppose a conservative Christian candidate, but only Jews will fund both a liberal Democrat and a conservative Republican and make sure both “sides” are compatible with Jewish power. The Republican will be a war-mongering Zionist and the Democrat will be anti-White and anti-Christian.

    We can see clearly that a majority of Americans would support what amounts to the European ideology of Christian Democracy. “Socially conservative” meaning no attacks on the proletarian family (see Aimee Terese) and no anti-white hate. “Economically liberal” – populist – meaning government influence in the economy should help the majority – the “middle class” – and not the wealthy oligarchs.

    In Europe this is mainstream politics. In America, the Jewish lobby fears this the most because it empowers the majority.

    You can either outvote, overpower, or even make a deal with Blacks and LGBT. But you cannot do this with Jews, because they are organized for full-spectrum political dominance, which Blacks and LGBT are not.

    I typically use the example of Chuck Schumer to explain to Republicans how the attacks will come.

    • >organized for full-spectrum political dominance

      That’s smart. Aim for wide influence rather than chaining outcomes to the fortunes of a single political party. Imagine if both Democrats and Republicans were not just not anti-white, but pro-white.

      I was just reading about H.G. Wells; he created new attitudes ex nihilo through his books. We need to be as serious about the humanities as the current regime. The American system isn’t injecting social justice into literature and history and entertainment etc. for giggles, and it isn’t impractical over a sufficient time horizon either. I’ll be checking out Josh Neal’s new book soon; we need more of this. A lot of people have the right instincts, and sometimes have insane power levels, but can’t act effectively because they lack categories of action.

  3. Excuse my dark outlook.

    All we get are empty promises, if implemented, then only to a fraction of that promised.
    By the time the glacial republicans act on any issue, it will be far too late

  4. The problem is that the Semites still have a strong psychological hold on these people through Trump and the Q-Anon like narratives of false opposition to the system. Almost all vocal Trump supporters believed in some aspect of the “White Hat” narrative, which was the basis for Q-Anon.

    The Trump years illustrated that they will put up with almost anything if their guy is in office and they are getting some minimal level of lip service. Global crusade to spread homosexuality? They can rationalize it. Releasing black criminals from prison? They can rationalize it. January 6th? They can rationalize it.

    It’s wrong to think they are close to “going full fash” on their own. Instead, they will go along with whatever Trump (or his accepted successor) tells them to do. Anything from going full neo-con to going full insurrectionist (by accident). This makes them dangerous golems, not suitable allies.

    Additionally, Trump brought out the worst aspects of these people with stuff like the COVID and rigging narratives and has turned them into an irritant to normal people, almost as much as what SJWs used to be. But unlike SJWs, Trump supporters are fair game for the rest of society to pick on.

    So an aspect of “our” views has spread… to some of the least capable, most brainwashed and lowest status elements of White society. That doesn’t mean that we can gain power by becoming them or throwing our lot in with them. And like you said, it doesn’t mean we can directly influence them.

    They’re still golems, firmly under the control of the bad guys. Despite their feelings of “White Identity” they will turn against the Dissident Right at a moment’s notice, if their Trump-like figure commands them to.

    Not sure what strategy can be derived from all this, but it probably means that we’re starting to run into the limitations of “White Identity”, at least in the Amren sense, where J*ws are seen as White and the main problem is seen as liberals and black crime.

    Something like a desire for Ary@n sovereignty needs to be developed in these people if they’re ever going to be more than golems. This probably can’t evolve directly out of Trumpism but has to develop as a reaction to a visible and widely understood FAILURE / inadequacy of Trumpism and Trump-ist like beliefs.

    So far, it appears that they will NOT consider Trumpism a failure and will not move on from it, but will instead believe that Trump was cheated and real Trumpism has never been tried. If so, it might be a long time before the necessary growth can occur.

    After all, Jared made the game extremely obvious to anyone who is paying attention over the last four years and the vast majority of these people did NOT even come close to learning the correct lessons; they just saw him as a libtard. Nobody is going to make it that obvious again any time soon. (The Biden administration will be obviously bad, but it will only reinforce existing Semitic right wing vs Semitic left wing polarization.)

    Much of what the Dissident Right has been doing in recent years has served to strengthen the existing harmful beliefs of these people and keep them in the golem stage. There is no indication that the DR has learned anything either, if current trends continue the only thing the DR will accomplish over the next four years is indirectly campaigning for the next GOP pseudo-populist candidate.

    • You start by delegitimizing the Talmudics. DNA- Elhaik- Khazars- NOT SEMITES.
      Then you start by joining (and tithing) to churches who DESPISE the Dispensationalist HERESY.
      You then have a ‘True Gospel’ (doesn’t matter what denomination- just the ones that are Reformed and loathe the Televangelist and Left Behind BS) to ‘convert’ your ‘true believers.’
      Join to the CI types- the TRUE Israelites, but make them submit to organized religion- their very isolationist stance is what is killing their witness.
      Steps in the RIGHT direction.

      Esp, if a White, Christian, Nativist Country is what most of us want, anyway.

  5. have the money, the organization, and the raw power in the mass media and corporate America that Jews do.

    It’s called ‘Achdut’.

    It’s a vast system of principles and methods that has more power that you mention.
    This is how they have mastered every country they infiltrate.

  6. Preservationist? Just call them Nationalists or Racial Nationalists. I always find these choices of labels used by survey analysts as odd. Just use the proper term for what it is. Well, I think that isn’t true. They’re more dormant Maybe Conservatives with dormant Nationalists sympathies that they’re not really aware of? That might be more accurate.

    But yeah, anyone with a working brain could figure out there’s a more nativistic and atavistic base on one side, and a more free market libertarian capitalist faction (who represent the more upper echelons of the party and media representation. it directs the party mostly) on the other. None of this is actually surprising really to those who pay attention.

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