America First Infinite Dramaquest

Pat is right about AFPAC.

I understand though where Nick is coming from about feeling betrayed. This is his own personal Charlottesville and Pat has jumped ship on him in his moment of greatest peril.

As I said on our show tonight, I am not interested in piling on. We had an internet beef with these guys about trusting Donald Trump for several years (we insisted there wasn’t a plan and Trump was untrustworthy), but Nick, Baked and Pat are looking at getting arrested, audited or sued over the Capitol Siege. Look at what has already happened to Ricky Vaughn for a few old tweets. They’re all in some pretty deep shit right now. That’s not something that I would wish on anyone.

The sheer dumbfounding stupidity of getting involved with Ali Alexander in “Stop the Steal” is on display in these polls that I have been analyzing. 79% of Trump voters believe their religion is important to their identity. 64% of Trump voters now say their race is important to their identity. The GOP establishment is also on the verge of collapse because so many suburban voters have gone over to the Democrats. These guys are falling apart at the very moment that they could be taking off like a rocket.

Do you remember when Nick Fuentes attacked Tucker Carlson and Ann Coulter for being smart enough NOT to throw in with conspiratards like Lin Wood and Sidney Powell?

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  1. Hunter, you may not agree with Nick Fuentes, but it’s a bad idea to kick him when he is (or seems to be) down. It could hurt your reputation down the road. Whatever anyone’s gripes with him and America First, we can keep them private if we don’t outright support him. Sidin’ with Biden is a bad idea, period.

    • I agree. Whatever you may think about America First, at least it’s some infrastructure that’s challenging the status quo. We all have something to gain by backing it.

      • “We all have something to gain by backing it.”

        Exactly—if you spend hundreds of dollars going to AFPAC to, you can “gain” your name on a federal watchlist!

        • I didn’t suggest going to anything, I was referring to backing someone, not tearing them down.

          One of biggest criticisms is we don’t have any leaders, but when someone steps up to the task, you guys don’t like him. What leaders do we have?

          When he has received any funds, you guys say that’s bad if he gets money, but one of the biggest problems is that our movement has no rich guys on our side.

  2. It’s hard to believe grown men took these drama queens and Groyper wars seriously. I started telling people they’d be played and sprayed by Fuentes and AF and crew in 2018.

    Then Milo was outed as a Fed and James Allsup’s “America First has a Federal Agent problem” article dropped last July.

    It’s a coincidence how many smarmy characters like Crenshaw, Fuentes, Rogan, Spencer went to school or came up in greater Boston, yet that’s also where the core of Biden’s cabinet hails from.

    • the core of Biden’s cabinet, that is, more than 80% of his exec-level hirelings,

      come from the steppes of Central Asian. (((They)))

      are ashkenazic Jews.

  3. You dont abandon your friends. I dont know much about these retards but if Casey turned his back on Fuentes, no matter how idiotic their scheming and fame thirst may be is all you need to know about the man. A very tiny man which seems to be a requirement to be in this crew. My opinion of America First is the same as Maga. Good on certain levels like getting people activated but really bad in watering down serious issues for things like internet clout and teenage boys calling you king.

    What show did you do HW? Link

  4. I wish I did not click that link. What is that dwarven bearded creature why would anyone follow this person and who uses a cool avatar of themself as a background image. The vaping and giggling made me ill which only got worse when in the thirty seconds listening Fuentes main complaint and whine was “Casey is the only one allowed to still make money. Why can he make money on D live and I cant”.

    These people are grifting glowies and really need to go away

  5. At the certain point every dissident movement will transform. When the resistance becomes from irrelevant fun to serious and dangerous action, when the weaker guys leave.

    Dissident profession is dangerous thing and you may get repressed imprisoned or even killed. Getting rid of communism was never safe

  6. Nick Fuentes was flying around freely during the BLM riots showing up everywhere. The AF thing seemed like his way to give himself permission to show up and make trouble and cloak it in acceptable sounding talking points. He forgets that revolution is revolution. Suddenly it got real Jan 6. That is unless he’s an FBI informant.

    He could have at least died on a hill worth his gift of the gab. Trump? Not worth fighting for during the lame duck session. Fuentes had decades to build a political movement and decided to drive a promising little project off a cliff while in his twenties.

    At this point he might as well just own the Putsch. Let Trump disavow and just look at the transcripts from the Beer Hall Putsch and see if there’s any strategy to hijack the looming trial for political grandstanding.

  7. Dear Wignats,

    There is clear hierarchy of enemies if you are American, White, and nationalist oriented. Naming your self Ching Chong Blackface Tyrone Glockman on social media for 10yrs straight during your endless and extremely online psychotic break from reality can warp your mind or maybe it’s a sign of a severely distorted mind.

    The number one enemy is the American Regime, an monstrous ensemble of Big Tech, Big Media, Big Finance, the Uniparty, the Secret Police, Antifa, BLM, and the Corporate Oligarchy.

    Any White nationalist oriented American who would cooperate with the Feds such as Christopher Cantwell, Paul Nehlen and many others glow in the darks are the lowest of the low.

    There is no excuse or rationale in cooperating with the Anti-White Jewish Feds. None. If you’ve done that you’ve lost your manhood, permanently.

    Watching this sphere, it’s clear there are glow in the darks who have somehow escaped lawsuits and deradicalized themselves while parroting Jewish mainstream media talking points, supporting Biden, and cheering on the FBI crackdown of MAGA.


    • Wignats had nothing to do with the Capitol Siege.

      It is your own fault for getting involved with Ali Alexander and this “Stop the Steal” nonsense. No one on our side said go to Washington, DC and set yourself on fire for Donald Trump. Wasn’t it obvious that the man has no loyalty to his own supporters? Hadn’t he already officially lost the election when the Electoral College certified the vote in December?

      AmNats spent three years on the internet condemning goon marches only to inexplicably do a 180 and participate in the biggest goon march in history on the U.S. Capitol. Not only that, but Nick Fuentes boasted about it after the fact on his show. Patrick Casey seemed to suggest that some people had flipped and were cooperating with the feds. Was he referring to Baked Alaska?

      I haven’t heard from the feds. I’m not doing anything but sitting at my house and writing about politics on my blog. I heard the feds raided Catboy Kami and other people associated with America First. The feds have apparently frozen Nick’s bank account which never happened to anyone after Charlottesville. The FBI is cracking down on you because you all got involved in this Stop the Steal shit. It’s your problem. We cut our losses and quit supporting Donald Trump like four years ago and it paid off in the long run.

    • Fuentes spent the past few years telling people to support the American regime.

      At least if Nick is arrested that will be one anchor baby that Trump successfully took off the street.

  8. All of this will at least weed out the immature and stupid. Maybe we will finally get some adults who take their roles seriously. Every movement goes thru this until finally a serious person comes along who can actually lead. Too many of these young guys have come up as web personalities. Lots of fun times running the ole web stream or podcast. But little time doing the grunt work of building a system that can function without you. They like being the fun news guy, but it is the boring stuff behind the scenes that make it possible to have the fun news guy Job. But the right person will come along eventually. Somebody who is maybe boring, but can organize quietly, and has the wisdom needed.

  9. This is all about grifting. Nick even admitted on the killstream that he doesn’t want to cancel AFPAC because he has already invested a bunch of money into it. Even though he knows it’s a fucking hunting ground for the feds. I feel sorry for any young person that goes to that thing and gets their life ruined. Pat is right to not attend.

    BTW, what show were you on? Would like to hear it. Can you post a link? Thanks.

  10. Little Nick the spic let himself be betrayed. He has no one to blame but himself for believing in and trusting Trump.

  11. Recent Kiwifarms post:

    “Catboy kami raped a 17 year old girl at a house party

    shawn (Prince Hubris)) beat the shit out of his ex and had gay sex in front of her while he was living with auti.

    there is a lot of dirt on Fuentes’ circle that is waiting to come out, people should stop holding water for them. They are all gross people

    ask beardson about this, he is probably reading this and freaking out because he suspects he knows who is posting this.”

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