Killstream: America First Implosion

Patrick Casey is right on all five counts:

  • America First is an eceleb cult of personality that is past its expiration date after the Capitol Siege. It gives off major cult vibes. See the “I’m with Groyper’ girl who was accused of stealing Pelosi’s laptop. She is going to prison for America First.
  • As we recognized from the beginning, the fallout from the Capitol Siege is far more severe than the America First audience has been led to believe and Patrick knows this from experience.
  • There is literally nothing to be gained from holding AFPAC right now in light of the heat that is on Nick from the feds.
  • As far as I know, no one in the aftermath of Charlottesville said anything as stupid or incriminating as Nick Fuentes.
  • These people actually learned nothing from Charlottesville.

Pat was roped into the “Stop the Steal” rallies himself and it was wise of him to lay low. He also received Bitcoin from Laurent Bachelier. Ali Alexander is also still saying crazy shit online.

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  1. When Beaner Manlet ZOGbots Cry . . .

    What difference does it make when ZOGling Whigger & Mamzer ZOGbots betray each other? It’s what ZOGbots do. And the Beaner Ben Shapiro is yet another Mamzer Manlet whupping up ZOGling whigger ass-clown ZOGtards to do . . . what? ZOGtarded shit?

    Whigger Nutsionalism 2.0 is as pointless and dead-end as Baal Cuckley Cuckservantism and LibberToonitarianism. It is all Internuts and accomplishes nothing. Has no political aims other than running wild doing Internuts theater.

    Eventually the Mighty Evil Empire will go the way of previous mighty evil empires and the ZOGlings will fight and claw and kill to survive and be replaced by local theocratic military dictatorships, called The Ten Thousand Warlords.

    For the time being now it is as dangerous to talk about revolution and Second Civil War — far more than actually becoming engaged in the doing of such. After over 30 years in the [bowel] Movement I have found that engaging in “playing at revolution” produces nothing except Hal Turner-ism, dangerous far more for the ZOGbot than the ZOGtards, although in the aggregate they get screwed far more.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

    • A crazy, half-bearded, anal-fixated ghetto Jew with a crackhead negro rapist’s command of the English language like you, Marty, is in no position to be doling out advice to anyone.

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        Obie took up with Jeromy John Visser — The Pisser-Possum of See-Eye Dentistry. Ye
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        Obie-gender-bender is over at Da MamzerBarrel and now here on Accidental Dipshit calling me “Marty” which it knows I don’t like. Only my deceased Mother and dirty ZOGbot jews & mamzers & perverts call me “Marty.”

        Me and Obie-gender-bender hath mutual Genesis 3:15 enmity.

        The Obie-gender-bender Mutual Antipaty Files are on my Christian Nationalist Forum:

        Hail Victory !!!

        Pastor Martin Lindstedt
        Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri / ZOGland

        • Marty complaining about my being a “hypocrite” is like Quasimodo complaining that I have bad posture. But seeing the subject of hypocrisy is in play, let me return serve.

          The Bible commands the death penalty for homosexuals, yet Marty, a (self-ordained) Christian Identity pastor who loves to slander various men in “The Movement” as fags, is openly chummy with Greggy Johnson, the sodomite proprietor of Counter Currents. Marty acknowledges Greggy’s fondness for rear-ending, even going so far as to call him Grinder Greggy on occasion. Despite this, he simply adores rubbing Crisco on Greggy’s unmentionable places in posts not only on his own forum but on Greggy’s blog. I mean, what the hell, Marty? I thought you said you were straight!

          Marty falsely accuses yours truly of being a tranny, yet in an extended shouting match I had with him on a TalkShoe podcast some years ago, freely admitted to having an army of female sockpuppets. So beware, gents, the next hot-looking white racist babe that comes onto you online could in reality be unwashed, toothless, half-bearded Pastor Martin.

          One of the main tenets of Christian Identity is that Jews are the literal seed of Satan, and that, as such, their mission in life is to destroy the white race by any means available to them. History, ancient and modern, verifies this. So what does Marty, a Christian Identity pastor (in name only), do to uphold this belief? He lets Jews call into his gaily named podcast, The Movement Turd, to have friendly chats with him, sometimes for hours on end. Paul Demsky, a self-confessed Jew, was a regular guest on the Turd for years. And Marty was a regular guest on Demsky’s podcast. Marty attempts to explain away his fraternizing with the enemy as espionage, as a way for him to obtain valuable intel on them. However, a far likelier explanation is that his amicable conversations with Jews are born out of his need to fellowship with his blood kin. Marty’s mother’s maiden name was Samuelson, an extremely common Jewish name. In fact, I don’t know of anyone with that name who isn’t Jewish. How ironic then, not to mention hypocritical, that Marty, who’s accused countless white men and women of being Jews, is himself a Jew.

  2. Just a quick note. The 3%er Oath Keeper thing was always an FBI operation. I noticed that during the Ferguson riots. They deployed on rooftops all the way up the main road in Ferguson night of the verdict. A lot of that year in StL was a dress rehearsal for events like this year. Why do these guys go along with the bullshit?

  3. I liked how she pronounced the Fuentes name Foo-en-tays. Instead of ennunciating it in Spanish. She was trying to sound like a Texan Redneck mocking a wetback.

    Say his name in castillian puta, Nicolath Fuenteth! While you are at it rename Proud Boys
    La Raza.

    We have Mestizos doing the racisms Anglos won’t do.

  4. “Going with the low end estimate of 6% of Americans holding far-right extremist views, their murder rate is 0.19 per 100,000 compared to 5.74 for the whole population.

    The average American is 30 times more likely to commit a murder than an American holding far-right views.”

    From Grugberry at TRS. If you filter out whites it’s more like 90x that of blacks.

  5. Who’s that beardson guy really?! I’m vaguely familiar with him but for someone who is a some kind of online spectator/podcaster. It doesn’t seem like he has a job just plays games and sporadically comments on politics

    Why does he care so much about America first shitshow going on? The fact the fuentes is still a trumptard sperg after captiol ghey ops makes me think he is a comprised individual at the very least

  6. Brad

    George Birkhoff was a great American Mathematician….and generally speaking a famous Mathematician. Go to Wikipedia and read the section of his biography:called hiring practices. John Derbyshire wrote an essay on this a while back.

    There was never a need to LEGALLY import even one Chinese and Hindu into a 90 percent Native Born White America…..not one……

    • “never a need to LEGALLY import even one Chinese”:

      But there WAS a need, the greatest need: to make the highest profits, by spreading hundreds of thousands of very inexpensive, very hard working Chinese labourers – provided by defeated and colonized, Western-puppet Chinese government – to capitalist enterprises on six continents.

  7. THE CAPITALIST PIG CLASS wants a world without RELIGION AND HISTORY…..a global homo world where homosexual pederasty and torn bloody rectums are the social and cultural norm of every nation on the planet……….

    The Democratic Party=THE CAPITALIST PIG CLASS……

    Thomas Sowell is Milton Friedman’s house NEGRO….

  8. Obsession with IQ psychometric means you were never serious about shutting down Chinese and Hindu LEGAL Immigrants coming to OUR AMERICA…..cases in point:JARED TAYLOR and PAT BUCHANNAN who wrote three very boring policy wonk books based upon consultation with FAIR and NUMBERSUSA…..

  9. It always creeped me out how when Patrick Casey joined America First he tried to look younger. He looked older back on red ice but then wanted to be seen as being zoomer rather than a millennial. Baked Alaska’s friend Matt did something similar

  10. “There is literally nothing to be gained from holding AFPAC right now in light of the heat that is on Nick from the feds.”

    Disagree. They NEED to hold their conference right now. If they cancel it, it’s an admission of guilt. They should just hold it and do whatever stupid Trumptard things they are going to do.

    In two years the Republicans will probably win back both houses of Congress, and it will be the “Trump Populists” not the Con Inc., that will hold the balance of power.

    Despite what the media tells you, no one outside of the Democratic party establishment and the PMC Progressives gives a damn about the “Capitol Siege.”

    Who watches network TV? People at the old folk’s home, and Blacks and Browns. I challenge anyone to watch an hour of network TV, the “news” and the pseudo-news about some actress making a “racist” comment and tell me who you think the audience is?

    Literally network TV is for Black people now. White people don’t watch it. So, network TV has become an over-the-top self-parody of Social Justice Warriorism and Black people telling each other how wonderful they are.

    No one else pays any attention to it.

    Certainly, anyone who voted for Trump hates the Show Trials of these Trumptards, and the people who voted for Biden just because they wanted “a return to normal” also don’t like the Show Trials because they voted for Biden precisely to stop this sort of farce.

    If Nick Fuentes plays his cards right in 20 years he will be the new Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck.

  11. That fat piece of shit Ethan Ralph banned me from commenting on his bitchute channel.

    Nick is just like Trump, full of shit up to his eyeballs. Nobody should go to AFPAC.

  12. Nick the spic will find another grift when the present one runs out of steam. That’s all these guys care about. Making money from their super chats.

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