Tucker Carlson: Oligarchs Want To Shut Down FOX News

There is only so far that Tucker Carlson can go on his show.

He can’t come out and openly endorse Universal Maximum Income, a cap on wealth in the $50 million range, the redistribution of wealth from billionaires, the destruction of the oligarchy and the breakup of monopolies with antitrust laws. We can start pushing this idea though.

Peter Turchin has spelled out why it has it to happen:

“Societies are systems and they tend to change in a somewhat predictable way,” Turchin told the Observer. “We are on the verge of state breakdown where the centre loses hold of society.”

In the US, he points out, there are two political chief executives, each commanding his own elite cadre, with nothing yet being done at a deep structural level to improve circumstances. “We’ve seen growing immiseration for 30 to 40 years: rising levels of state debt, declining median wages and declining life expectancies. But the most important aspect is elite overproduction” – by which he means that not just capital owners but high professionals – lawyers, media professionals and entertainment figures – have become insulated from wider society. It is not just the 1% who are in this privileged sector, but the 5% or 10% or even 20% – the so-called “dream hoarders” – they vie for a fixed number of positions and to translate wealth into political position.

“The elites had a great run for a while but their numbers become too great. The situation becomes so extreme they start undermining social norms and [there is] a breakdown of institutions. Who gets ahead is no longer the most capable, but [the one] who is willing to play dirtier.” …”

Just by observing the PMCs on television and reading what they have to say in the media, thinking about the parallels between this moment in American history and the Gilded Age and especially after watching Michael Bloomberg buy his way into the Democratic debates and blow through over a billion dollars on his vanity presidential campaign, I was gradually persuaded to see elite infighting in these terms.

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  1. The Oligarchs…..CAPITALIST PIG CLASS…..want to MURDER IN COLD FUCKING BLOOD!!! the Historic Native Born White American Working Class Majority…….THEY WANT US DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD!!!!……..Just like Mary Phagan……

    • Been trying to warn people. Their minds must just refuse to accept it as a real possibility. Genocides happen, and there are always poor male versions of Cassandra who try to raise the alarm & knock some sense in the stubborn utopianists who think but surely it cant/wont happen to this time cuz blah blah blah


      They mean it. They got several Aryan civilizational genocides under their belt. And they are determined to do us in, & yes, i’d trigger the make believe hypothetical hallway Jewess spawn, because i dont want my baby daughter to be stuck in this shit world without a hypothetical future..and it’d either be her or my daughter who could one day be a wonderful wife/mother if we grew a pair & took out our enemy. And every Jew wise Aryan ought to have the same type of answer. Theyre a hostile subspecies.

      Obsessing about voting is a waste of time. Total waste of energy time and attention.

  2. Russia and the US…..a shooting war in Syria coming up….this year….

    Trump’s allegiance was always to (((LEO FRANK’S))) People……..We are just cannon fodder for Donald Trump…..

    Donald Trump was always a FILTHY FUCKING COCKROACH…..

    Remember the US LIBERTY

    Remember 13 year old Mary Phagan

  3. 1965….The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act(1965 Nonwhite Legal Immigrant Increase Act)



  4. Re: “There is only so far that Tucker Carlson can go on his show. He can’t come out and openly endorse Universal Maximum Income” etc.

    Of COURSE the star of Faux News can’t endorse anything that sounds socialistic, which would certainly offend his mostly right-wing, anti-communist (anti-communism is like a fundamentalist religion now) My Pillow commercial targeted consumer audience. Corporate mainstream media is a force for “normalcy” which means for continuing the normal exploitation of workers and the natural environment worldwide (except in a few stubborn, renegade countries that will be “dealt with”) and continuing the normal concentration of wealth and power in a tiny, privileged minority, continuing imperialist wars and a few other essentials.

    “He can’t come out”:

    I think he already is out, and it’s all there is. A Murdoch-employed pressitute journalist, what you see is what you get. Otherwise he would be a broke or underpaid, persecuted or imprisoned, independent journalist telling the whole truth and nothing but.

    • That’s why he brings on Glenn Greenwald. Who is the definifitive example of that type of journalist. Although he’s homosexual Jew too.

  5. Glenn Bech’s FOX News TV show was the most highly rated show of its time, yet it was a money loser because they couldn’t get anyone to advertise.

    Tucker Carlson’s show is the highest rated cable news show in history – yet it loses money because they can’t get advertisers.

    What did Henry Ford say way back in the 1920’s? Jews act as a cabal and use advertising money to financially harm publications that expose Jewish power.

    Of course. Why would they patronize media against their own interests?

    The right-wingers are so pathetic they never engage in organized financial pressure. How hard would it be to find the worst anti-white and start pressuring their sponsors to boycott them?

  6. Fox Business canned Lou Dobbs, an immigration patriot so it is difficult for me to fathom defending them.

    A valuable asset has been lost in reporting on Open Borders Biden.

  7. “Tucker Carlson: Oligarchs Want To Shut Down FOX News”

    Good. You should be happy for this. Fox News, like I said, before stymies your positions and energies.

  8. Never forget that it was FOX News which led the chorus for the rape of Iraq and Afghanistan during the Bush Jr. regime, something which only benefited the Zionists and war profiteers.

  9. Marxism is and always has been a red herring, designed to distract attention from ethnic conflict (Jews vs. host society) by exaggerating the importance of class conflict.

    Pete Turchin, Chris Lasch, Paul Gottfried and Sam Francis all push various flavors of “right-wing” Marxism. All this ridiculous trash needs to be flushed down the toilet.

    Mike Bloomberg and his ilk are the rulers of this country. The Jewish cabinet members are the managers, and Biden & Harris are the figureheads.

    Bloomberg and his ilk don’t give a damn about class interests, but they care passionately about Jewish interests.

    He didn’t run a “vanity campaign”, he effectively displayed his willingness and ability to financially reward those who support Jewish interests: a pro-Israel interventionist foreign policy, open borders, oligarchical economic policy, and “cultural leftism” (anti-Christian, anti-White, pro-Jewish).

    It is imperative we learn to effectively resist this Jewish supremacist establishment, but we can’t do so with minds muddled by Marxism.

    • Re; “we can’t do so with minds muddled by Marxism”:

      Socialism/communism is much older than Marx, who was not really original – and ethno-national socialism is very different than, is actually opposed to, Trotskyist “non-national”-ism.

      Re: “designed to distract attention from ethnic conflict (…) by exaggerating the importance of class conflict”:

      At least you seem to admit that class conflict is a reality. It is not a minor, side issue, but basic, fundamental, historical reality. Are you satisfied with having it continue? Do you deny that a class-less (and mono-ethnic) society is possible?

  10. FOX is no different than CNN. Carlson will only go so far exposing the “swap” but will never go any further. He is more concerned about his millions than telling the whole truth.He will never expose the real culprits, the jews and their control on everything.

  11. I’ve always enjoyed your content, Hunter. But I must say, your comment section is filled with the most braindead mouth breathers this side of the Mississippi.

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